12 Months of Sprout | Vegan Baby

“Time flies,” it is said. It could not be more true. It seems that only yesterday we found out we were expecting, and it seems that only today Sprout came into this world. However, three weeks ago, Sprout, my beautiful, miracle, vegan baby, turned 1 year old! Where has the time gone?

This post is dedicated to my Love and the joy she brought into our life.

12 Months of Sprout– My Vegan Baby

vegan baby Sprout

(to see this image in a much larger size ;), click on it!)

For our kiddo’s birthday, instead of getting a junk, sugary cake, letting her make a mess out of it, I baked her very special gluten free, almond muffins.  They were SUPER delicious–Sprout’s first “grown up” dessert. Sugar free, but SOOO delicious! She could not wait to get her hands on them, and then she could not stop eating them. She ate 2-3 before her nap! 


They were finger licking good! However, she did share the muffin paper with me 😉


After her nap we had a ton of fun, finally getting some Mommy pictures!




It is hard to believe, but her entire body used to fit on Hubby’s lap… not anymore!


She finally grew some hair! She has been practicing taking a few steps here and there, but yesterday she officially WALKED from the love seat to the couch unassisted!  And she NEVER sits still! 


She LOVES books! We normally read 3-4 before bedtime. Today, right after waking from her nap her first word was: “Book!” as she pointed to her very own shelf in our library. 


Books are officially her favorite “toys” and she prefers to have us read to her, rather than going to sleep ;).  Yesterday we had to go out to buy 10 more, since we (and she) got tired of reading the same 20 we had before :).


Sprout is naturally super funny–I guess she gets that from her Daddy, whom she adores to no end! She calls him “Papa.”


Her vocabulary is getting larger by the day:

  1. Daddy
  2. Papa
  3. Book
  4. Shoosh (shoes)
  5. Apple
  6. Baa (as in the sound sheep make ;))
  7. Meow
  8. Please
  9. Bubuh (Grandma in Russian)
  10. Booba 😉
  11. Bye-bye
  12. Touch/Don’t Touch (she hears a lot of that one ;))
  13. Ouch–that was a new word she learned today, when I banged my knee on the car and said it
  14. Hug–title of her favorite book; and…
  15. Droid! Yes, she heard my phone a few times (I just had gotten a replacement phone, so my ringers have not been changed yet; when she hears the phone sing DROID, she sing “Droi” :))

And numerous Sprout words we cannot decode yet.

Having said Mama at 2 mos old and when she is upset and crying, she consistently refuses to say it otherwise… *sigh*, but I will have my moment yet!


Sprout is the warmth of the sun, the blue of the sky, the breeze of an afternoon wind, and the life of my heart. She made my world a better, more hectic, sleepless place for me, and I cannot imagine my life without her. She is the spring in my step and the reason I wake up in the morning.  She is healthy, beautiful, bright, funny and loving. I could not have asked for a better baby.

She has grown 9 inches and gained 15 lbs since the day she was born.  All vegan, all healthy and all natural. I am happy that a lot of you have been able to share in our joy with us and watch her grow. Thank you for being a part of our family.

PS: the reason you are seeing my watermark more prominently on the images is due to recent image theft from my site and unauthorized use of them on other sites and social networks. I simply got to protect what is mine. 

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  • tara henderson

    She is absolutely gorgeous and the word list is precious. I know you guys are the happiest family ever. I’m very happy for you all, and I’m grateful that you share your family life with us readers. =)

  • Anna Zolotko

    Heyy Elena!! My most sincere and heartfelt congrats to you and your little Sprout 🙂 I cannot express how happy I am for you guys and it has been pure joy watching her grow (in photos, on your website haha), her curious brown eyes are the cutest!! I wish you joy, love, health and of course harmony! 🙂

  • Mary-Anne Lomas Schroer

    OMG she is just pure joy to look at what a simply beautiful, glowing, little V-toddler! She has some very awesome parents, this is the poster child for veganism 🙂

    • Thank you, and yes, she is a poster child of health 😉

  • Fernando Boccia

    Wonderful, she, her mother and father! BE HUMAN! GO VEGAN!

    • Thank you, Fernando!