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Good morning, love! I hope that you had a great weekend!

Today I am coming to you with a very important announcement.

You might be new to Vegalicious and me, or you might have been following me since the inception of my work, for the last few years. I am grateful in either case.

If you’ve been with me for a while, you have noticed a few changes lately.

I am talking more about hormone health, I started a podcast, I am sharing fewer recipes, etc.

And there is a good reason for all of this.

That’s exactly what I want to talk to you about today. In person…so, click on the play button below, so I can tell you what’s happening in my own voice.

healing hormone imbalances naturally

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When I first started blogging, long, long 8 years ago, I did so to share my vegan recipes with my friends and family who were curious of my new vegan diet.  They saw changes in me, in my health, in my husband’s health, and they wanted to know what’s going on, and how we were eating.  I got asked the same questions over and over again, until one day I decided it would be easier to have a repository of my recipe where I can send them to.

Being a blogger or making a living off of it was not my plan.  I had a career and was starting a new business.

So, I began to share my recipes, then started to talk about how I cured myself of hypothyroidism, lost 50 lbs., and cured infertility.

The emails began to pour in.  Women were curious, they needed hope. No one told most of them that they could cure their hormone imbalances naturally, or to cure them at all.

I tried keeping up with the emails, helping as many as I could, but before I knew it, it became a full-time job…but an unpaid one.

To make things easier, I began to put some of the principles I was sharing with them through emails together into downloadable books; then I created a couple of cleanse ebooks, and began to offer them on my site, to support this unpaid habit of helping people.

But, as you know, books on their own are not enough for people to make lasting changes.

So, four years ago, for the first time ever, I began working with clients–I launched a group weight loss program that went hard and strong for a long time.

But the need was much deeper than weight loss, as you can imagine. Health is more than just extra weight, and I wanted to keep my message on the foundational truth—weight loss is a result of a healthy diet and lifestyle choices.  So, I shifted away from talking about weight loss as the central goal of my program.

I began to work one on one with women and men, mostly women, on addressing their health issues naturally.

We had tremendous results.  Anything from losing over 100 lbs in a year, to curing wheel-chair binding diseases and seeing people reclaiming their health, having babies after years of infertility, curing T2 diabetes, curing PCOS, controlling severe inflammatory bowel diseases, and much, much more.

I went on to pursue education in plant based nutrition and kept extending support to anyone who wanted to take this route, with any health issue, toward reclaiming their health.

I also tried keeping up with cranking out new recipes and more health saving articles and research.

If you don’t know, if you are not in the blogging arena, the competition for Google ranking is brutal. There is always someone out there who’s got better cameras, better support, more staff, and more time in their day. But blogging in itself is not everything–you’ve got to spread your message far and wide, which means you have to get social media savvy.  If you use any of the social media outlets, you know that it is a jungle out there—you can easily get lost in it, or get eaten alive.

At the end of the day I started to find myself chasing too many things, doing too many things to keep up with all of it and losing my focus.  And you know, when you get to a point like that, when you no longer LOVE doing what you are doing and wish you can change it or quit, it is time to do just that—either find a new way or quit altogether.

I actually considered that for the last 6 months.

I also gave myself a chance to try a few more approaches with blogging—videos, Instagram, YouTube…only to feel at the end of my experiment that I began to resent all of it that much more. That was just not me.  I am an educator, a parent, a wife, and many other things, and to keep up with Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter and everything else under this heaven was becoming too much. It was exhausting!

At the end of this experiment, I took some time to figure out what I really love.  What was it that I lost, by trying to stay web-relevant…

Soul searching does all of us good.

I dug deep for a few long weeks and rediscovered what exactly started me on this path—wanting to help women (and men), to avoid the health hell I had been through.

From the get-go my commitment was this—I will blog, teach, talk about the benefits of the diet that saved my life, as long as I can help at least one more wo/man not to live through the hell I had been through, or to give at least one more person a way out of it.

That is what I love doing.

I love teaching.

I love helping.

I love propelling those who deeply want it to the health and body they can love living in.

While I love creating delicious recipes and sharing them with you, especially when I feel inspired, having to crank one or two out every single week, has taken a toll on me—I stopped enjoying creating.

All the extra stuff, all the fluff, the social media promoting, finding sponsors to fund the blog and my expensive hobby of helping others, and so that  I can keep providing free education, has come at a price—it was soul killing.

I don’t need to provide more free content—the web is flooded with it.

I don’t need to give you more mouthwatering recipes—there are hundreds of thousands of bloggers out there doing a great job at it.

Every day there are more plan-based cooks joining the rank of countless food bloggers.

And I don’t need a huge social following, because having millions of followers is not my goal—saving lives is!

So, I don’t need to expand my energy on things that can be done by someone else.

What I need is to be living my passion, and my mission in life.

So it was time to refocus or get out of the game.

I decided on the former.  Because there was still a flame of passion in me.

I still want to teach.

I still want to save lives and relationships. (If you are unwell, you know that your well-being, or the lack of it, influences your relationships.  So, if I can help you reclaim your health, I can help you save your marriage.  How do I know?  Because that has happened times and again with my clients.)

So, to do what I am passionate about, to operate in the zone of my genius, I needed to make a shift.

You might have already noticed the shift through my emails to you in the last month, through my posts, through podcast episodes, and the webinar series I started to run.

I have made a decision to shift to solely servicing women and men, who are battling hormone imbalances. 

I get hundreds of emails every week, begging for help.  If you have or have had a hormone imbalance, you know just how debilitating they can be.

Since I have personal experience, professional training and a lot of experience working with those who have hormone imbalances, and since this is where my heart and my mind reside, it is only natural to make you, if you have a hormone imbalance, my priority and give you undivided attention.

So, what does it mean for Vegalicious?  What does it mean for me? And, most importantly, what does it mean for you, my lovely reader?

This means that there is going to be further changes coming your way.

I will still create and share an occasional hormone healing recipe.

I will still be sharing the latest of health research through my podcasts.  The research, however, will be focused toward resolving hormone imbalances.

I will be hosting more webinars.

I will have more time to dedicate to my clients, who desperately need help.

I have already launched an 8 and 12 week program designed specifically for hormone imbalance healing.

I took everything that I learned through my experience, education, research and working with my clients, and laid it out into a program that works for all hormone imbalances.

The program’s sole focus is on you.

Here’s a quick overview of it.

5 Step system to Healthy Hormones

  • We have a live consultation
  • you get unlimited email access to me for the entire span of the program (8-12 weeks)
  • you get education, so you know how to deal with your specific hormone imbalance
  • If you need dietary modifications, in case if you have an autoimmune disease, inflammatory bowel disease, or companion diseases, then I tailor the program for you
  • The program offers weekly group calls, where you chat with me about most pressing issues in your health, in your progress, and you get to meet amazing women and men dealing with same issues as you.  So, you also get to form lifelong relationships.
  • You also get access to an exclusive online group, and
  • a member only course portal, that has downloadable ebooks, audios, and videos for every step of the way of your healing process.

And, to make it all fun, done-for-you

  • I provide weekly menus, recipes, and even grocery shopping lists.

Because now my focus is completely, solely, on you, if you have a hormone imbalance.

What kind of hormone imbalances am I working with now and will be in the future?

  • Hypothyroidism
  • Hyperthyroidism
  • Grave’s
  • Infertility
  • PCOS
  • PMS
  • Estrogen dominance
  • Fibroids
  • Low testosterone
  • Endometriosis
  • Menopause (while menopause is not a hormone imbalance, the symptoms that most women in developed countries deal with, are)

and anything else that falls in-between, or combines any of these together, or other autoimmune disease that might develop in those suffering with any of these hormone imbalances.

So, now, when you come to Vegalicious, when you come to work with me, you know that you will be in the best hands of a coach who specializes in developing diets for people just like you.

If you show up to one of my webinars, you will have a chance to schedule a FREE discovery call, to see if my program and working with me is the answer you’ve been waiting for to resolve your hormonal issues. 

Now, very often, weight gain happens in people who have autoimmune diseases and hormone imbalances.  So, weight loss is still a part of my program.  But once we address the cause of hormone imbalances, weight loss happens naturally, as a beautiful bonus for the work you do to heal yourself.

So, in the weeks and months to come, you will see Vegalicious site rebranded.  You will see more content to help you heal hormone related diseases.

You will still see occasional recipes.

And you will see all of my attention now going only toward my clients, who are giving me all they got to feel better.

If you don’t have a hormone imbalance, but love what you’ve been learning from me, this does not mean that our love affair is over.  The content that will help others heal their hormones, will help you prevent a hormone imbalance from happening to you in the future, and it will help you attain optimal health in general.

The statistics for those with hormone imbalances are staggering.  So, even if you don’t have a hormone imbalance of your own, chances are, you know at least a couple of women or men who do.  This means that you can be their link toward a whole, happy life.

I am excited about these changes, because I feel like I finally took a breath of fresh air and can exhale.  I wake up with a smile on my face and a purpose in my heart, ready to change the world.

I am focused.

I am zeroed in on helping you kick your hormone imbalance in the ****.

I am excited about creating the learning space and support that you need to become healthy for the rest of your life.

I certainly hope that you are as excited about these changes as I am, and that you will stay with me for this joyful ride.

If you aren’t, I am glad that you’ve been with me this long, and learned a few things in the process.  I am sure that you will find your teacher, who’s probably been waiting for you.

If you haven’t had a chance to attend any of my HORMONE HEALING webinars, make sure look at the at the top of this web-site–it will always has the latest webinar on speed-dial.

This week I am hosting several thyroid-centric webinars, so, if you are suffering with hyper- or hypothyroidism, Grave’s, Hashimoto’s or infertility caused by these, make sure not to miss them! You can register for it right NOW!

Thanks so much for joining me on this ride.

And I am lining up amazing, highly qualified guests on Vegalicious podcast to keep educating all of us on the best diet for hormone health.

I will be talking to you soon. I wish you a great day, friend!

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