3 Day Green Smoothie Cleanse eBook

3 Day Green Smoothie Cleanse eBook
WANT TO FEEL BETTER AND LOSE WEIGHT? This downloadable eGuide is filled with instructions on how to do a 3 day green smoothie cleanse, ingredient list and 21 delicious green smoothie recipes that will detox your body and slim your waistline. Happy Customer testimonials included on the page.


Once in a while we all need a good internal scrub. If you have been feeling sluggish, foggy, low on energy, gained a few of unwanted pounds, or ate too many delicious desserts you need to unload and recharge your body.

There is no easier and safer way to clear your mind, give yourself a bust of energy or shed some weight, while learning new healthy habits, than doing a short term green smoothie cleanse. This downloadable e-guide is filled with instructions on how to do a 3 day cleanse, ingredient list and 21 delicious green smoothie recipes to help you kick-start your journey to a healthier you.

Why Green Smoothies

Green Smoothie is a drink–it is a blend of fruits and greens, and sometimes other great ingredients that boost your health.  It is much like a fruit smoothie, only, in our case, it is all plant based with an added ingredient: greens, such as spinach, chard, Romaine lettuce, collard greens, kale, dandelion greens, etc.

“Why Greens?” you might want to know now.

Leafy greens are known as nature’s blood. And it is no surprise.  Greens are full of chlorophyll. Chlorophyll is absolutely necessary for plants to grow and produce fruit. Look out the window… Go ahead! You see, green must be God’s favorite color, since most of our surroundings are covered with green grass, trees and bushes. And if God thinks that greens are so important, maybe we should reevaluate our opinion about them as well.

Chlorophyll make leaves turn the luscious green color and gets its pigmentation and oxygen directly from the sunlight. When chlorophyll (think oxygen) gets into our bodies it brings along with it healing—as diseases can thrive only in acidic, oxygen deprived environments. The more greens you can get into your body, the more alkaline it becomes.

So, greens essentially are your lifeline.  They also take only minutes to make but pack on a huge amount of nutrients, vitamins and minerals.  You can have them as a meal replacement or a very delicious snack..  And the wonders they will do for your metabolism are amazing!

What Do I Need for the Cleanse?

You will need very few things:

  • Blender
  • Fruits and Greens, and
  • This eBook

It’s that simple!

To make it fun and make sure that are constantly plugged in with the others who are doing the cleanse, or just drinking daily green smoothies.  I have created a private Facebook Group, where we will chat daily, share tips, struggles and even more recipes, to help each other. To get into the group you would have to purchase the e-book.  Once you made the purchase, you will receive a link to the group, so that you can request to join it (so make sure to receive every e-mail you get after the purchase).

Green Smoothie Cleanse Raves and Reviews

Nina M

I really had an easy time with the 3-Day Cleanse. I felt great!

Recipes were very helpful to get through the 3 days—not much to think about.

2 months later: I am still doing green smoothies. People are saying I look like I’m losing weight and looking younger 🙂 I really am losing weight!!! I notice that my hair is shinier also. I now have Green Smoothies at least 5 out of 7 days each week! I love it when I’m working, for breakfast and for dinner.


I enjoyed the guide—it was helpful. I was already following your 30-day Green Smoothie Cleanse, so this helped me to take it to another level.

I experiences some detox during the Cleanse, but also benefited from a 3 lbs weight drop.

Green Smoothies fit perfectly into my life—so easy to make and take with me in the morning. Not to mention that they are refreshing and tasty—better than my old morning habit.

Now I am beginning to not be able to think of my life without my daily dose of green.


I enjoyed the Green Smoothie Cleanse and I appreciated your e-guide—it was helpful to know what ingredients to use and what to expect. The guide answered a lot of my questions. It was easy to read; well laid out; lovely bright colorful pictures. I liked the way you explained all the different ingredients.

During the cleanse I felt lighter physically. I felt like I could think more clearly, experiencing less mental fogginess. I felt like I had tremendous energy on day one!

I am now inspired to add more greens to my diet and to eat healthier, because I saw how much energy the greens gave me! And they helped with mental clarity as well.

Jessica M.

I loved the 3-Day Cleanse and found the guide to be incredibly helpful. I have been drinking green smoothies in the morning for breakfast or in the afternoon for lunch pretty consistently for a year. The guide taught me so much more. It added another layer of knowledge. I broadened my ingredient list to my everyday smoothie making.

When I started the Cleanse, I had just come back from a 12 day vacation and the Cleanse was perfect timing. I felt bloated, lethargic and had gained about 5 lbs. The 3 days brought me back to my normal self. Lost the weight and felt great!

Honestly the best thing about the challenge is the effect of the increased knowledge! Thank you.


I lost 5 pounds and feel good. My energy is improved and muscle aches much better. My skin feels softer, not a “side effect” I expected. I broke out on my forehead a little. This was my first experience with green smoothies. I’m really glad I did it.


I lost 5 pounds and feel great as well. My digestion and elimination have improved and I feel lighter. Overall I feel great! This group (on Facebook) has been great! It’s so much more fun to do a cleanse with a group and to share ideas and recipes. Thanks for the support, this has been a great experience.

And here are some results from Green Smoothie Challenges I’ve done with Vegalicious readers:

  • The inexplicable dry patches on my body are healing themselves marvelously (my lips, my feet, my elbows, even a patch on my shoulder).  The blemishes on my face are also healing up. My hands are softer than I can remember them being in ages. I’ve always eaten a fairly healthy diet, but this cleanse has been a great jump start to eating even healthier.
  • I observed how I felt more energized, slept better, was less irritable and felt cleaner. I am also less bloated in my stomach and not suffering with bouts of gas, as I was before this cleanse.
  • I loved your recipes! I wasn’t doing the challenge to lose weight, but I did lose 4 lbs!
  • I lost 10 lbs and my knees do not hurt anymore!

Even more testimonials on LIFE ON GREENS page.


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