How to do the Daniel Fast Successfully

Happy Daniel Fast 2016, you all! Now, can you say that with me? Happy Daniel Fast! (or should we say fasting?)  Either way, let's start a trend of greeting each other this way this year: #happydanielfasting! If you have not been initiated into the Daniel Fast know-how, you are probably thinking: "What in the world is the Daniel Fast?" Let me 'splain it to you and tell … [Read more...]

Health Benefits of the Daniel Fast Diet

One of the first things I noticed after changing my diet to a vegan diet, was the way I felt.  I went from living on pain pills for osteoporosis, to living pain free!  My skin improved and I had more energy.  After a few months, my blood work was near perfect, with my Vitamin D levels and Calcium levels in the normal range, without the help of dairy.  I would run into folk … [Read more...]

How to End the Daniel Fast and Transition to Life After It

This is it! You have completed the Daniel Fast, or getting ready to do so in the next few days. Now what?  What do you do next? During the fast you might have  learned to hear the Lord's voice better, reign in your flesh, experienced various breakthroughs and even received physical healing--mostly due to the change in your diet. You also learned that life on plants is not … [Read more...]

Everything You Need to Know About the Daniel Fast

In the beginning of each year thousands of believers in God (Jesus) are going on a Daniel Fast. While some fully understand what it is and how to do it, others are new to the idea of fasting and need more help than others.  In the next few paragraphs I will talk about the What, Why and the How of the Daniel Fast. What is Fasting? Fasting ALWAYS involves FOOD! You … [Read more...]

Daniel Fast Recipes and Things You Need to Know

UPDATE!!! Read updated Daniel Fast information at Everything You Need to Know About the Daniel Fast. What you Should know about the Daniel Fast It is a time of the year when thousands of believers in God are going on a Daniel Fast. WHAT IS FASTING? Fasting ALWAYS involves FOOD! You might have heard someone say: “I am fasting my friends,” or “I am fasting … [Read more...]

End of Daniel Fast

Yesterday was the last day of our 21 day Daniel fast. We all felt amazing, although I have to admit I was missing my occasional slice of bread. So, today, for lunch I had tomato sandwiches [mmm...mmm... GOOD!], with wheat pasta mixed with fermented and fresh veggies and more fermented raw vegetables on a side. Let me tell you: IT WAS GOOD! I had treated myself to some … [Read more...]