Do You Want to Get Rid of Nasty BO? Try This Deodorant!

Everyone sweats! You sweat, I sweat, your momma sweats, and even your little ol' sweet granny sweats.  In spite of the great American dream of designing sweatless armpits, sweating is human. Sweating is normal. But bad BO is not! I am a trainer by trade, so, sweating is a part of my job description. It's actually a badge of honor in my industry. However, I would sweat … [Read more...]

Everything You Need to Know About the Daniel Fast

In the beginning of each year thousands of believers in God (Jesus) are going on a Daniel Fast. While some fully understand what it is and how to do it, others are new to the idea of fasting and need more help than others.  In the next few paragraphs I will talk about the What, Why and the How of the Daniel Fast. What is Fasting? Fasting ALWAYS involves FOOD! You … [Read more...]

Dealing with the Feelings

Today marks the beginning of week #6 of our pregnancy.  Our baby is now the size of a small pea: His facial features--eyes and ears--are becoming more developed, and I know he is going to be a looker. :) His little arms and legs are beginning to grow too, and his tiny heart is beating about 160 beats per minute. Ah, what a miracle of life! Meanwhile, my body is … [Read more...]