Moringa Protein & Energy Bar | All about Moringa

Right before moving from Ohio, I got an email from a sweet online acquaintance of mine, Karen. She told me about a plant I have never heard of before--moringa, and about all of the health and nutrition benefits that come packed in it.  I am always up for learning something new, so, I spent a little time reading about it.  While I do not believe in any magic plants (all … [Read more...]

12 Reasons to Eat Potatoes | 12 Potato Recipes

I love receiving questions from Vegalicious readers and, even moreso, I love answering them. Each week I receive tens of emails with questions on various topics; one from this week stood out to me, since the topic of the question is often vilified without a good reason. Elena, how often do you eat potatoes? It seems like a lot of soups on this site list potatoes as an … [Read more...]

Cruciferous Vegetables | A Superfoods Group

Lately cruciferous vegetables have become the subject of many studies and have proven to be the superfoods group like no other. Cruciferous vegetable group integrates a wide range of nutrients that is broader than any other single food group subdivision.  The nutrient content of this group will blow your mind. Cruciferous Vegetables | The Superfoods Group There is no … [Read more...]

Avocado Pit Benefits & Avocado Pit Green Smoothie Recipe

(image courtesy of Yesterday was another "I am not so hungry" day.  I finished the smoothie I made, and about a head of cauliflower :) (made Cauli Poppers), the rest was little munchies of small things here and there. Today is a whole new day and it is time to experiment! For a while now I have known that the avocado pit (seed) is edible.  I have … [Read more...]