5 Ways to Help Your Kids Eat Less Sugar

Since having children I have been astounded at how frequently unhealthy sweets are offered to my kids, and children in general. Have you noticed this too? It comes from multiple sources – extended family members, kids programs, parties, random Grannys out and about, and even in the doctors office (just to name a few)! On the very rare occasion, a person will have the … [Read more...]

Charities that Promote Vegetarian Lifestyle for Kids

To some, the vegan/vegetarian lifestyle is simply a choice in diet, but there's much more to it than just avoiding meat and animal byproducts. It's a social justice movement that demonstrates your position with animal rights and environmental protection, and people of all ages seem to be jumping on the bandwagon, including children. It's important for children to develop … [Read more...]

How to Transition Your Kids to a Healthy Diet

I have helped thousands of people transition to a health promoting, plant based diet in the last eight years. A lot of them were parents.  Many of them asked the same questions: "What can I do to help my kids want to eat healthy? How can I transition them to a health promoting plant-based diet?" If you are a parent who wants to teach your kids healthy eating habits but … [Read more...]

12 Months of Sprout | Vegan Baby

"Time flies," it is said. It could not be more true. It seems that only yesterday we found out we were expecting, and it seems that only today Sprout came into this world. However, three weeks ago, Sprout, my beautiful, miracle, vegan baby, turned 1 year old! Where has the time gone? This post is dedicated to my Love and the joy she brought into our life. 12 Months of … [Read more...]

Pretty in Pink | Fruit Smoothie Recipes

Last week I received a gift card to Smoothie King (SK) from my chiropractor for referring someone. I have never been to a SK before, so, I thought, why not! Hubby and I stopped by one on Sunday. As I was looking at their offerings I saw a lot of fruit smoothie options, although all of them had some kind of nasty protein powder added. No worries, I was going to have them … [Read more...]

Sweet Potatoes Smoothie Recipe

Do kids need special smoothie recipes? Not necessarily; but if you make them fun and colorful, they are more likely to drink them :)! Yesterday Sprout was running a fever, so she refused any solids (including smoothies) and would only nurse. Today she was feeling much better, but still only wanted Mommy's milk... until I whipped up this amazing fruit smoothie, and then her … [Read more...]

Sprout Loves Sweet Potatoes and Smoothies | Delicious Healthy Sugar Free Recipes for Your Child

I do not know what you define as baby food. In our household it is NOT what you will find in stores--brown mixtures stored in tiny jars!  Not at all!  In our household baby food is anything that is healthy, vibrant, and mostly raw.  In our household it is EVERYTHING :), which makes feeding Sprout easy and fun.  We do avoid salt in her foods altogether, but outside of that, … [Read more...]

11 Things to Know about Parenting

While I love writing full length articles and exploring the intricacies of the nutrition and wellness worlds with my readers, there are many times, more than I can count, when have random thoughts on topics related to about anything: health, nutrition, parenting, etc.--thoughts I really want to spit out into webosphere, yet not go into too much detail, or even try to … [Read more...]

Do Kids Need To Supplement With Vitamin B12?

If you have been following Vegalicious long enough, you already know I am an avid B12 supplementation advocate. It was the shortage of this very vitamin, even though I supplemented with low dosages of it since going vegan, that led to several health issues and  prevented me from conceiving. The medical world, at large, is ignorant of what vitamin B12 is, how it works and … [Read more...]

The Greater Good | Vaccine Conversations–Should We or Shouldn’t We?

Disclosure: I am not a doctor, but I am a Mom. I have the right to have my baby's best interest in my heart, to speak my mind, and today I will choose to exercise my freedom of speech.  Whether you disagree or agree with me, will not change my mind or take away the desire to speak the truth. If you get outraged by my opinion, facts, and the rule of common sense I will … [Read more...]