Pretty in Pink | Fruit Smoothie Recipes

Last week I received a gift card to Smoothie King (SK) from my chiropractor for referring someone. I have never been to a SK before, so, I thought, why not! Hubby and I stopped by one on Sunday. As I was looking at their offerings I saw a lot of fruit smoothie options, although all of them had some kind of nasty protein powder added. No worries, I was going to have them … [Read more...]

Sweet Potatoes Smoothie Recipe

Do kids need special smoothie recipes? Not necessarily; but if you make them fun and colorful, they are more likely to drink them :)! Yesterday Sprout was running a fever, so she refused any solids (including smoothies) and would only nurse. Today she was feeling much better, but still only wanted Mommy's milk... until I whipped up this amazing fruit smoothie, and then her … [Read more...]

Sprout Loves Sweet Potatoes and Smoothies | Delicious Healthy Sugar Free Recipes for Your Child

I do not know what you define as baby food. In our household it is NOT what you will find in stores--brown mixtures stored in tiny jars!  Not at all! In our household baby food is anything that is healthy, vibrant, and mostly raw. In our household it is EVERYTHING, :) which makes feeding Sprout easy and fun. We do avoid salt in her foods altogether, but outside of that, if … [Read more...]