Practical Steps to A Healthy Vegan Pregnancy Webinar Recording is Available

Recording Now Available Those who were able to make it to the live webinar on Practical Steps to A Healthy Vegan Pregnancy & Raising Vegan Kids and I had a lot of fun last week.  Those of you who could not make it but really want to hear what we talked about now can! All you have to do is go to Vegalicious estore, and look for it there. I hope you will enjoy the … [Read more...]

My Baby’s Silly Faces

Sprout has a lot of adorable moments, and every single one of them makes me so happy--my toe nails curl and do a happy dance. Yesterday I was able to capture two of my favorite silly faces she makes--smiling while blowing saliva bubbles and yawning; and I simply have to share them with you. The images are animated, so make sure to click through to the actual blog … [Read more...]

Freestyling Has Never Been This Fun (Raising Vegan Kids)

Sprout is now 10 weeks old and is tipping off scales at 11.2 lbs. It feel like only yesterday we welcomed her into our arms. Every morning now, after her first feeding, when I am lazy and decide to take a nap instead of going for our usual walk, we let her stay in bed with us... and, as you can imagine she loves it and even takes over at times. (click on the image to … [Read more...]

Helping Your Infant Beat Cold Fast Naturally

Life happens.  It surely happened to me.  Six weeks of sleep deprivation finally caught up with me last week. In spite of my impeccable diet I came down with a head cold last Saturday. It was certainly nothing I expected. I actually was happy Sprout was born in the summer, so that she would be a bit bigger and stronger by the time nasty winter season rolled around. But... … [Read more...]

Chemical Free Infant Care

We all want only the best for our kids. I know I do.  That was the reason I ate super healthy before and during pregnancy, had at home birth, bought cloth diapers, and now I use only natural products to take care of my tiny tot.  Knowing that most of my readers feel the same way about the loves of their lives, I wanted to share my few tricks and then hear what you do to … [Read more...]

Sprouting Up (Picture Overload!)

I can hardly believe that it has already been 3.5 weeks since Sprout came into this world.  Time is certainly flying by and much of it is a blur due to nearly sleepless nights, dirty diapers and every precious moment I spend with my tiny tot. While Sprout's schedule is slowly changing to match that of ours, she is quiet a kid.  Unlike most infants who sleep up to 20+ hrs … [Read more...]