Body by Plants Closes its Doors | Grab Your DIY Copy Now

All good things must come to an end. It was exactly four years ago that I launched BODY BY PLANTS weight loss and health improvement program. Since then over 600 people have completed the program, achieving unbelievable health transformation results. You can read some of their stories HERE. The program was offered exclusively to a small group of people once a month. I … [Read more...]

Eat, Drink, Sleep | My Weight Loss Plan

Transparency. As much as possible.  As much as reasonable.  That is the ethic code I live by, especially since I strive to teach others by personal example. I am a private person. An introvert by nature. It is hard for me to share my private struggles with others.VERY HARD. I am a do-it-yourself and do-it-perfectly person.  This makes even harder for me to invite someone … [Read more...]

The Perfect Health and Weight Loss Diet

Anyone who's ever carried a few extra pounds wants a quick solution to the their problem.  I know I did when I carried not a few, but nearly 50 extra pounds on my small frame. While there are hundreds of fad diets on the market, promising a quick fix to our weight loss problems, most fail to deliver. According to HRF (Health Research Funding): In 2010, 54% of … [Read more...]

Spring Cleanse | Huge Cleanse eBooks Sale!

In the last few days I received emails from some health-minded Vegalicious readers.  "Help!" they pleaded, "We need to reset our bodies! We need to be ready to feel great and look amazing in our summer clothes!" What happened? Life! Life happens and even the best of us indulge in guilty pleasures. For some it might be a string of holidays, birthday parties, weddings, or … [Read more...]

Manage Your Post Thanksgiving Self with Body by Plants

Thanksgiving is tomorrow, and you probably have planned for a wonderful time with family and friends, and a scrumptious celebratory meal, which might include a few indulgences that you know you should not be having. Unless you planned for a healthful Thanksgiving meal ahead of time, you and I both know, that the day after Thanksgiving, besides looking for great Black … [Read more...]

Why Weight Loss Products Fail and the Best Way to Lose Weight

Weight loss industry generate 20 billion dollars annually. By the end of 2012 the industry was worth 61.6 billion dollars (yes, that is Billion). While people fail to try common sense approach to improving their health, dieters try 4 to 5 new diets per year...which fail them miserably. With pressure on the female gender from all sources of our society to look … [Read more...]

Creating the Body and the Health You Will Love with a Plant Based Diet

Last year you created a list of things you wanted to change about your life and yourself and made your New Year resolutions.  If you are like most Americans, at least one of your resolutions had to do with either health or weight loss, or, perhaps even both. 2013 is  coming to a close. Are you able to check these items off  your 2013 list?  Did you achieve the health and … [Read more...]

5 Day Nearly Raw Cleanse | Post Thanksgiving Reset

Many of you joined my family on the pre-Thanksgiving cleanse a week and a half ago. We did great and felt amazing. While I planned to make a big, delicious and a very healthful Thanksgiving feast, there was a last minute change of plans (I will tell you about it at the bottom of this post) and we flew to Washington State to spend Thanksgiving with my family. We traveled … [Read more...]

5 Day Nearly Raw Cleanse | In Time for the Holidays

Today my husband asked me to assist him with a nearly raw reset for his body. We are going to travel to see family in Washington for Thanksgiving, so, he wants to feel his best.  As any good, health-minded wife, I am not only on board, I am excited for him! So much so, that I want all of you to join him on this journey. 5 Day Nearly Raw Cleanse| The Reset Program I am … [Read more...]

The Best Weight Loss Program is Ready to Kick Off

Is BODY BY PLANTS the best weight loss program out there? You bet! That is what I have heard from many of the program graduates. Better yet, it is the best HEALTH IMPROVEMENT program out there--we make it our goal to concentrate on changing the lifestyle to ensure lifelong success, and the pounds melt off in the process!  WARNING! This is NOT a Diet! Are you looking … [Read more...]