Benefits of Dry Brushing Your Skin | How to Dry Brush

(image courtesy of In line with continuing our conversation on chemical free [healthy] personal care products, and as a precursor to tomorrow's post, I wanted to touch on a subject still not well known in the mainstream of our society: Dry Brushing.  I want to talk to you about What it is; Why do it [i.e. benefits to you] and How to do it.  So, … [Read more...]

Natural Skin, Hair, and Oral Care Products {Why It Matters}

Did you realize that the largest body organ is found not on the inside of you, but on the outside?  I am talking about your skin.   We take care of it, pamper it, nourish it, spending crazy money trying to keep it ageless.  But does the care we provide ourselves with protect our skin or damage it?  And what about the effects our skin care leaves on the rest of our … [Read more...]

Coconut Oil Solutions: Satisfied Customer

A few days ago my niece [she refers to herself as my customer ;)] sent me a text message [yes, those are family benefits—I am only a text away and am always at her fingertips…literally]. Here is what she told me: “I developed some kind of rash on my face and neck two days ago. The only thing I changed about my facial care is I used acne soap with Shea butter, and … [Read more...]