Daniel Fast Recipe eBook Giveaway!

GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED! So, you decided to do the Daniel Fast, and now you are scraping to find the Daniel Fast approved recipes.  You are searching high and low for what you should and should't eat, for what you can and can't make, for what's simple and easy to make, and how to be successful doing the fast...and before you know it, instead of fasting (which means you … [Read more...]

Body by Plants Closes its Doors | Grab Your DIY Copy Now

All good things must come to an end. It was exactly four years ago that I launched BODY BY PLANTS weight loss and health improvement program. Since then over 600 people have completed the program, achieving unbelievable health transformation results. You can read some of their stories HERE. The program was offered exclusively to a small group of people once a month. I … [Read more...]

Why Weight Loss Products Fail and the Best Way to Lose Weight

Weight loss industry generate 20 billion dollars annually. By the end of 2012 the industry was worth 61.6 billion dollars (yes, that is Billion). While people fail to try common sense approach to improving their health, dieters try 4 to 5 new diets per year...which fail them miserably. With pressure on the female gender from all sources of our society to look … [Read more...]

Creating the Body and the Health You Will Love with a Plant Based Diet

Last year you created a list of things you wanted to change about your life and yourself and made your New Year resolutions.  If you are like most Americans, at least one of your resolutions had to do with either health or weight loss, or, perhaps even both. 2013 is  coming to a close. Are you able to check these items off  your 2013 list?  Did you achieve the health and … [Read more...]

21 Perfect Christmas Gifts Ideas for Health-Minded People

Christmas is only a week away. Are you still wondering what to get for a health seeker in your life? Have you already made your wishlist? Today I will share 21 perfect Christmas gift ideas for health-minded people.  I personally would want every single item on this list...yes, even Body by Plants boot camp (back when I first became vegan, this program would have saved me … [Read more...]

3 Day Detox | Call to Action!

Hope you had a great 4th of July, if you celebrate it! I know that some of you are probably blushing, since you did not only have a lot of fun, but had too much to eat, and, perhaps, you had too much of the wrong things to eat.  Am I right? Well, I have a proposition--let's hold a 3 Day Detox, starting Monday, July the 8th! What say you? I personally ate nice and light, … [Read more...]

Vegalicious Menu for the Week | Vegan Menu

A huge part of being successful with healthy eating is planning.  Those who do not plan--fail! Simple as that!  The best way to plan your success is to pre-plan meals for the week.  Once you have your menu down, shopping and food prep become a breeze. I personally always suggest, to old and new health seekers alike, to choose a couple of days during the week when they can … [Read more...]

Mother’s Day Special Vegan Way

Moms are the most amazing beings in the world.  Loving, giving, sacrificial, stern at time, but always kind.  They make the world go around. I cannot imagine my life without my Angel ;).  Although a premenopausal surprise for her--she had me at 47--she gave me all she got... and to the rest of my siblings.  I would not change one thing about how I came into this world... … [Read more...]