How to be Healthy without Medicine | Interview with Dustin Rudolph PharmD

I have been leading a plant-based lifestyle for over eight years now. In that time I met a lot of docs and quacks who tried to dissuade me from following the hard science that supports my dietary choices. In the same time, I met only one physician (in person) who not only understands a whole foods plant based diet, but also promotes it to his patients (not counting the … [Read more...]

Rocky Mountain Sriracha Review and a Vega Giveaway | CLOSED

The winner of the giveaway is... Angela, congratulations! Make sure to email me your contact information within the next 24 hours. … [Read more...]

Is Low Carb Diet a Low-Carb Fraud? | Book Review

While the most current low carb craze (the Paleo diet) is circling planet Earth once again, a weighty question begs to be answered--is there any truth to the claims of this highly marketed diet? While I have already addressed the Paleo Diet on Vegalicious, it happens to be only one of the many low-carb fads. I recently received a copy* of THE LOW-CARB FRAUD by T. Colin … [Read more...]

Blendtec Designer Series Blender Review

If you've been around Vegalicious long enough you know that I am not a jewelry kind of girl. It simply does not impress me.  Hubby knows that if he wants to thrill me he should not visit a jewelry store, but rather show up with a computer or a kitchen gadget from my list.  I am guilty... Guilty of wanting every shiny kitchen gadget on the market that I know will be useful … [Read more...]

Book Review | Whole: Rethinking the Science of Nutrition

In the last post I mentioned that we took a quick flight on Thanksgiving to spend time with family after I found out that the infection in my mother’s leg was not responding to antibiotics. She was prescribed stronger antibiotics but there is no guarantee they are going to fix the problem. While I missed my family terribly and wanted to see them all, I had a specific … [Read more...]

Food Over Medicine Book Review

Winner of the giveaway: Congratulations, Emily! Contact me to claim your prize. If you are contemplating a healthy lifestyle and want a very simple to understand book to read, Food Over Medicine is  it! While there are no charts or complicated scientific language, this book was written for an average person who wants simple science to the benefits of a plant-based … [Read more...]

The China Study, T. Colin Campbell

If you have never read or heard about THE CHINA STUDY, you must get out and get it ASAP! The book revolutionized our dietary lifestyle and the way we view food altogether. T. Colin Campbell is my hero, in a way. He went again popular opinions of the mainstream medical field and spoke up about the relationship between food (diet) and diseases. It did not make him a … [Read more...]