How to be Healthy without Medicine | Interview with Dustin Rudolph PharmD

I have been leading a plant-based lifestyle for over eight years now. In that time I met a lot of docs and quacks who tried to dissuade me from following the hard science that supports my dietary choices. In the same time, I met only one physician (in person) who not only understands a whole foods plant based diet, but also promotes it to his patients (not counting the … [Read more...]

Is Low Carb Diet a Low-Carb Fraud? | Book Review

While the most current low carb craze (the Paleo diet) is circling planet Earth once again, a weighty question begs to be answered--is there any truth to the claims of this highly marketed diet? While I have already addressed the Paleo Diet on Vegalicious, it happens to be only one of the many low-carb fads. I recently received a copy* of THE LOW-CARB FRAUD by T. Colin … [Read more...]