Homemade Vegan Ranch Dressing Recipe

The cashew oil free ranch dressing recipe I shared last year was a hit.  However, I have been itching to create even a lower fat option to enjoy.  Fortunately for me, we recently shared a meal with a couple of friends and they brought a delightful tofu based dip to share that made me long for an oil and nut free ranch dressing even more. Two days ago I finally found a few … [Read more...]

Vegan Thanksgiving Meal Recipes

With our last guest gone, and last dish put away, I am now ready to show off my Vegan Thanksgiving Meal spread and share a few new recipes. My table looked much like the Vegan Thanksgiving Menu I posted before Thanksgiving. Here is a close-up: On the menu we had: Mashed Potatoes [recipe below] Mushroom Gravy [recipe below] Asian Noodle Salad--Foonchyoza … [Read more...]