“Energy Truffles” aka Guiltless Dessert Recipe

My man, who is a self-admitted sugar addict, committed to being absolutely sugar-free for the next 30 days. That's a big deal! If you ever met him, you know that if it has sugar, he already loves it by default.   I am not joking! He could pump sugar into his veins all day long and swear that it does not hurt him (but we all know the truth ;)), while I could take a … [Read more...]

The Best Kale Salad You’ll Ever Have with Creamy Thai Dressing

If you thought you knew and loved kale (and I'm being brave here to assume that you love kale), you will rethink your relationship with it having tasted this kale salad I have prepared for you! It is so addictive, I'm afraid you'll overeat! Now, if you don't love kale, or never tried to love kale, this is your chance! I guarantee that things will change and kale and you … [Read more...]

Moringa Protein & Energy Bar | All about Moringa

Right before moving from Ohio, I got an email from a sweet online acquaintance of mine, Karen. She told me about a plant I have never heard of before--moringa, and about all of the health and nutrition benefits that come packed in it.  I am always up for learning something new, so, I spent a little time reading about it.  While I do not believe in any magic plants (all … [Read more...]

Oil Free Cashew Glazed Kale Chips Recipe

Last week was a kale kind of week.  First, I bought 10 bunches of kale--could not miss 5 for $5 sale! (remember, you can always freeze extra greens) Then our farm share had a good portion of kale in it too. We started with kale smoothies, progressed to kale salads (on the image, served with the best vegan mac and cheese you will ever try!)... and finished off the week … [Read more...]

Avocado & Corn Bisque Vegan Recipe

I whipped up a perfect recipe to conclude [or continue ;)] our 3-Day Raw Food Detox/Cleanse with.  Hubby and I licked our plates clean--it was delicious :); and it takes only minutes to make! If you are just catching up with us, and not sure what Cleanse I am talking about, read these posts first: Call to Arms: Need a Cleanse? I WANT YOU! Get Ready! Get Set! … [Read more...]

Raw Vegan Tomato Soup Recipe

I have been in the kitchen for the last couple of days, creating recipes that are not only vegan and healthy, but are also approved for those who are fighting cancer, which means they are fat free and 100% unprocessed, as well as being low on sodium. Yesterday I whipped up a very quick lunch for myself, since I have been dedicating time to raise funds/supplies for Gary … [Read more...]

Creamy Carrot Bisque {Raw Vegan Recipe}

Today I am kicking off a new category, which I hope will become a regular on Vegalicious--I will be sharing a recipe with my readers that was sent to me by one of Vegalicious readers.  Yes, one of our own--Maria Daskalova! The recipe looks delicious, and I cannot wait to make it myself.  It is Maria's first recipe, so I am excited for her! Make it, eat it, and let me and … [Read more...]

Raw Vegan Kale Chips Revisited {Daniel Fast Approved Recipe}

About a month ago I blogged a recipe for Raw Kale Chips. I made them personally then for the first time and, although I liked them, I did not think I would make them too often. I think that my husband had successfully changed my mind since.At the end of our 3-Day Green Smoothie Cleanse, which went fantastically by the way, he had a craving for chips. Well, we could not … [Read more...]

Raw Vegan Kale Chips Recipe

I finally decided to make kale chips.  I have had them before but never made them myself.  My hubster seems to like them and I love to see him happy. I had a bunch and a half of kale left [used the other half for making green smoothies ;)].  I whipped it out, washed it thoroughly and... well, let me give you a step by step with pictures :). Raw Vegan Kale … [Read more...]

Raw Vegan Week Challenge: Day 4 {Raw Vegan Corn Bisque (soup)}

The saga continues.  Last night we ended on a high note with a bowl of raw vegan corn bisque each, garnished with corn chips and 1/2 avocado [although I did find that the texture of avocado did not flow with the soup, so it won't be found there next time ;)]. This time around I added a little bit more water than usual, but the bisque came out delicious still. This … [Read more...]