Easy to Make Delicious Semolina Pudding Recipe

We all need easy and healthy, nutrient packed recipes that the whole family can enjoy.  Today's recipe takes less than 10 minutes to make, and I guarantee that children and adults alike will love it! It is perfect as a main dish, dessert or a snack. Sprout requests this treat by name...on almost a daily basis. Recipe Inspiration A few weeks ago my memories had taken me … [Read more...]

11 Healthy Snacks for Kids

We all want the best for  our kids.  Healthy nutrition is the best  you can do for your child's developing brain and body.  Most of us have busy schedules, but even the busiest will find a few minutes in our day to spoil our dollops of joy with the best food has to offer. Today I want to share 11 of my most favorite healthy snacks for kids (plant-based, sugar and oil free) … [Read more...]

Sugar Free Oatmeal Cookie Recipe

A couple of days ago Sprout woke up, snuggled next to me and gently uttered: "Cookie."  As I did not respond, she repeated: "Cookie, cookie, cookie!" Each time a little stronger.  By the time I got her ready for the day and we stepped into the kitchen to make breakfast, she was not only asking, she was furiously saying and signing "COOKIE!" I caved in... The last thing I … [Read more...]

Sweet Potatoes Smoothie Recipe

Do kids need special smoothie recipes? Not necessarily; but if you make them fun and colorful, they are more likely to drink them :)! Yesterday Sprout was running a fever, so she refused any solids (including smoothies) and would only nurse. Today she was feeling much better, but still only wanted Mommy's milk... until I whipped up this amazing fruit smoothie, and then her … [Read more...]

Sprout Loves Sweet Potatoes and Smoothies | Delicious Healthy Sugar Free Recipes for Your Child

I do not know what you define as baby food. In our household it is NOT what you will find in stores--brown mixtures stored in tiny jars!  Not at all! In our household baby food is anything that is healthy, vibrant, and mostly raw. In our household it is EVERYTHING, :) which makes feeding Sprout easy and fun. We do avoid salt in her foods altogether, but outside of that, if … [Read more...]