Chemical Free Infant Care

We all want only the best for our kids. I know I do.  That was the reason I ate super healthy before and during pregnancy, had at home birth, bought cloth diapers, and now I use only natural products to take care of my tiny tot.  Knowing that most of my readers feel the same way about the loves of their lives, I wanted to share my few tricks and then hear what you do to protect your little ones.

Diapers, Diapering and Diaper Related Things

Hubby and I have chosen to use cloth diapers.

There were a couple of reasons: 

  1. Saving Money–we spent only $500 to buy enough cloth diapers to last me 2.5-3 days, but we will be using the same diapers not only for Sprout but for our future kids as well.  So, as opposed to spending money each week, each year on each kid we have, it is a one time investment; given we do have to wash them, but doing them with other laundry I have reduces cost as well.  To further save $$$ we will be installing clothes lines to harness the power of the wind and the sun 😉 (we have been busy with other things up to now, but this will become our priority in the next week or so).  While average family spends about $2500-3000 on diapers per child, until she is potty trained, our cost is much lower.  Multiply that times four (that is how many little Sprouts we plan to sprout ;)), we will be saving up to $10,000 or more. We decided that starting college funds for our kids would be a better use of our money.  Also, being the crazy Mom that I am, I change Sprout quiet often (if I would not like to sit in pee and poo, why would she?!). Imagine if I did that with disposables! I would go bankrupt. But doing cloth allows me my little fancy. 😉
  2. Saving Landfills–I know, I know… I am such a tree hugger.  But ever since understanding that we do not have to be cruel to animals, ourselves or the planet to survive that was something that I came to care about very deeply.  We do strive to reduce our carbon and trash foot print as much as possible as a family.  We did use disposable diapers the first week of Sprout’s life, while meconium was coming out, since it stains everything mercilessly; each time I threw a diaper in trash made me cringe a little.  I am sure there will be other times, such as long distance traveling, when I will feel it is easier to use disposables, but for the rest of the time, this green Momma will get her hands in her baby’s poo ;).

Oh, now, I know that some of you, just like some of my Hubby’s co-workers, are cringing at the thought of having to wash a poopy diaper, but it is not a problem for me.  I find nothing more natural than spraying off the poo, and then dunking the diaper into the washing machine.  If little bit of her poo gets on my hands it does not bother me at all. And why should it?  All of you (us) eat foods that is grown in animal dung.  My baby’s poo is so much better ;), and it is not like that of an adult (is this becoming too much for you ;)?). And just imagine how you feel if your baby does not have enough poopy diapers?  You beg her to do it.  I remember the hard day we had when Sprout was passing the last of meconium–it took her nearly all day and it hurt her tummy (she cried for most of the day).  When she finally passed it, Hubby and I jumped and high-fived each other, as if we won a lottery.  So, baby poo is precious ;). For those who are squeamish and are afraid to get poo on their hands, a pair of rubber gloves could fix it all.

Homemade Diaper Rash Cream (Chemical Free!)

After only a few days after Sprout came out she had little bumps come out on her legs.  They might have been a rash, or not, but I wanted to make sure, so I whipped our very own homemade diaper rash cream:

  • 1 tbsp organic coconut oil (I used raw)
  • 5 drops of oregano oil

Mix the two together and you are set. Sprout’s bumps were gone in less than two days.  I also added a few drops of lemon grass oil just to make it smell better.

Homemade Baby Diaper Powder

To prevent rashes and such unpleasant things most people will use powders, most of which will include a whole lot of junk… but it does not have to be that way! You can simply use… ready?!–starch!  I use organic corn starch, some people use potato starch–either is fine. You can get fancy and add a few drops of your favorite essential oil to it–just add it and starch to a food processor, blend it up and then place in some slotted shaker and you are good to go.  I did not even need to get a special container for it–I had an old salt shaker with perfect size holes, so I fill it up, sprinkle on Sprout’s lovely skin, and feel at peace knowing that now chemicals will be absorbed into her blood stream.

Homemade Wipes

And why not?! Even the least chemically processed wipes on the market have chemicals in them.  Instead, all I did was: got flannel (you can use old swaddling blankets, old flannel shirts, etc.), cut them up into 8×8 inch squares and I was set (if you have a sowing machine, you can neatly finish the edges, if not… don’t worry about it!).

image source: click on the image

I bought a cloth wipes warmer (one of the best things ever!). I soak wipes in… water (you can add a few drops of oregano oil), place them in the warmer, and I am set.  Once used, I throw wipes in the diaper pile… and more money is saved.  They only need to be washed, no drying is necessary if you use a wipes warmer.

Baby Lotion

Simple–organic oils.  I use raw organic coconut oil, and my little one’s skin is very happy with it.


Babies do not really need soap–they just need water.  However, I used a little bit when Sprout broke out with baby acne–a drop of Dr. Bronner’s organic soap does the job.  That is the only soap we are planning to use for her, and the only soap we use for ourselves. I personally like the unscented option.

Laundry Care

No Chemicals Allowed! Baby’s skin is so tender and is still the largest organ she has–whatever ends up on it will be in her blood stream in minutes.  So, we use SmartKlean Laundry Ball (we get it through local Whole Foods), and, when needed, add sea salt and vinegar to keep things clean.

Did I miss anything?

What natural tips and tricks do you have taking care of your little ones?

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  • Rachelle Marsden

    I love your idea of homemade wipes! Why have I not thought of this?! 😛 My pocket book and Little Koda’s sweet cheeks thank you. I will start immediately. I loved this article. Thanks for all that you do to help those who want better for their families. <3

    • most welcome! I just did a load of diapers and wipes 😉 no extra money! 

  • Maggies

    Elena, oh, my, I absolutely love every single one of your posts. Everytime you post something new I know before I read it that I would absolutely enjoy it (except for the boot camps announcements and such ;)…). Your blog it’s like a bedside book (I don’t know if in english means the same as spanish, like a Bible to catholics, essential, a guide, a cornerstone). I plan to do things the exact same way as you and having your experience and your wisdom is super important to me 🙂
    Do you think that using non-organic cornstarch would be a problem? (it doesn’t exist in my country) And non-organic essential oils?? I can get natural essential oils but I’m not sure if they are organic or not (I doubt it).

    Sorry again and each time for my english, hope I explain myself.

    • Maggies, that’s a compliment. Thank you.

      If you don’t have organic, use what you have–it is still better than chemically filled premade products.

      And your English is quiet perfect;).

  • Indeed, miss Elena! Wy is 8 years old and has never even had shampoo on his head. It’s amazing what we really don’t need. And the solar dryer is best! Just did 6 loads on it today… each load dries before the next gets done in the washing machine… saves lots o’ dough there too.


    • I did find a good organic shampoo–Beeceuticals makes it. I get it on Amazon–good stuff.

  • Carine Crooks

    This is right up my alley!  I love talking about this stuff…clothe diapers, we used G-Diaper a local company out of Portland, both kids loved em, but there are so many options out there now.  But one of the best inventions I have seen to go along with the clothe diapers is a sprayer that attaches to the toilet, spray the poop right into the toilet, no need to get on the hands, great for the fearful man! It is  called a diaper sprayer at  My girls are 3 and 5 and the only thing I have ever washed their skin or hairis Dr. Brooners unscented or lavander.  Please, never use Johnson & Johnson baby shampoo it has Quanturnium 15 or Q-15 in it, which is formaldehyde (what we imbalm bodies with) which is a cancer causing substance!  I also teach others about the toxins in our homes that could hurt our kids and us.  Such as the most dangerous thing in our homes is automatic dish washing soap!  If a child drinks it and does not get their stomach pumped immediately it could lead to a slow 5 day death!  Clorox and Lysol are registered pesticides, do not clean your kids toys with them!  I would love to share with you all what I know about the dangers we have around us.  I give you free info on the toxins in our homes plus help you with ways to remove them.  Call me the info is FREE 425-268-6894 Also, children’s digestive systems are not fully developed until they are 3, so I have a list of food items that are easiest for children to digest as their system develops provided by my naturapath.  I followed it with both my girls and truely believe it made them healthier, less cranky, and just more peaceful all around, plus it helped them not be picky eaters.  But I truely believe breastmilk is the most important thing for top immune throughout your kids lives.  Now a very touchy subject…vaccinations.  I have alot of info on that too if you want to get into it.  Ultimately, there are many obsticles as mom’s we have to be aware of that could cause harm to our little one’s and I love to be able to share what I have learned. 

    • Carine, great info. Question for you–i found good organic detergent to use on her diapers once in a while to make sure they stay fresh, but found out because it is H&E i can’t. Suggestions for an alternative?

      • Carine

        First, Elena, let me tell you a little about laundry soap that you have to be careful about.  Almost all the laundry soaps on the market, such as Tide, Kirkland Signature, All, and many others, put crushed fiberglass in their detergent to scrub out stains.  The fiberglass gets caught in your clothes, towels, sheets, diapers and scratches the skin.  This is why, I believe, there is a huge eczema epidemic in our country.  Also most laundry soap has bleach in it that when heated can cause a vapor in your home that causes asthma, migranes, blurred vision, nervious system depression, ect.  Yes, there is an alternative laundry soap called Melapower, it is 6x concentrated.  It comes in non HE or HE and they also carry another item called Sol-u-mel that works great on diapers, for stains and smell.  To find out more about how to find it either send me your phone number or call me 425-268-6894.  They ship right to your door, and it last our family of 4 about 3 1/2 months for one bottle of laudry detergent plus saves us money!  I will never use anything else, I have no migranes and I can finally use scented laundry soap and not itch!

        • Awesome. I will have to check it out and get in touch with you.

  • Diane

    just a note on the poopy diapers… although we didn’t end up going this route, i remember from the info session that you could buy paper ‘inlays’ for picking up most of the solids and these could then be flushed down a toilet… this might be an interesting option once she starts on solids and digestion changes (poo not so cute anymore, LOL !)

    • That’s good to know, Diane. Thank you.

      • Carine

        Yes the Gdiapers I mentioned above have bio-degradiable inserts into the clothe for an alternative to the cotton/hemp inserts.  They can be flushed or the wet ones not pooed ones can even be used in your garden.  You can go to to find out more.  I used the bio-degradiable inserts with both kids most of the time because I could get them at Fred Meyer locally and there was never a smell because it went down the towlet!  Love it!