Curing Endometriosis and Hypothyroidism Naturally

When you feel like vomiting, when you are more nauseous than a pregnant woman,  when you are doubled over in so much pain that you can barely breath…you probably have endometriosis.

Not a fun hormone imbalance.

It comes with irregular, painful cycles.  It causes infertility.  And it causes more than the physical pain–women, living with endometriosis, end up giving up on feeling alive, or having a normal social life, because their disease is unpredictable.

The only hope that their doctors give them is–medication and surgery.

Add to that the physical exhaustion of hypothyroidism, constant fatigue, inability to lose even a pound, in spite of your best efforts, foggy memory, and living like an outsider in your own body, watching your life pass you by.

And add to that…chronic sinus infections and allergies, and regular headaches….and…

You get Jillian.

Jillian is one out of 20 million Americans who has been diagnosed with hypothyroidism.

Jillian is one out of 6 million American women who has been diagnosed with endometriosis.

Jillian is one out of 224 million Americans who was given prescription medication to deal with her problems, without receiving any instructions from her trusted doctors, on how to resolve her conditions naturally.

In fact…she was given no hope to ever live a medication free life. 

But Jillian is more than a statistic and more than a number.  Jillian, a human being, just like you and I, who had hopes and aspirations.  She’s a mother, a former body builder and an amazing Real Estate broker, who had dreamt about and planned her future…until the diseases began to eat away at her life, at her hopes, and her dreams.

At only 38 she was on 5 prescription medications and 7 supplements, trying to patch up her body, where it was giving in, without anything to show for her efforts.

Until one day it all changed for her.

Less than 3 months ago Jillian emailed me and we set up a time for an interview (her breakthrough call), to see how she can salvage her life and her body.  She was WAY too young to feel like she was ready for retirement, so she could plan her day around taking her meds on time.

Only 8 weeks later, Jillian was OFF 4 medications and all 7 supplements!

She had 10 fewer symptoms, lost weight, slept more restfully, no longer needed naps to keep up with her 4-year old son, her endometrial growth was gone, and she was on her way to coming off thyroid medications…


Crazy, right?

Too good to be true!

And, because it is, I wanted to give you a chance to hear from Jillian herself, how this impossibly crazy miracle materialized in her life.

Enjoy her interview.

Take notes.

And…if you are ready to get your life back on track in less than 3 months, reach out to me to schedule your breakthrough call.

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