From Begging for Death to Living to the Fullest…in a Matter of Weeks | Curing Hypothyroidism

Imagine this…

You are young, smart, gorgeous and have everything going for you. An amazing husband, kids, education, and a thriving business. True American Dream!

And then…

Your life begins to fall apart. You are diagnosed with a double whammy: hypothyroidism and a pituitary tumor.

Your world turns upside down, as you drag yourself from doctor to doctor while trying to hold on to the shreds of your old self.

You try supplements, diets, medications, detoxes…and anything you can possibly get your hands on. Hoping that the next thing you try will be IT.


Nothing works.

Instead of getting better, you get worse.

Instead of getting answers, you get more confusion.

You are now exhausted, overwhelmed. You feel miserable. You feel like you are gaining weight by breathing.

And your doctors have NO answers for you.

It gets so bad, you are forced to sell your business because you are too wiped out to run it.

And it gets even worse than that, when you find yourself laying on the couch, begging to die, so you would not have to suffer anymore.

You don’t have the energy to even wonder if there is ever going to be a light at the end of your tunnel.

Sounds like a horror story. Doesn’t it?

Yet, this was something that Rimgaile dealt with only a few months ago.

A few months ago, Rimgaile and I had a chance to have a phone conversation. We talked about her health, we talked about her dreams, and then we decided that she can have her life just as she wants it.

How exactly?


Supplement free.


Medication free.

And have her life, the one she worked so hard to build, back.

So, she and I went to work.

And then magic happened.

7 weeks later she was medication free. And starting a new business.

9 weeks later…she is symptom-free. 40+ symptoms that stole her life from her…POOF! Like magic!

She is dropping pounds off her frame like hot potatoes. And loving her life.

Sounds too good to be true?

In today’s interview, Rimgaile and I talk about her healing and how it became possible to have everything she only dreamt of but could not have, only 3 short months ago. But now she has it all! And her doctor is blown away by her results.

When you are done watching the interview (also available as a podcast below, so you can listen to it on the go), if you’ve been struggling to stay alive, while barely living, like Rimgaile, having lost your dreams and your life to your hormone imbalance…

If you are done seeing the same doctors, trying the same methods, taking the same meds and supplements, while expecting different outcomes…

If you are ready to break up with your symptoms and cannot wait to meet the “you” you had given up on…

Reach out to us! We can talk about what’s possible for you, and how fast you too can go back to living your wildest dreams.


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