Food Over Medicine | Interview With Pam Popper

Have you ever dreamed of having an opportunity to meet someone you deeply respect? Someone who might have answers to the topics you are still researching? Lucky girl that I am, I had such an opportunity–my nutrition dream come true.

I have followed the career of Dr. Pamela Popper, the author Food Over Medicine book, for over seven years.  Before Hubby and I became vegan, I had a chance to attend one of her information sessions… and I was smitten. Brilliant, no-nonsense, straight-to-the-point, she seemed to have answers to about any question I had and could answer me before I finished my sentences. “I want to be like her when I grow up,” thought the not-s0-little girl inside of me.

Imagine how blown away I was when I corresponded with Dr. Popper’s publisher, preparing for the book review.  I asked if I could send out a few questions to Dr. Popper. “Sure,” I was told.

“Do you think we could do a phone interview instead,” I ventured to ask, “so she would not have to waste her time typing up answers?” “Sure,” I was told again.

Why stop there? You have not because you ask not, is my philosophy. “I live only fifteen minutes from Dr. Popper’s office. I thank an in-person video interview would be even better,” I said.  “Let me check her schedule,” I was told. So, I waited.  The stars aligned–Dr. Popper cleared her schedule for an interview. The school girl inside me leaped with excitement.


This post is that interview–ready for your consumption. It is life changing. I am providing two formats–video and audio (podcast), to accommodate as many as I can. I know that some of you will need the transcript, so I commit to have it added to this post within the week.

Interview Topics

We cover a wide range of topics. I guarantee that some of Dr. Popper’s responses will blow your mind.  Here are some of the topics we cover:

  • Protein Supplements: Are vegan protein supplements dangerous? Should vegan athletes supplement?
  • Kidney Stones: Can vegans get kidney stones? What would cause a seemingly healthy individual to develop them?
  • Gluten: Is it as dangerous as we hear? Should healthy individuals avoid gluten products?
  • Medication: Learn if there are ever times you should medicate.
  • Supplements: Should a healthy individual take vitamins?
  • Are fortified foods a good idea?
  • Hormones: Are cruciferous vegetables really bad for us, or is it simply a myth to keep us from living healthy?
  • Should we supplement with iodine? Can iodine cause hypothyroidism?
  • Is salt allowed in a healthy diet?
  • How much and what kind of water should we drink?
  • Probiotics: Who should take them? In Food Over Medicine Dr. Popper suggests that people with certain health conditions, and those who had ever used birth control or antibiotics, should go through a prescription-strength probiotic treatment.  I asked Dr. Popper if I, seven years into my health quest, with six of those off birth control, should still consider a probiotic treatment.  Find out what suggested.
  • Health Insurance: How much of it do we really need?
  • Green Smoothies: Is there any truth to the rumors that they might not be good for us?
  • Does coconut oil have any healing properties?
  • Do you need to be vegan to be healthy?

And there is more!

Food Over Medicine Video Interview

Podcast Interview


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The book is just as amazing, covering even a broader range of topics.  Make sure to read Food over Medicine Book review and enter the giveaway, or get your own copy today.  Also, stop by Dr. Popper’s web-site and subscribe to her weekly newsletter–I enjoy her weekly articles regularly.

Thoughts or Questions?

What did you learn from this interview?

If you had a chance to ask Dr. Popper one question, what would it be?

Did you jot down any quotable thoughts? What are they?

Leave a comment; let me know.

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