Good People, Kind Strangers and Siberian Rose Tea

The world is filled with amazing and kind people.  Some of them are strangers to us, yet their kindness makes it seem like they are our close friends.  With advent of technology it has become easier to meet such people–you never know who is going to read your blog, “bump” into you on Twitter or “like” you on Facebook.

Last night I got home after teaching fitness classes.  I stopped by the mailbox to see what we got.  To my surprise, two kind strangers send me a couple of gifts.  Totally unexpected, and certainly not requested.  Thoughtful, kind strangers.  They filled my heart with warmth.

Gwendolyn of Gwendolyn Tundermann Photography, whom I met only a few weeks ago on Facebook, sent me a bag [a very expensive one at that!] of Siberian Rose Tea*.  It happened that after we connected, Gwendolyn traveled to Seattle and asked her FB friends for suggestions on what places she might enjoy visiting.  Having been to Pike’s Market I suggested the tea room and told her about their great teas.  Little did I know how attentive Gwendolyn is.  She went to Seattle, visited the tea room, and got me a bag of most heavenly tasting tea.  She left me speechless. 🙂  Thanks, Gwendolyn.  Your act of kindness and your note warmed my heart beyond what a cup of tea could ever accomplish!

*I know that the bag reads Seberian, and I am not even sure why ;), it should be Siberian.

When hubby got home from work we enjoyed freshly brewed Seberian Rose tea.  Oh, it was heavenly!

I will soon add a post about the benefits of rose teas and how two cups of Siberian Rose tea changed one of my nights and made it a moving experience ;). [You just have to wait to read what I am talking about ;).]

But it seems that my world has just added another kind stranger: Robert Cheeke, a vegan bodybuilder. He stumbled onto one of my Tweets, we twitted back and forth a few times.  I told him that I have been sending vegan-curious athletes to his Vegan Bodybuilding web-site, and, before I knew it, I was treated to a little surprised from Robert, which arrived into my mailbox last night: Robert’s newly published book Vegan Bodybuilding & Fitness.  All I can tell you is that I can’t wait to read it!  Being a vegan trainer myself I am constantly proving to people that an athlete does not have to eat animal products to build strong body and large muscles.  Having a book that I can share with curious inquirers and resentful minds is simply delightful.  Hubby already peeked into the book last night and asked me to share as much good information with him as I can [he is currently in college, so reading an extra book is not on his TO DO list ;)].

Later on tonight, when I catch up on all of my e-mails and household chores, I am planning to brew a cup of rose tea, grab Vegan Bodybuilding book and treat myself to a couple of hours of me time.

Thank you, lovely strangers, for sharing your kindness with me :).  You made my world even a brighter place to live in.

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  • maureen

    Hi there! The tea looks so fresh and good that I am thinking of buying it. Do you know about any good companies or websites where I could purchase this type of tea? Thanks. 🙂

    • Maureen, I am not sure of online suppliers, but search under siberian rose tea and you might find something good. Buy the whole rose buds.

  • Anonymous

    That tea looks so amazing! Like drinking flowers. It’s so pretty I don’t know if I could bring myself to drink it!

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  • Matt Tundermann

    To echo what Gwen says, it’s really amazing the transformation that changing out diet to a Vegan one has made for us. Besides the weight loss, just the better overall feeling, more energy, etc, is so uplifting. I know Gwen takes her inspiration from so many people she’s “met” through FB and blogs. Thank you for inspiring her (and me) to make such a great lifestyle change.

    And the tea was excellent. Thanks for the recommendation!

    • Matt, thank you :). It is great that you both decided to make the change together–it makes it so much easier on the whole family. That is how hubby and I made our changes too. Thank you for taking charge of your health and being kind to our planet.

  • Gwen Tundermann

    You are so welcome! I’m so thankful for you and all this wonderful information that you share! You’ve helped my hubby and I adopt a healthier lifestyle, and for that I can never say thanks enough! : D