How a Busy Mom of 7 Healed a Hormone Imbalance in less than 2 months

A few months ago I met an extraordinary human being. She is an author and a busy Mom of SEVEN kids. And she has a heart of gold.

If anyone could have their hands full, that would be her.

When Lisa, her husband, and I connected, she’d already been struggling with an undiagnosed hormone imbalance for over three years.

Each year she was piling onto an ever-growing list of symptoms.

Brain fog, hair loss, exhaustion and weight gain were just a few on the list of over 20 symptoms.

She already tried every diet and supplement and plan out there you can imagine. Yet, she was no closer to her goal.

In fact, it seemed like her life was unraveling, and her dreams of writing more books, and reaching her audience were slipping away.

Lisa and I began to work together, and only a couple of weeks in, she went from struggling with over 20 symptoms to a symptom-free life, while tapping back into her creativity and starting to write her second book.

All while making her healthy lifestyle work for her entire family, while parenting her children, four of whom have special needs.

Today I want you to get inspired by Lisa’s story, as talk about her journey, practical steps to making a healthy lifestyle work for the whole family, and answer questions from the Vegalicious Audience.

I want you to remember this today–if Lisa could heal herself while having her life commitments, there is no reason for you to not be able to do the same for yourself.

If Lisa could go from years of suffering to creativity and energy in less than two months, what do you think is possible for you?

Here’s Lisa’s interview in video and audio formats.

Once you’ve watched the interview, IF you are ready to see if the same success is possible for you, all you have to do is reach out. CLICK ON THIS LINK to schedule a FREE discovery call with us to see what can be done for YOU.

How a Busy Mom of 7 Heals a Hormone Imbalance in less than 2 months



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