How to Heal from PCOS in 2 Months | Melissa Toro Interview

Imagine spending half of your life suffering from a health condition that no one knows how to treat.





You’ve tried it all.

And…you still have symptoms galore.

Your doctor tells you that you’ve already tried everything there is to deal with PCOS, low progesterone, high cholesterol, being pre-diabetic, having “borderline” hypothyroidism, and an autoimmune disorder.

As far as she is concerned…you are helpless.

But deep inside you ALWAYS know that there has to be more.

You know that your life’s purpose cannot be about the fight with weight, fatigue, hair loss, irregular menses, counting calories, being afraid of food, being ridden with anxiety about your future, and suffering from over 25 symptoms.

You want to know what it feels like to feel normal. To not count a calorie. To not be afraid of food. To be full of energy so you can run your business and play with your kids. To plan your future…outside of this condition you thought was genetic.

So…you do not settle for a NO…

And then you find THE solution that even your doctor is blown away by.

In a matter of weeks, your cholesterol levels are stellar, you start having a regular menses, without PMS. Your skin is glowing. Your hair is growing back. And…you have the energy to live your life for the first time in over 20 years!

And for the first time in years, you feel like you HAVE a shot at a normal future. In fact, you know you do!

Some would call that a miracle.

And it is.

Join me and Melissa on this interview, as we talk about her journey from PCOS, low progesterone, subclinical hypothyroidism, being pre-diabetic and having high cholesterol and over 25 symptoms, to a life without all of this…in a matter of 2 months.

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