How to Heal PCOS and Hypothyroidism in Less Than 8 Weeks

Imagine doing everything that you can to get well–working out, eating a plant-based diet, seeking professional medical help…and still not getting better. 

In fact, instead of better, you are doing worse.

You have 21 symptoms…and counting.

One day you wake up, look down at your hand, filled with medications and supplements, and realize that this is NOT the life you’ve been working so hard to create.

And…you are only 30-something.

Here you are, staring your future in its face, figuring out what went wrong.  And the only hope your doctors have given you was…NO HOPE!

Your doctors told you that you are already doing everything that you should, and now your are stuck, dealing with PCOS and Hypothyroidism for the rest of your life. 

This means more medications, more supplements, more trips to the doctors, more symptoms, and more misery.

This is NOT the life that you’ve been dreaming about. 

So, you search high and low, hoping to find an answer…until one day you find a crazy Russian who says that curing diseases like yours, PCOS and hypothyroidism, is not only possible but probable, should you follow her crazy advice.

And so, you take a leap of faith…

It’s a little scary because it goes against everything you were trained to believe.  It takes everything inside of you to trust your gut.  But you do.

Six weeks later you are at your doctor’s office, and you hear the news: “You are PCOS and hypothyroidism free!”

You can’t believe it.  Can this really be?

So, you find another doctor, and then another one, just to confirm that what you are hearing is true.

You are, in fact, are now disease…and medication free! 

And just like that, your dreams and desires for your future, collide with your present.

You are now free to live the life you dreamt about.

Sounds too good to be true?

But it is true. So true, that this is a real story, of a real person, whose interview I am bringing your way today. 

Her name is Carmen.

Gorgeous, educated, driven, and totally fabulous, she came to me at the end of October 2016.  By January of 2017, Carmen was declared disease free by 3 doctors and reduced 21 of her symptoms down to 2…without medications!

Today she sits down with me to tell you about her healing journey and what made it so extraordinary and easy.

Toward the end of the interview, we also answer questions coming from women and men suffering with hormone imbalances.

When you are done listening to Carmen’s interview, if you want the same results for yourself, here is what you should do.

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Have a fantastic day!

How to Heal PCOS and Hypothyroidism in Less Than 8 Weeks

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