How Tracy Healed from Hypothyroidism and Depression in 2 Months

Tracy, an occupational therapist by trade, reached out to me just over two months ago. She’s been struggling with #hypothyroidism and #depression for over 10 years.

Over those 10 years, things got bad.

36 symptoms and counting bad.

Crazy diets tried and failed bad.

High dose of thyroid medication bad.

Exercising but still gaining weight bad.

Five dress sizes up from her dream weight bad.

No help in sight bad.

And Tracy wanted her life back.

We began to work together, and…

Two months later…

Tracy is not only a dress size smaller, but she is also medication-free, and, best of all–SYMPTOM-FREE!


No more depression. No more hypothyroidism.

Tracy is happy.

Trey is over the moon, and…

Kids got their Mama back!

She even got her beautiful singing voice back and went on her second honeymoon.

This is Tracy’s healing story.

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