Healing from Hypothyroidism in 3 Months – a Life Without Medication

It’s a competition on pain out there. The human jungle.
Everyone competes for a piece of your brain real estate.
Everyone wants to prove that they are right…about something.
Those who are supposed to heal others, argue with each other. They compete. They argue. They point fingers. They blame. And…they hurt…
Somehow, as humans, we feel that divisiveness is healing.
While millions are suffering, as healers, can we really waste our time fighting over who is right and who is wrong?
I know that controversy sells. I get it! I am good at creating controversial topics. But…
I do it with one goal in mind–to provoke a thoughtful reaction.
I’ve made it a point to never engage in a futile discourse with “the other camp.” I am not here to serve them. I am not here to prove them wrong and myself right.
Although let’s be honest, I am not perfect and sometimes I get tempted.
However, my goal has always been to create an amazing service for the hurting world, so, regardless of a condition, everyone can have a chance to heal.

While I have been serving clients for years, in the last couple of years I decided to concentrate on working specifically with women and men who struggle with hormone imbalances.
Statistically, an estimated 20 million Americans have some form of thyroid disease: hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism, goiters, nodules, Grave’s disease, Hashimoto’s.
One in ten women will be diagnosed with PCOS.
Approximately 176 million women in the world are suffering from painful endometriosis.
According to one study, between 70-80% of American women will be diagnosed with fibroid tumors by the age of 50.
Millions of women and men suffer from infertility.
So, when it comes to who can scream the loudest…WHO CARES?!
At the end of the day, there is one thing all of us, who have ANYTHING to do with the art of healing should have as our ultimate goal–humanity’s well-being…
YOUR well-being.
So…that’s what I’ve been working on for years–serving humanity, one person at a time.
Natali is one of those people.
Natali reached out to me about 4 months ago.
Gorgeous. Young. With a life ahead of her. Yet full of pain.
Already five years of struggle with hypothyroidism.
Already on medication.
Already doing a LOT of things right, and yet…
Not getting the kind of outcomes she wanted.
She had a discovery call with one of my coaches. We figured that we can and should help her.
We said our “I dos” and began to chisel away at her pain…one day at a time.
Days passed…weeks began to add up.
Every single one of them we tracked Natali’s progress.
Every single one of them we found that she was closer to her dream…
Being 100% better and being medication-free.
Natali came to me already eating a much cleaner diet than most. From the outside, there was not much you could do. However, we quickly found that while dialing in her diet was important, that was not her only issue.
Her hypothyroidism symptoms went deeper than her diet.
In this interview, Natali and I talk about what it took for her to go from totally alone in this world, feeling like there is no future, with a body full of symptoms, to being medication and symptom-free and beaming from ear to ear with joy, in a matter of…
THREE months!
Listen to her story, and then, if you are tired of the outside noise, and if you are ready for YOUR version of health, do reach out. Let’s see if we can help YOU get your dreams become your reality. Because you’ve suffered long enough.
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