How Renee Lost 70 lbs. and Came Off 9 Medications in 8 Months

Approximately 600,000 hysterectomies are performed annually in the United States, and approximately 20 million American women have had a hysterectomy.  Most of hysterectomies are absolutely unnecessary and can be avoided.



Americans filled 4.3 billion prescriptions and doled out nearly $374 billion on medicine in 2014 alone.

The medical industry, although it has its place, is a HUGE business.

And, often, we are left to wonder, if this is a business that is there to save women’s lives…or to take them away.

Today’s guest, Renee Greenway, was a victim of both industries – the medical and the pharmaceutical.  She had an unnecessary hysterectomy done, due to endometriosis, AND used to spend as much as $600/mo on 9 different medications.



The symptoms that she lived with, for nearly 20 years, are probably very familiar to you:

  • hot flashes
  • migraines
  • acid reflux
  • elevated cholesterol (hers was OVER 400!)
  • constant fatigue
  • feeling tired
  • IBS
  • anxiety disorder
  • heart palpitations
  • Vit. D deficiency
  • sleep disorder
  • going into menopause after full hysterectomy
  • could not function, and
  • kept piling on pounds, maxing out at 232 lbs, with a tiny frame at only 5’6″

Renee received her education in the medical field and thought she knew what living healthy meant.  She even tried what most of you attempt in order to reclaim your hormone health.

I tried every diet in the world, Atkins, soup diet, 5 small meals a day, watched my calories, watched my carbohydrates, no whites ( flour, sugar, bread, milk ) OMG!!!!  Make it all stop!


She kept trying things that don’t work…until she realized that what she knew, and her complete trust in the medical doctors, did not get her any closer to living a healthy life.

But then, when seemed lost, she learned about a new way of taking care of her health, and took the leap to give it a go.

8 months later she was 70 lbs. lighter, free of ALL 9 medications, and finally got her groove on…even though she was missing her uterus.

Finally I am living my life to the fullest.

Anyone, and I mean ANYONE, can do this, and it’s totally worth it!


Today you will get to hear Renee’s story, and get inspired to have hope for healing your HORMONE IMBALANCE NATURALLY too!  Because being healthy is so much easier, and much much cheaper, than being sick.


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Enjoy the interview, and please share it with other women and men in your life, who are struggling from day to day, to stay alive due to their hormone imbalance.

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