How I Reversed Hypothyroidism Naturally… TWICE!

Just over a month ago, in the post Even Saints Miss the Mark Every Now and Then [Medication Free Pregnancy], I told you about my temptation to go on meds, for my once healthy thyroid, for the sake of my developing baby Sprout.  It was a temporary temptation, however, and I resolved to forgo the “pleasure” of any possible side effects in lieu of a  natural approach… once again.


Hypothyroidism Treatment

If you have not read the article, or the one that led to it, or if you are new to Vegalicious, here is a quick summary:

Several years ago, after years of struggle and suffering, I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism AND a pituitary gland tumor, i.e. pituitary adenoma.  My OB/GYN, the one who finally pronounced the diagnoses, had also pronounced my sentence: “You have to be on medication for the rest of your life for both, and there is no cure.”  He handed me over two prescriptions and… he was done treating me.  As I walked out of his office I resolved to come back for a follow up only once I had reversed both: hypothyroidism, and whatever it was that was called pituitary adenoma.

You can read about my struggle and journey to healing on the About Me page: How I Reversed Hypothyroidism Naturally.  I was able to bring my TSH [Thyroid Stimulating Hormone] to 1.66 last year, from over 5.0 at the original time of diagnosis.

Pituitary Adenoma

As the time went on, though, I could not find anything to beat the symptoms of pituitary gland tumor, but I refused to go on medication… which meant that I could not conceive.  Needless to say, as the hand of time moved forward, this fact became more and more devastating.  I knew that I wanted to be a mother, but I wanted to do so NATURALLY!  By the beginning of this year, however, for the first time in 5 years, I became weak and caved in–I temporarily went on medication to suppress prolactin production so I could conceive.  You can read the entire account of the events here: Even Saints Miss the Mark Every Now and Then.

I was miserable on the medication, and it made me feel worse, instead of better.  I still was lactating, and 5.5 months into the “treatment” I still was barren.  That was the lowest point of my struggle this year, and I was DONE! I decided to get off meds, and, even if it took me 5 more years, spend time praying and searching for a natural cure for adenoma, although I was told it was incurable, but I am stubborn AND I believe in a miracle working God.

Adenoma Cure?

Can you believe the miracle–that is how I know God hears AND answers my prayers–when less than a week after making that decision I found THE ANSWER?! It was no other than B12 treatment.  Make sure to read all of the articles in B12 category to see how my research, diagnosis and treatment progressed [go from first to last post].

By then, however, the medication for pituitary adenoma had done its damage–my TSH shot up to 3.6–devastating news, but not for someone who reversed it once before.  There was a catch this time around, however, I got pregnant only 1 month into B12 treatment: A Happy Interlude {Vitamin B12 Natural Infertility Treatment}.  With TSH this high, I was, according to my doctor, “putting my baby in danger of being brain damaged”, if I did not go on medication for thyroid.  Needless to say, I agonized over it that whole day, but at the end of it, I gave it all to God, and leaned back on my experience, research and common senseI decided AGAINST medication.  I knew that if I reversed hypothyroidism naturally once, I can do it again, so help me God.  So, I made a plan… [for details click on the link]

The Plan

The plan was made about 5 weeks ago :).

While recovering from hypothyroidism I refused to demonize any plant foods.  Many web-sites and doctors say that cruciferous vegetables are not good for hypothyroid population.  I refused to believe it.  I ate them the entire time while healing and was just fine.  As of now, however, although still sticking to my guns, and I would tell anyone the same if anyone asked me, I am going to cut down their intake to no more than once a week.

I will also avoid any and all soy product, so no vegan cheese or mayo for me :( .

I am upping my sea vegetable intake, along with increasing maca root powder daily amount.

I am doubling up on the greens and going gluten free, as much as possible.  Although I know that I do not have gluten sensitivities, it is a fact that gluten can interfere with thyroid function.  As such I prefer to err on the side of caution, if I err at all.

I also had kept and Adrenal supplement, which is safe to take through pregnancy, so I will be using it for the next few weeks, and I am be continuing with B12 injections and sublingual supplementation as well.

I am thinking about adding natural progesterone supplement, and will be soon talking to my ND about it. I know I might have to do it for only a short period of time, until my kiddo takes over :) .

I am also going to be 100% organic through the entire pregnancy.  Even before conception we were about 98-99% organic, but from now on it is all the way!

Did the Plan Work?

I quickly figured out that plans, as great as they might be, are very subjective during pregnancy.  Beginning the second month of the first trimester, I could not as much as look at green smoothies, let alone make myself drink them.  I think I managed to down about 3 of them for the entire month!

I did avoid soy products, but… I never really consumed them before either, save occasional cheese, mayo and sour cream.  I did, however, still sparingly used these products.

Cruciferous vegetables–although eating less of them for only a short while, and that was mostly by default, because of food aversions, I still had my beloved cabbage, kale, spinach, etc. I simply continued to rotate them, along with other foods.

No gluten… well, with pregnancy cravings that did not work so well after all.  I held out for about a week and a half, and then the cravings hit me so hard, I caved in ;).

Sea vegetable and maca root powder–I could not smell them–YUCK! So, some days I got around that aversion by encapsulating both, however, I still was not taking in as much as I wanted to.

Adrenal supplement–I lasted only about 1.5 weeks on it, and found that my body was simply rejecting it–I did not feel that I needed to take it, and also could not stand the smell of it.  [Not that I always go by “feelings”, but having a healthy diet I have learned to listen to my body when it makes sense to.]

Natural progesterone supplement–I also took it for only 1.5 weeks, but found that my body was operating just fine on its own, so I discontinued it.

The things that I did stick with, no compromises: being 100% plant based, nearly 100% organic, and B12 injections went on as planned.

When the time came for me to go get tested, especially since, with B12 treatment the symptoms of pituitary adenoma disappeared [click to read details], I procrastinated a little, being concerned that my TSH numbers would not be where I would want them, especially because two tests before that they had not changed at all.

Did It Work?

Last week, finally, I decided it was time.  What prompted me to do that was the fact that I felt my body changing with pregnancy, there was soreness and my breasts, which signaled that prolactin levels start rising, which they did, and I wanted to get them tested BEFORE prolactin increased too much.  It was a little too late for that, at that point, but I had to get in as quickly as I could to see how I was doing anyway.

Yesterday I got a call from my Doc’s office, and it was the best news I could have awakened to.

“Your results are in,” the nurse said, as I tried to peel my eyes open.

I held my breath for a moment, “Yes.  So, HOW am I doing?”

The next words out of her mouth made my jump out of my bed:

“Your TSH is a bit high, but it is in an acceptable range,” she said.  [Mind you, some doctors/labs would tell you that at this level it is normal, but more about that in just one sec.]

“Would you mind elaborating?” I held my breath.

“It is 2.2.”

WHAT? So, you mean to tell me that in spite of me not being able to do as much as I wanted to, I still dropped over 1.4?!  YES! That was exactly the news.

To make it better, I was told that my prolactin levels are perfectly normal for a pregnant woman–the normal range is 34-386 mcg/L, while mine was 112!!! And that was after I felt by body change in preparation for my Sprout.  Had I gone to test a couple of weeks earlier, it would have been much lower; and had I tested it if I were not pregnant, having undergone B12 treatment, I know it would have been perfectly normal.

So, How did I do?

I think not bad, considering the circumstances 🙂 AND ALL medication free!

Here is the tricky part, though, and it makes me laugh just thinking about it, I think that my Doc is thinking that the numbers went down because I went on meds he prescibed… but I never picked up the prescription, or the sample he left for me :).  I am planning to tell him the truth after my next lab test, which I will be doing in a month.  With nausea and food aversions over, I am now, starting this week, drinking greens daily, and my raw intake is going up, along with wonderful things like: wheat grass, maca root powder, and sea vegetable powders, even if I have to keep encapsulating them to get myself even better than now.  So, I imagine my thyroid function will be back to NORMAL in the next 4 weeks.

I am excited!  I keep basking in the knowledge that ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE FOR THOSE WHO BELIEVE. (Mark 9:23) and, of course, for those who are willing to take the steps to receive miracles they are praying for, such as changing one’s diet and lifestyle 🙂 (this portion comes from the “Book of Elena” :)).

And, since no post is complete without a good picture, here is what I made for dinner last night: whole wheat vegan pasta, with garlic sour cream [vegan]=YUM!

[garlic sauce: 2 tbsp vegan sour cream, 1 crushed clove of garlic, chopped dill and green onions]

[toppings: vegan cheese, apples, fresh green onion and dill]

This post is a continuation of B12 Deficiency Series.

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