How to Cure Diabetes in Just a FEW Weeks

With over 35 million Americans suffering from #diabetes and over 90 million more in a pre-diabetic condition (1), we know that the traditional approach to fighting this disease is not working. So instead of giving you more of what already failed you, I am bringing you a medical doctor who has developed a plan that can CURE diabetes in a matter of weeks!

If you follow her advice, the chances are, you can be diabetes free and finally living the life you’ve been dreaming about.

I sat Dr. Hightower down and picked her brain for over an hour to bring you the best plan available out there for curing diabetes.  No, not like the one you heard about at your last doctor’s visit…when he put you on a medication and told you to eat better, and eat a good diet. Not that kind…because you are still no better than you were when you visited him.

No, not like the one you heard about at your last doctor’s visit…when he put you on medication and told you to eat better. Not that kind…because you are still no better than you were when you visited him.

We know that did not work because you are still no better than you were when you visited him.

The diet and lifestyle that Dr. Hightower will teach you, will turn your world right side up, and finally give you the freedom from medications…and from fear that you will lose not only your body parts to this horrendous disease but also your life.

So, pull up a chair, grab a pen and a notepad, because you are about to get delivered from a life of misery, expensive medical bills, and life-altering surgeries.

How to Cure Diabetes in Just a FEW Weeks

Please meet Dr. Hightower.

cure diabetes naturallyDr. Carla Hightower is a physician and the founder of Living Health Works, a health coaching service, with a mission to inform and educate people about using food as medicine. Previously she practiced anesthesiology for over 20 years. In hospitals, she observed that traditional healthcare achieves remarkable outcomes in life-threatening emergencies.

However, she was often disappointed with the outcomes for common chronic diseases, such as diabetes, heart disease, cancer, autoimmune disease, and chronic pain.

She realized that standard treatments fail because they manage symptoms without addressing the root cause of the problem—diet and lifestyle habits. She decided to pursue health coaching as a second career, to teach people about the underlying cause of their diseases and the benefits of plant-based nutrition. Dr. Hightower’s ultimate reason for health coaching is to empower people to tap into their own abilities to restore their health and get their life back. Her clients have successfully reversed diabetes, diabetic neuropathy, erectile dysfunction, high blood pressure, chronic pain, inflammatory bowel disease, acid reflux, and chronic fatigue.

Ten years ago, she was personally experiencing digestive problems, pain, inflammation, and fatigue. These problems prompted her to deeply study the scientific literature on nutrition. She discovered that by modifying her own diet and lifestyle habits, her health problem resolved almost immediately. Also, she improved her blood sugar and lowered her risk for diabetes, in spite of having a very strong family history for the disease. Using her knowledge of evidence-based medicine, nutrition, and lifestyle best practices, she created Living Health Works to enable people to regain their vitality, minimize medications, avoid costly medical care, and prevent disabling complications.

In addition to her practical experience, Dr. Hightower is a graduate of Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine and Kellogg Graduate School of Management. Dr. Hightower attained a certificate in Plant-Based Nutrition from the T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies at Cornell University.



how to cure diabetes naturally

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