How to Make Heart-Healthy Cereal at Home | Cereal Recipe

Hubby and I were at a grocery store a few days ago. We came across a cereal sampler by a well respected, emerging vegan company, which shall remain nameless for this post.  It tasted pretty good, but there was a sticker price shock–about $5.00 for only 13 oz. Ouch! I looked at my husband and said: “I could do better.” Guess I should not say anything unless I am planning to make it.  Sure enough, he held me to that. A couple of days later we were at the same store and he reminded me of my promise (he is a big cereal lover). I live by my word, so I quickly grabbed up all wonderful sounding ingredients I could, got home, pulled out a HUGE bowl, and went to mixing it all together.  Then it was time of reckoning–my husband had to taste it and tell me if I did DO better… 3 helpings later it was an apparent “YES!”.

The recipe is easy! Anyone can make this cereal. The best part is that there is NO measuring–you can mix and match your ingredients to your heart’s desire.

Vegalicious Homemade Cereal




  • Mix it altogether and your got yourself a HUGE jar of cereal.
  • Enjoy with your favorite sugar free plant milk.

*this cereal had a VERY small amount of sugar. By the time I mixed it with other ingredients it was even a smaller amount per serving. 

**This was the only non-organic ingredient. I will try harder to find one that is next time. 



(this jar WAS full when I first made cereal, and had some extra)

All of these ingredients cost me right around $20; all, but one, were organic! I think that I did DO better! For a faction of a price I made enough delicious cereal to last me (not my husband ;)) a few weeks.  With my husband’s appetite for cereal, he will probably go through it in a couple of weeks.

The cereal is packed with nutrients, minerals, vitamins and fiber.


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