How to Cure Hypothyroidism Naturally

DISCLOSURE: The longer this post is out on the web, and the more attention and readers it draws, the more I am reminded to point people to the disclosure on my site–you will find it in the side bar, and you can find it here.  In short, before you read this post, here is what you should know: 

This Blog [and this post] is for information purposes only. I, the author of Vegalicious, will not be held accountable for the use or misuse of the information contained on this site.  I am not a doctor and do not claim to be one. As such, the information you read cannot be taken as medical advice or substituted for one.  Nothing on this blog is intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice.  I shall not be held liable for the decisions made by readers of this blog.

What you are about to read in this post, is MY experience, and the experience of many others I have met since.  Having read this post, should you want to embark on the same journey, it is your responsibility to consult with your physician to make any major medical changes. 

Now, onward we go!   

I am sure that the tile has intrigued you already.  Can you really cure hypothyroidism? As many of you might have heard from your doctors, that are fighting this giant, the answer is “NO!” and emphatically so. How do I know that? Since I believe in sharing personal experiences to show people whether something works or not, I would like to invite you to follow me as I journey back to my own past.

Several years ago, slightly over 7 to be exact, my husband (fiancé at the time) was diagnosed with a cyst. The cyst was found on his brain and threatened his life. He was hospitalized and had undergone a major surgery with two smaller ones in the following 2 months. I was his primary and only caregiver. Given that the surgery was quite invasive, although very skillfully performed, it took him nearly two years to fully recover.

As I mentioned, I was his primary caregiver. I was also working a full-time job and spent most of my time (all of my “free” time) at the hospital. My husband needed a lot of care and attention that he did not easily accept from the hospital staff, so I had to make up for what they could not do. With such a full load I averaged no more than 4-4.5 hours of sleep for at least 2 months. As my husband was recovering, my health began to deteriorate. Before I knew, I put on 30+ pounds, developed anterior knee condition and my menstrual cycles got crazier every month. By the time we got closer to our wedding date, they were about 3 months apart.

I did not know what was causing the problem, and in reality was too preoccupied with everything else in my life to pay attention to my own health. My doctor was not of much help when I sought her expertise.

About 3 months before my husband and I tied the knot I went in for a physical and decided to go on birth control (BC), as he was still recovering and we wanted to postpone having children until he was well. I had informed my MD about my problem. Instead of trying to figure out what was causing it, she cheerfully wrote out a prescription for BC and sent me on my way. Her only concern was that I refused to have Pap smear done, for which I fought tooth and nail, and, on which, after doing a bit of reading, she had to agree with me.

My body, already exhausted from stress and lack of rest, now took another hit—one of the worst things that happened to females all around the world—birth control drugs. I was too ignorant to know what they might do to my body, even after reading the insert, and my MD did not care to explain them or even cared to be concerned for my well being. With time I had learned just how detrimental birth control drugs and devices can be, but I perhaps one day will write another post on that topic. For now, if I had to plead with you on my knees, I beg you to stay away from them FOREVER! There are many other wonderfully sane and safe methods that are effective in planning a family (and I am not talking about abortions here, because they are neither safe nor sane).

At the urging of my doctor I got on BC to regulate my cycle. While she never bothered to figure out what caused my body to change, BC covered up only one of the symptoms that I developed at the time. BC caused drug induced menstruations, while the rest of my health was spinning out of control.

Before long, I had put on more weight, going from my slim 125 lbs frame to 168 lbs at my worst. My knees were in constant pain, and I could even hear them crackle when I bent or unfolded my joints. There were times I was in so much pain I could not get out of bed, and my husband literally had to pull me up on my feet. Running was impossible to even think about, when even walking and laying down hurt.

My skin started to change: my once completely moist and smooth face had now dry patches all over. Next was my hair: it was falling out in droves, as if trying to evacuate before an inevitable disaster. Next, in the line of attack, was my mental health. Up until that time in my life I had never known what it was like to feel depressed or sad for an extended period of time, however, as my health began to worsen, I plunged into the depth of depression and had to fight tooth and nail to appear normal to others, while struggling from day to day. Had I gone to see a doctor for depression, I know that the only thing that would have been done for me would be yet another prescription.

Next came my eyes—I had developed an extreme case of dry eye syndrome. I ended up having punctual plugs inserted into my eye in an attempt to retain much needed tears. By the way, if you are suffering with a dry eye syndrome, and you are on birth control—get off if as soon as you can—elevated progesterone levels are the culprit!

Believe it or not, but the list of my symptoms could go on for a while, but I will spare you the details.

Over the span of several years, after my husband’s recovery, I had gone through more stress, some of which had to do with moving states, my father suffering a stroke and eventually passing on and many other unattractive things of life. Being that I had never recovered from the initial stress that started all these problems, what had followed simply compounded and made things much worse.

I had visited several doctors and specialist trying to find out what was going on with my body. Some of them were well known in their field and respected in the medical community, yet Not ONE could tell me what caused my problems. At best, they each tried to diagnose me with, what seemed, unrelated health issues and offer severely invasive procedures to improve… THE SYMPTOMS.

The extent of my diagnosis was that I was “border-line hypothyroid”. When I insisted on knowing the dangers of being “border-line” no one could explain those to me, and I was insistently told that I am OK and had nothing to worry about. With time I found out that what is considered “border-line hypothyroid” by one doctor can be considered hypothyroid by another. Eventually, less than 2 years ago, after making a list of all my symptoms and doing a research, I diagnosed myself (this is sadly spoken). My diagnosis was confirmed by yet another MD—I was in fact suffering from Hypothyroidism. I was also told that I could never be cured of it and will most likely need the aid of medicine for… the rest of my life!

By that time I had already gone off BC (thank God for wisdom), yet after losing nearly 30 lbs my body refused to cooperate with me any further. As I stood to believe the cause was hypothyroidism and the only way out was to medicate myself.

The pressure was immense! I wanted to get better and I wanted to get better FAST! My well-being could be envied by no one. My knee joints, which have been assisted by certain exercises, were still aching, my eyes could not get through a day without eye drops (don’t forget the punctual plugs either); hair was going through seasons of thinning itself out.

Those of you who have been following this blog have heard the story of how I saved my husband’s life by changing our diet (you can read it under About section of the blog). Through that experience, if there was one thing that I had learned, and I learned many, was that I am my best advocate and caregiver and that I should never take a word of MD without thorough examination and questioning. I actually now formed an opinion that I need MDs for diagnostic purposes only, unless there is a NEED for a surgery or something of sorts.

I politely had taken the prescriptions I was given by MD and told him, much to his surprise, that I won’t be using them and will find natural ways to heal myself.

By then I had already been a vegan for over a year. Receiving the final diagnosis helped me to do more research and finally connect the dots. I was able to dig to the bottom of what caused the problem, rather than masking multiple symptoms.

I got off the BC. Being on BC had slowed my recovery. The moment I was off it the world started to seem like a better place to live in. My health issues started to slowly dissipate. The recovery picked up. I kept changing my diet and improving the quality of nutrient intake.

Full recovery did not come overnight, in fact I am still dealing with some minor issues, but the problems that I brought onto myself did not happen overnight either. I had learned that the most important tool in my recovery was patience, to be superseded only by nutrition and rest. I was tempted numerous times to fill the prescriptions that were sitting in my file drawer to get some relief, but then I chose to rather struggle for a little time longer than get a momentary relief and undermine my full recovery. Being patient had also afforded me the opportunity to further educate myself on the subject, to ensure that I would never go through it again.

My best progress happened when I changed my diet and excluded any and all processed foods from my diet. I do not eat processed sugars, and take NO medication.

reversing hypothyroidism with diet

As my body was receiving more unadulterated nutrient, vitamins, minerals and enzymes, it was using them as building blocks to replace the old, ailing cells in my body and to replenish its depleted storages that are needed for our bodies to function properly.

Patience is golden! It helps us bear long-lasting fruit.

I am now back to my perfect weight of 119 lbs. (and, please do believe me that I don’t care much for numbers—it is overall wellbeing that concerns me the most, perfect weight comes with good health). The weight came off slowly, with NO dieting—healthy lifestyle and exercise were the key. My knees no longer ache and I can even jog, if I want to. I no longer use eye drops, my hair is looking great, and my skin is regaining its luster. I am starting to forget what depression feels like [the memories are still too fresh in my mind], and thank God for that every moment I am alive.

I was recently tested and the results have confirmed what I have known for a while—I no longer suffer from Hypothyroidism! There are still a couple of issues that I am diligently working on (one day I will write about them too) that prevent me from saying that I am in PERFECT health. But my life and health are getting better every day.

The truth is out—Hypothyroidism is CURABLE!

Once you determine what causes the problem, you can address those issues and reverse the symptoms. For me it was stress that ate away at my life. I had since learned how to eliminate and avoid unnecessary stresses and how to properly deal with the ones we must face to live. It was “safe” and “approved” medication that has no place in a life of any woman (yes, I am convinced enough to speak for every woman). It also was a need for a change in my diet: going to an all-plant, unprocessed, organic mostly raw diet helped my body to restore itself.

This is just a brief report that should provoke my readers to start thinking independently and take control of their own health. I can go into details and medical terminology to explain correlation and processes of certain chemicals and hormones our bodies use to make us tick properly—I have become quite well versed in that area. However, most readers simply want to know the tools to use to improve their health, rather than making sense of what makes those tools work.

If you have a comment or a response to this post, I will be more than delighted to hear from you.

Until next time: Eat Healthy! Live Happy! Trust me—I know what I am talking about 😉



Check out the latest update of my victories over hypothyroidism: Small Victories {Curing Hypothyroidism Naturally}. And catch even more of my story in the free ebook I offer by completing the form below.

I have also recently added another post to help Hypothyroidism sufferers.  It is full of solid advise to help you along your healing journey. You don’t want to miss reading it!

PS: The original post was first published on my old blog. There were many comments that were lost during migration from that blog to this one.  I had, however, taken the time to transfer each comment and response, as I find they are going to be very important to every reader of this post.  So, don’t be surprised when you see a comment and a response posted by me :).  I made a reference to each comment transferred.


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  • Dee

    Hello Elena, I’m currently a 2nd year ahe 19 student, I got diagnosed with HypoThyroidism last year, I used to be really skinny and slowly noticing weight changing and now I’m not fat but I have fat accumulated in several areas and I miss my skinness from before. The dctor told me to go on medication so Ofcourse I had to go on the medication because of parents. Currently I’m taking the 75mcg synthyroid, The doctor said my thyroid is back to normal but I still have to take the pills everyday to maintain it. My doctor is never clear about anything, when I asked her when could I get off medication she said we dont know…. So I want to ask you can I get off medication and do this diet plan? and get rid of hypothyroidism? I really want to be skinny again :c

    • Hi, Dee! Sorry to hear about your health. I don’t know why your doctor would tell you to go on meds, although that is what they are trained to do, since most of the time thyroid can bounce around and normalize itself. You are 19, now you have your own say in your health. It sounds like medication has not done you well, so it should be time you reevaluate it. Remember that the longer you are on meds, the more damage they can do to your thyroid. There are some, but very few, instances, when people need thyroid meds. Most of us should simply change our diet to feel better.

      Since you are not a client of mine, I cannot make any recommendations besides what you read in the post. If you would like to do that and to work together, schedule a consultation and we can begin making a plan for you. You can always involve your parents in the process, so they can ask questions too. You can schedule on this page:

  • Michelle Battoe-Decker

    Elena, Wow, I am thrilled and thankful that you took the time and effort to write about your health issues and experiences. It is completely common sense that by increasing the quality of your diet you can reverse many chronic health issues. I especially appreciate the part that you share so openly about depression and recovery from life’s hard times. We are all recovering from something 🙂 God bless you! ~Michelle Syracuse, NY

    • Thank you, Michelle!

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  • Sarah Simms

    I decided to embark on my all-natural lifestyle about two months ago. I was on 100mcg of Levothyroxine and decided that I want to heal my thyroid naturally. I have been on this medication for over 7 years now and recently made the conclusion that when I began my treatment I began experiencing horrible acne that I have been fighting with one medication or another since I was diagnosed. However, I otherwise felt great! Or so I thought… For the last two months I have been exercising daily, eating all organic (not vegan), cutting my Levo in half, and supplementing with natural supplements to help thyroid production. At first I felt amazing! My skin was clearing up and I had tons of energy. Many people said I seemed more alert and less “medicated”. However, this last week I have tried not taking any or very little Levo and I feel so awful! All of my symptoms are returning and I’m not sure what to do. I no longer feel like a functioning human being and the struggle to stay off medication is becoming increasingly more difficult I am curious as to how long you had to suffer before beginning to feel better? Also, I am planning to get my IUD removed this week in hopes that it will help. Any advice you have will be much appreciated! Thanks in advnace!

  • Vikash Djorai

    I am also hypothyroid, but I want to ask everybody here if they also have amalgam tooth fillings in their mouth?

  • After decades of gaining weight in spite of dieting and exercise, I fear that it’s all been due to my underactive thyroid. I went vegan over 3 years ago, and while I did lose close to 40 lbs, I still have another 130 lbs to go. Being obese is no fun. My latest TSH test was at 7.2, but my doctor won’t treat it until it’s over 10. At first I felt angry, but then I found your blog and now I’m happy I’m not on any medication. I have started B12, and also vitamin D and iron. Blood work showed I was deficient. I have just bought a dehydrator (Excalibur) and I am setting it up to begin my journey into being at least an 80% raw vegan. Thank you for all of your information. Your story is amazing and I applaud your courage. You and your family are shining examples of excellent health.

    • Hi, Judith! Sorry to hear about your struggles, but you are right, your doctor is to be thanked for not putting you on meds. B12 is GREAT to add it, I do not recommend supplementing with anything else. Iron will fix itself with the right food and with B12, and for vit D–get out in the sun (there is an article on my site about vit D–make sure to read it).

      I am wishing you the best.

  • Char Tremblay

    Wow, it seems like I’ve just stepped into a whole new world, but one I love! I am 64 years old and about 3 years ago, I was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism. All I was given was ‘the pill’ to take and in all honesty, I have not felt any different! I am a bit frustrated. I guess that where I’m also battling with fibromyalgia as well, it kind of depressed me…more symptoms that are similiar and the same. I am, however, going to try this method you’ve shared with us, praying that it will work. I am SO tired all the time and I spend a fair amount of time sleeping or resting. When I do something strenuous, I pay for it for the next 2-3 days. All I can say right now is that I’m so sick and tired of being sick and tired and SO ready for a change in my body!!!

    • Hi, Char! It is a good thing that it is never too late to start exploring other worlds, as long as we are alive!

      I know all too well what pills are good for–nothing! And often they should not be prescribed for most people, as thyroid markers naturally fluctuate from one month to the other.

      The good news is that you can resolve fibromyalga and hypothyroidism by transitioning to a plant based diet. Having worked with hundreds of clients through similar issues I know that this method word. If you need help, you can always do a consult with me, or do one of my programs to help you along.

  • Chanel

    I am so happy for you xxx Thanks for sharing! Love Chanel

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  • amy

    Hi, I’ve been reading your story. I haven’t been diagnosed with hypothyroidism yet, but suffer from all the symptoms. I just had an sono done on my thyroid because it is swollen on one side. I should get my results in this week. However, I don’t want to get on any medication. I want to change my lifestyle to vegan. What else should I do to reverse my symptoms? What kind of B12 and how much? Is it once a day/month?

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  • Peg

    I have been taking thyroid medication for over 25 years. Changing to a vegan diet should help, but how will I know when or if I can quit taking the medication?

    • Peg, you are correct, you might not be able to quit all meds after 25 years, but you will be able to reduce the dosage, as you get better. You will need to work with your physician. If you do everything as I teach, I highly recommend reviewing your labs with your doc and trying to cut down every couple of months.

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  • Eloise

    Hi Elena,
    I ended up here because I was looking for going-vegan-help and I saw your comment on a marie claire article. I wanted to ask you something regarding diet and I hope you are able to get back to me. I recently became a vegan about 2 1/2 months ago, The first week was great and after that it has been hell. I have been feeling extremely bloated every time I eat legumes, and even fruit. Im talking about looking like Im 4 month pregnant at all times, Ive actually gained about 7 lbs since becoming vegan and my purpose was to loose weigh since Im about 40lbs overweight. I eat tons of vegetables you name it i eat it which is why i decided to go vegan i figured might as well give it a try. Aside from bloating I am becoming very depressive I have no energy to do things and its a struggle to go to school, workout etc. I ve been pushing my self to workout this week even though Im so bloated and its horrible sometimes I get nauseous and start burping like crazy in class (embarrassing). Last week I was searching my symptoms and it said it related to Vitamin B deficiency. Sure enough the horrible muscle soreness on my chest went away. I started taking my vitamins religiously every morning Iron Zinc B complex etc from that day on, but aside from less muscle soreness I’m still very irritable and have no energy. Its affecting every part of my life. My husband went vegan with me and he also has experienced unusual fatigue (especially pain in his knees which is a symptom hes always had when hes tired. just now its constant not sporadic like it use to be) but because he has what he proudly refers to as to “an iron stomach” he can eat whatever and not have extreme symptoms like the ones I’m having. I’m putting him through hell everyday with my mood swings, I really don’t want to fix this. Please help me I really want to stay vegan but I cant figure it out.

    • Hi, Eloise! And welcome.

      I am going to jump right into it:

      1. I have to know exactly what you are eating to make a proper comment. Without that knowledge, for all I know you might be eating chips and vegan desserts and that is why you are feeling terrible (I am NOT saying that you are, by the way).

      2. Bloating can happen when someone changes from a low fiber to high fiber diet, but that does go away. When it comes to legumes, you also have to make sure not to combine them with sugar or high sugary foods, or you will feel bloated and gassy.

      3. If you are gaining weight long term, it sounds like something is off and you might not be doing something right, so tracking your food intake and having it evaluated would be a great thing to do for yourself. 7 lbs is quiet a bit to gain in 2 months. If you are eating too many nuts, sugars or any oils, that would be something that could contribute to the weight gain.

      4. If there are any other symptoms besides bloating and weight gain, there could be a possibility of candida die off, but again, I cannot comment on it without knowing all of the details of your diet and lifestyle and your health. This however (candida), is not very common. I did mention it, however, since you mentioned lack of energy.

      5. If you are eating a variety of foods I would caution you against using isolated vitamin supplements. The only supplement you should ever take is B12. NOTHING else. The latest studies have shown that supplements are useless at best and can be harmful.

      6. Some of the symptoms you describe could be ascribe dot detox, but they should not hang around for over 2 months.

      7. Fatigue and knee soreness sounds like a sign of detox–it happens when body pushes toxins out and begins to heal. However, it could be something else.

      All in all, I would highly recommend doing my 30-day program, at a consultation with me, so I could review your food intake and make recommendations. If you do a consultation, I would also take a look at your medical history to see if these things that you describe make sense. You can find both of these services under the SERVICE tab at the top of the web-site.

      I can guarantee you that a plant based diet should lead to optimal health when done right. And it is quiet easy to do. There are some mistakes, however, that new vegans make that might lead to misery.

      Wishing you the best of health!

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  • Sarah K.

    Hi Elena,
    Just stumbled upon your site and so glad I did. I’ve been vegan since January and am currently 5 weeks pregnant. My TSH was previously “normal” and is now 5.9 which my doctor calls “mild hypothyroidism”. He prescribed me the lowest dose of synthroid which I started taking three days ago. I read online that pregnancy can worsen thyroid function due to antibody production or hormone changes. Is this correct? I really want to have a med-free pregnancy but don’t want to risk having a miscarriage. I already eat plant-strong, so I’m not sure what else I can do besides up my green smoothie intake? I’ll be honest I haven’t had much of an appetite lately. I do take B12, but I guess I am taking the wrong kind.

    • Hi, Sarah! Glad you are here. Congratulations on your pregnancy, and kuddos for taking your B12.

      It might be that your TSH would go through changes throughout your pregnancy. But when you say “normal” what was it? And was it right when you got pregnant/before pregnancy? While some count 5.9 “slightly” elevated, I would consider it high for myself, but different people operate differently, and some might still be “ok” with that number. My doctor was concerned when mine was just over 3.0. Here is a link to my story and what I decided to do about it. I hope this helps:

      Do get methylcobalamin. If you have any of the B12 deficiency symptoms (, do insist on injections.

      As for your food intake–avoid junk and dairy. If you eat meat, cut it way down and stick to only organic. Avoid all fish.

  • Alyssa

    I have had hypothyroidism for 15 years, that I know of. I just started to eat raw vegan and I’m hoping it will fix me like you. how long did it take? and do you eat grains?

    • Alyssa, I am not a pro-100%-raw diet–I eat cooked grains, veggies and legumes–you need that to meet your caloric needs.

      For me it took only a few months to start seeing the difference and each year my TSH looked better. Some, who do my program, notice immediate changes, while others, depending on their condition, have to be a little bit more patient. However, everyone benefits to some degree.

      • Alyssa

        Thank you. I have 5 different conditions…probably all caused by the Hashimoto’s. Macrocytic anemia, hypoglycemia, IBS, Hashimoto’s, and Leaky Gut. So I think it will take time…

        • Alyssa, you have a lot you are dealing with. Glad you know you need time. With Hashimoto’s make sure to be watchful of iodized foods–you would want to avoid them; with anemia, you will most likely benefit from B12 injections; IBS, you might need to consume mostly cooked and more blend foods for a while until you are better, with LG, and the rest of it, you might need a probiotic treatment.

  • Amila Roberts

    I was diagnosed with hypothyroid earlier this year. I haven’t been taking the synthroid prescribed, even though I have refill upon refill. I refuse to think this is the only option I have. I’ve gained a lot of weight and despite exercise and dieting it hasn’t affected my weight. Besides that my periods have been crazy, sometimes lasting 2 weeks out of the month. I thought I was hemorrhaging once. I do feel depressed, weepy and cranky at times. I am tired often and my feet and legs hurt. I have problems concentrating as well. Fortunately I still have my hair. I so desperately need to make this lifestyle change but I hardly know where to begin. I’m reading up on hypothyroidism and I have got to say, it’s discouraging when I hear the process is slow and that a lot of people are on medication. I want to beat this so badly and I want my body back!

    • Amila, sorry to hear about your trouble. You are right, for 95%+ of us, there is a much better option–changing the way we treat our bodies, which means changing our diet and lifestyle, and cutting out birth control, if we are using it.

      I had the same issues with weight loss as you did. When I changed my food intake to plant based (I now offer that as a program, added B12 and gave my body time, my body healed and the weight melted off!

      Depression went away, as well as feeling tired, poor concentration, etc.

      So, read my story (get the free ebook I offer) and get on my program! I and the community can give you as much encouragement as you need, since I have a lot of women who were able to improve their health just like I did.

  • Cindy

    Thank you for taking the time to create this blog for those of us in the ‘hypo-t’ club. My Dr. just diagnosed me as hypo-t and found nodules in my neck, not necessarily on the thyroid. I have chosen to change my diet in hopes of shrinking the nodules, while my Dr. waits for them to grow large enough to biopsy. Seriously?? I’ve got this under control. So… just a kudos to you for putting it all out there for the rest of us. You rock!!

    • Cindy, prove your doctor wrong and reverse even the nodules. Make sure to monitor it regularly, as you are helping your body heal. My first few years after the diagnosis I made sure to take regulars tests while eating a healthy, plant based diet.

      Please keep me posted.

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  • Maria

    I have hypothyroidism and do take medicine right now. My lashes are thin and falling out. Is there anything I can start doing now? FYI: I do plan on getting off the meds

    the right way this time.

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  • samantha

    I was told i was borderline hypo about 3 months ago and have been feeling better each day with eating raw vegetables and other nutrient rich foods, i would just like to know if i will ever be able to enjoy a night out with my husband and not have to worry about throwing my thyroid all out of balance??????

    • Samantha, it depends what you would like to enjoy. If it is just plant cooked foods–you can have them now and should be fine. The foods that you should be concerned about are animal foods–meat, dairy, etc. We enjoy going out and I never have problems with my thyroid; I simply make sure not to order anything I know would throw off the balance.

  • Jay

    I came across your blog just now (hah, by typing in the title) and I want to reverse hypothyroidism. Now, I haven’t been diagnosed but a couple of changes (and a case of insomnia and paranoia) led me to believe I have Hypothyroidism, it was only a couple of days ago I have had a slight ache on the right side of my neck, and then small aches in other parts of my body which I ignored. Then came the chills, even when I was under the covers or had the heater on in my home, which in a manner freaked me out, but it wasn’t until last night I really took a close look in the mirror, the base of my neck appeared to have been puffy, swollen. That was when I started freaking out, and all that ran through my head was “Thyroid Mary” and pictures of bulging Goiters I have seen on the internet in the past. I know I have to consult an MD so I can find out if I have Hypothyroidism or not but I don’t want to hop on medication. I don’t believe medication is a cure, to me it’s like a bandage. Of course, I know reversing this isn’t a 5 minute solution so I’m actually on my 2nd day of trying to reverse it. I’m also going to buy crushed Kelp supplements, and Himalayan salt. I’ve read online that people with Hypothyroidism should stay away from strawberries, cauliflower, broccoli, and cabbage. Oh and soy. The current remedy I’m trying out is Virgin Coconut Oil. To the say the least, I have noticed I’m no longer sensitive to cold as I was yesterday.

    • Jay, I highly encourage you to see a doctor first. Secondly, goiters are not a sign of hypothyroidism, but rather iodine deficiency. The foods that some list to avoid, such as you listed, is only a myth–I eat them all and enjoy my health. Some of them could only affect those who have iodine deficiency. If you do not, then you should be fine eating them. As for oil–it is NOT healing, and not health food. Run from it! It will clog your arteries before you know it. Please do read this article.:

      And also, do read other articles linked in this post to make sure you get all tools needed to help you heal your thyroid.

  • Totally digging your blog! One question though can you still eat meat in moderation if you like that is with the hyperthyroidism?

    • Kurt, the studies that have been done regarding meat intake were done in regards to other diseases showed that as long as you keep your meat intake under 10% of your diet (about the size of a deck of your cards) you could still get away from some of the major adverse affects from it. However, since hypothyroid is a hormonal disease, I believe that it is better to avoid any hormone carrying foods altogether, since they will act as disruptors in out bodies. Even if you ate organic meat, the cows, chicken and even fish, still have naturally occurring biological hormones in their bodies, which will affect your levels. I find that it is better to cut them out altogether. However, if cutting it down next to nothing is the best you can do now, that is still better than doing nothing at all, and I believe that you would still get a lot of benefits from it, and, maybe even reverse it altogether :)!

      Keep me posted on what you decide to do and how it goes for you, please.

  • Thank you

    I am 23 and both of my parents have hypothyroidism. I am currently experiencing myriad symptoms, and they tell me I am being paranoid / this is just how it is when you get older. I say – c’mon 23 is hardly old. In any case, your page is very much in keeping with my instincts on the matter, and I have a specific question about diet.

    As I’ve been researching I noticed that kale, spinach, nuts, cruciferous vegetables etc are widely considered to be dietary triggers. As luck would have it, much of my diet has consisted in these very things the last few months (because I am prone to systemic yeast infections, and also kale is delicious). So I am surprised / hopeful to read that your eating this sort of diet – raw, unprocessed, organic etc – has helped to stave off your hypothyroid symptoms.

    So I am curious as to whether you avoid the above food triggers, or whether they happen not to be triggers in your case.

    Sorry if this is a repeat question, and thanks for your words / perspective. Daily medication should be a last resort – especially in those who still have much life ahead of them.

    • It is a great questions and I will soon do an entire post on it. In short, no, I avoided no plant foods at all. I think that the information on there is misleading and wrong. If your iodine levels are fine (you should either supplement or eat sea vegetables to make sure the are), then no plant foods would ever interfere with iodine absorption. Very few people are deficient in iodine, the plant foods themselves do not cause goiters, and the studies which have been done with the extracts from such foods, which have been fed to lab rats at enormous amounts, which none of us would ever consume at any given time, are erroneous. Unless you have a specific food allergy (talking about plants), you should not have to worry about it. Animal foods, since they do come with their own hormones, will upset our bodies’ perfect balance–their DNA was never meant to mix with ours. Plant foods are created to adopt to our bodies, giving us all the nutrients we need. The goal is to eat a rich, varied plant diet and enjoy life :). Also remember, that just like it did not take a day to develop health problems, it might take some time to reverse them. However, I was happy I had chosen to stick with what made sense–it took me a while, but having a properly functioning thyroid now is not just a miracle, it’s a treat! 🙂

      Wishing you best health!

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  • Abbey

    Just wanted to say THANK YOU! I’m 19 years old and I’ve been experiencing all the symptoms of hypothyroidism plus some, for over a year now (possibly more). I’m very hesitant to go to the doctor. I’m completely against medicine used for an everyday consumption if the problem is something you can fix naturally. I finally googled “reverse hypothyroidism” not expecting anything to come up when low and behold, your blog was right there! It’s honestly so inspiring and enlightening to read your story. I just want to thank you a million times. I’m going to be strict with my diet. It’s definitely time. I care about health so deeply but my depression over the years has spiraled my motivation. I really have not been eating how I’d like to. I already own a raw B-Complex supplement and maca powder, though. If you have any quick advice/tips, I’m definitely open! Please tell me; how is your thyroid right now? Still under control? Also do you still sell skincare, and where to buy? Thanks again! <3

  • Debra Romero

    Elena, I had to have my thyroid taken out in 2004, the doctor never used the “C” word but that was probably the cause. Now I am on medication for the rest of my life (I hate it). I have been vegan for over two years and I really believe that if I had been so before my thyroid went wrong, i would still have it today. Becoming vegan was the best thing my husband and I ever did for ourselves. Now that I have discovered your website, I am a follower. Thank you.

  • Rochelle

    Hi Elena. Great to read this, thank you. From what I have read it is generally suggested that people with an underactive thyroid are told to avoid brassicas (especially raw) because they can further reduce the function of the of the thyroid. How does this fit with green smoothies? I am a massive fan of green smoothies but one of the women I am working with (I am a Health Coach) has an underactive thyroid, so I am anxious about advising her to drink them (which pains me as I know how good they are for you generally!). Thanks in advance.

    • Rochelle, thanks for asking. I find that to be a myth, unless a person has a goiter, and even then in small amount these vegetables are fine. From MY EXPERIENCE there are no side effects. I ate cruciferous vegetables (greens) all the way through my healing process and… HEALED. My boot campers who have thyroid issues also consume them and no one ever had a problem. I see no scientific evidence behind such ridiculous claims which scare people away from a healthy diet.

  • B681

    When you decided to get off your medication for hypothyroidism, how did you track your progress and find out that you no longer had the disease? I am on synthroid (been on it for over 5 years) and would love to find a doctor who subscribes to these beliefs that a diet can reverse a disease but don’t know how to find a doctor like this. Also, I’ve been a vegetarian for over 10 years. I am pretty close to vegan – maybe a couple times a month I have dairy only because it is cooked in something I’ve ordered at a restaurant. Every year I go to my endocrinologist, I tell him that I still get tired but he basically ignores me and says my levels look good and that being tired once in a while is normal with the disease even when on medication. I really need to find a new doctor. Any advice would be appreciated.

    • I actually made the decision to never go on meds, so I did not have to come off them. I do, however, have women going through my boot camp who made the decision to come off meds. Some did all at once, some did gradually. They best way to track it, as you already know it, is not by numbers, but by your symptoms–they tell the story.  So, if you start feeling like you are improving, most likely your thyroid is healing, and if you were to take the test, the numbers would be lower too, which means you can cut down on meds, or… eventually, hopefully, go off them. 

      Vegan is not the only consideration, it is whole foods, no junk vegan that we are looking for, and also cutting out certain things and adding B12–the totality of it all will make for a successful healing. Unfortunately there are junk vegans who also suffer from a lot of health issues. 

      As for your doc, yes, sounds like you need to trade up. Make sure to interview him/her beforehand so you do not waste your money.

  • melba

    hi elena,

    i am a 18 year old college student and i was just diagnosed with hypothyroidism two months ago.
    so what you are basically saying is that you can CURE hypothyroidism by jsut eating healthy and excercising? this seems too good to be true. but i will definitely try it your way because i do not want to be on meds for the rest of my life.

    • Melba, all good things are simple.  There are things to do, of course, when reversing hypothyroidism, because my definition of healthy might be different from yours.  if you download the free report I offer and read it, you will find out more about EATING HEALTHY my way which cured hypothyroid not only for me but for a lot of my student. There is also a vitamin which might be needed to be added to the regimen to speed up the process, but all in all it is very common sense and easy. 

      If you do not know where to start with this, again, read the report, and then enroll in my 30-day boot camp where things are made EASY to get to your goal… and you are right, then you won’t need to be on meds AT ALL 🙂

      If you want to see what my sample dietary intake looks like, visit this post (toward the bottom):

  • Post added on my old blog by Svrosa: 

    “Hi Elena, I am so glad that I found your blog.  I am 38 years old and was diagnosed with hypothyroidism about 5 years ago ( after the birth of my second child). I was taking the medication at the lowest dose.  My body went through many changes including a drastic change in the texture of my hair, long painful periods, fatigue, and Eczema.  I was unable to lose any weight and was stagnant at 150lbs.  I am 5’4″ and I just could not drop the weight.  I decided about 8months ago (against my doctors advice) to come off the medicine.  I did not want to be a slave to this medicine for the rest of my life.  I told the doctor that if my levels went up I would go back.  In the meantime, I have changed my eating habits and have been doing more exercise. I have lost 10lbs! I chopped all of my hair twice…and now my hair is beginning to grow healthier. I am planning to see an endochronologist to properly monitor my levels.  So far, I feel great…only I cant control my Eczema.

     In my early twenties I had an irregular menstrual cycle so the doctors put me on birth control.  I stayed on it for about 5 years and then stopped.  I was gaining weight and could not lose it.  Again, against the doctors advice I stopped taking the medicine.  I dealt with irregular cycles and that was that.  I did feel that the thryroid medicine helped my menstrual cycle and it was the most consistent I had ever been.  However, my menstrual cycle continues to be steady.  I am curious about what you think the long term effects of BC are? 

    Well, after reading your blog…you have given me new inspiration that I can reverse the symptoms through a healthier lifestyle.  I am not a vegan…but I will continue to do my research.  Thanks so much for sharing a piece of your life with us!

    Sincerely, Sharon:)”

    • Sharon, so glad you are here.  This is the place where you are safe to believe the impossible.  Visit ABOUT ME page (is UPDATED and get the free report)

      And you are right for taking charge of your health.  Had I not done it, I would still be overweight, depressed, falling apart at the seams, infertile, hypothyroid and with pituitary tumor diagnosis.  But I also dared to contradict my doctors.  Now I am 100% myself and pregnant.  

      I also did have skin problems myself.  The best and biggest thing you can do for yourself right now is get off dairy and wheat ASAP and see your eczema fade away. 

      As for birth control–you are in the right set of mind to ask the question.  The long term effects can last a lifetime, unless you take specific steps to reverse the damage.  I just recently wrote about it and what to do to get out from having leftover side effects.  Visit this post, and all the posts it links to, and find out what and WHY you can do to help yourself:

      As for not being vegan… well, at least now you have reasons to consider the possibility to help your body heal.  I actually make it easy–I offer online 30-day boot camps to help people transition, and we address issues such as you mentioned.  A lot of women that come through my boot camps have hormonal problems, and a ton with hypo-.  A lot, if they follow the steps I teach them, see drastic improvements quickly.  One just dropped 1.2 pts (TSH) in just 6 weeks; one last year dropped TSH by 3+ (nearly 4) pts in 8 weeks.  So, what we do works.  

      Let me know if you have any questions. 

  • Maya

    Elena. I am exactly 138lbs for my 5´2´´ and look in frame like you on your photo from 2003 ( with your  grey-blue LA sweatshirt)…what also means last night I read your  report without stop.!! Lot of it  exactly as to what I´ve read written by Dr. Campbell, Dr. MDougall, Dr Novick, Dr Fuhrman, their statistics and so on. Ever since I read their books I became vegetarian and healed a lot. Now  I am 80% raw, but only wight does not come off.

    • Maya, in previous comment you said 163 lbs 🙂 at any rate, depending on what is in your raw diet it still might be off. Nevertheless, the link I previously provided, that gives THE PLAN and DIET SAMPLE, if you follow those steps you should see an improvement, if you are not sure how to, enroll in my Boot Camp and I will walk you through it 🙂

  • Maya

    Prof. D .  Your silogisms to question Elena´s  (and our) perspective- regarding searching for natural health paths- are falling in  aristothelic and whichever other logic: that anesthesia is needed for operations does not mean that non-natural , alopath medicine can cure , heal  neither prevent every kind of illness or symthomatics which it claims to be able to heal  ( or not to heal or even, complicate). Second: What is a real fact is that  many operations can  be avoided with natural medicine and nutrition.  Elena and  many of us are talking a language of self-experience  in reaching goals alopath medicine could not. And, thrird: whichever sarcasmus used – as you did  in your comment to Elena  using an analogy whith your “swilled whiskey” example- is in Psychology known as signal of aggresive impotence. Ahh! and : Whiskey like all alcohols is not exactly “natural” produce.

  • Maya

    Thank you Elena for your comments. Regarding you question: My TSH is 2,21, Ft4 1,34 and FT3 2,98  Progesteron 129,20, Testosteron 28,90 , Estriol 8,90, Estradiol 4,30 My weight by 1,58 mts, is 63 Kilos ( 163LBS)  Bodymass Ind. 23,6…I work the all day and most of the time staning, walking..No time for exercise as I used to do couple of years ago. Could that be the reason? or this Postmenopause changes which might bring a kind of  Hypothyroidism? About food. Mornings, fruit or smoothies. Lunch : A noodle veg. soup. Snack: Fruit. Dinner: Big salad and sometimes some extra fruit. That´s all. Thanks. Maya

    • Your TSH is slightly high (from my experience), so there is certainly room to improve it.  My goal to have mine as close to .8-1.0 as possible.  progesterone, though, seems a bit high. 

      BTW, hard to say if you weight too much or not, not knowing your height 😉 

      And, yes, sometimes lack of purposeful exercise can be the culprit, although I see you can improve some of your labs too.  If you are not on B12 yet, that would be the first place to start, and then try following suggestions (under PLAN and DIET SAMPLE) here

  • Acamay29

    Elena, I find your page fabulous. I am 50. Since 34 with hormonal problems ( ostrogen dominance and fibrois) and listening the same stories from doctors… what let me also to investigate and defend my womb all thee years…which I did; some years with Natural Progesteron and some other natural things.Two years ago I went into Meno. I started being vegan since about three years and 80% raw since one year. Nonetheless I do not release not one Pound or Kilo. I do not eat Soja, neither milk products,not wheat or cereals. Almost only vegetables and fruit, some nuts. Once a natural-doctor told me I have a slugish metablism (Low, slow, he said)…There is fat around my belly and arms even if I am not really fat…but I am not lean…What do you thik it is….the Hypothyroidism?? because of course, all messures they have done about it show to be “normal”…

    • Acamay, I am not sure the totality of your diet and lifestyle-that might have something to do with it. Exercise is important too. However let’s assume that you really had a balanced diet (green smoothies, salads, grains, only some nuts, no processed foods, oils or sugars, etc.) and you are active, but unless you took steps to actively recover your thyroid function you might still be missing a piece of puzzle, like I was, when

    • Oh, and by the way, for “normal” what is your TSH number?

  • Jennifer

    can you tell me what sea weeds to use and where to get them?

  • Anonymous

    P.S. My OB/GYN tested my thyroid last year, TSH, T3 and T4, and they were all in normal range, but I have an appt to be re-tested in a couple of weeks.  Also, is the basal thermometer thyroid test an accurate way to measure your thyroid function to see if it is low?  I do have high cholesterol of about 220.  I know that all these problems are all related to each other, but my body feels so out of whack, I don’t know how to get it back to where it was, and age isn’t helping matters.  I feel so depressed over this. It gradually came about starting when I was 34, so it is 6 years in the making, and I have seen every doctor you can imagine, and they have run every blood test you can imagine even tested my hormones and those tests came back normal too, yet I am growing facial hair around my chin but losing it every place else. What a vicious cycle!  

    • What is “normal”? I would love to know the actual numbers. They told me I was “normal” while I was hypo for a few years, so never just take a word for it.  And yes, your cholesterol is HIGH, but you can address it VERY quickly. You just have to know what you are doing.  

      You CAN get better! I will respond to your first comment, but you really need to enroll in my 30-Day boot camp, so we can readjust what is broken. At this point there is Early Bird registration open:   I also do offer one-on-one for more personal issues.

  • Anonymous

    Hi Elena,I am 40 yrs old, and I am in hell.  Your last few paragraphs of your story sound like a recording of myself.  

    I, too, have been a vegan for about 18 months, and in that amount of time I started having gallbladder problems, and of cause, doctors told me there wasn’t anyway to pass the stones and surgery was the only way to heal my pain.  

    I disagreed and started following Andreas Moritz liver cleansing, and after 3 cleanses, I have passed about 400+ stones, and my acid reflux is completely gone and my gallbladder is no longer an issue.  

    However, as a result of the gall bladder issues, I developed severely dry eyes, too, with scratched corneas which eventually developed into EKC (Epidemic Kerato Conjunctivitis). I am in eye hell.  It is a very slow healing virus. 

    My real concern is my hair is thinning so badly, especially in the front of my head.  My hairline is slowly receding, along with my eyebrows, eyelashes and I have also lost a lot of body hair too.  

    I do fit some of the symptoms of hypothyroidism, especially since I started liver cleansing.  It is if I have unlocked Pandora’s box b/c my hair falls out in clumps. 

    My periods are totally normal, and I have been suffering from acne for the past 6 years, but the liver cleansing has put a stop to that, and my skin actually looks better than it has in a long time. 

    My hair has also become dry and brittle along with my finger nails which are covered in white spots which I read is a sign of a hormonal imbalance which I know I have in addition to whatever else b/c I have been suffering from acne, massive weight gain of like 100lbs, and my hair had started to gradually start thinning 6 years ago with the onset of everything else, but has gotten really bad recently as if there is something else going on here with my body.  

    When I first became a vegan, I ate much healthier, and the white spots on my finger nails disappeared over night, but it also caused my periods to become very erratic for the first time ever. I was getting my periods 2 and 3 times per month for like two days each, and that really concerned me b/c I always had a normal cycle.  

    My Ob/gyn said I wasn’t taking in enough fat to keep my period regulated, so I started carb loading on pasta, rice, potatoes and bread, and my period became normal again, but I feel sluggish and like crap from all the carbs.  I know I am on the right path to good health, but I also know, I have to become more of a raw vegan, but I am so discouraged by my hair loss.  I feel absolutely terrible about myself.  

    I am on the computer for hours per day trying to find ways to re-grow my hair.  

    If you have any advice for me or recommendations, I am open to anything b/c I, like you, have lost all my faith in medical science and doctors and will not go to one unless I am dying.  I am sick and tired of not getting any answers and being prescribed poisonous medicines that I will not take anyway.  

    • Hi! Sorry to hear about all this trouble.  Wow… yes, a lot of issues, but, in my opinion, none are not fixable. 

      First off, I would need MORE info to be clear on what is going on with you, so feel free to e-mail me:; I would also advise at least 2 one-on-ones enrolling in the Boot Camp next month

      The good news is that there is hope–even with the hair loss.  Download the free report I offer, and check out the B12 appendix section (a part of it will be same as in this post:, which will give you hope about getting your hair back. 

      Hair loss is affected by a few issues: hypothyroid, thus hormone imbalance (read this article for some suggestions on how you can take practical steps to get it under control. You will need to get some good sea veggies in, to help with proper iodine intake and dump regular salt. You also might be iron deficient/low; and, most likely B12 deficient.  Once these things are addressed, the hair should stop falling out. 

      I also do not know what your current diet is like, but it does not sound optimal since you are suffering so much, so you need a major diet review and restructuring.  Right now, for example, I am running a boot camp and the first week, most of the group (if not everyone) went through a major detox and only now are they starting to feel better/great–so, you will need some of that too. 

      It is a great thing that you got the stones out, but it sucks, big time, to have dry eyes–a huge signal of hormone imbalance, and, if you are on birth control, that might be a HUGE contributing factor. 

      A properly structured vegan diet won’t leave you feeling the way you do, so there is something amiss there.  An optimal diet will help you shed weight, your skin should be clear, your nails without spots and strong, and your hair should be strong and healthy as well. 

      So, to recap, here are a few things you can do for yourself: 
      ·         ~Include maca root powder and sea weeds into at least one green
      smoothie a day will help with hormone balancing. 

      ·         ~And the more greens/raw the better, but you do not have to be 100% raw.  You will need at least 2-3 servings of green smoothies a day 😉

      ·         ~You will be adding flax, hemp and or/chia seeds to your
      smoothies at least once a day. You need only about 2 tbsp of flax a day. You will get your healthy oils this way, and you can have some avocados, but stay away from all oils. 

      ~“Get some brazil nuts–have about 2-3/day this month–they are
      rich in selenium, which supports thyroid health. Brazil nuts are the most
      highly concentrated source of selenium. In fact, scientists have shown that a
      daily Brazil nut is a better source of the mineral than taking a

         ~ Add some sunflower/pumpkin seeds to your weekly food
      intake–pumpkin seeds are rich in manganese which also supports thyroid health;
      also red beets

      ·            ~Try avoiding wheat products for now, that might help; and of
      course all animal products

      ·            ~Most of your diet (about 70%) should be raw, with only 1-1.5
      meals cooked

      ·            ~Check into doing the B12 treatment protocol–read through the
      B12 appendix in the free report 

      ·            ~No microwaving or using non-stick surfaces

      ·            ~Avoid chlorine and flouride

      ·            ~Avoid plastic containers and bottles (I use glass)This should keep you going 😉 But you really should be doing either both or one of these: one-on-one coaching with me or a 30-day Boot camp. I wish you all the best! Health is yours for the taking, and don’t you let anyone else tell you otherwise! If I did not have crazy faith in achieving it, I would still be hypo, with a pituitary gland tumor diagnosis and barren; but I dared to believe, and now, medication free–thyroid is  functioning normal, as well as my pituitary gland and I am pregnant.  So, DARE TO BELIEVE and, most importantly, DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT! Elena 

    • Hi! Sorry to hear about all this trouble.  Wow… yes, a lot of issues, but, in my opinion, none are not fixable. 

      First off, I would need MORE info to be clear on what is going on with you, so feel free to e-mail me:; I would also advise at least 2 one-on-ones enrolling in the Boot Camp next month

      The good news is that there is hope–even with the hair loss.  Download the free report I offer, and check out the B12 appendix section (a part of it will be same as in this post:, which will give you hope about getting your hair back. 

      Hair loss is affected by a few issues: hypothyroid, thus hormone imbalance (read this article for some suggestions on how you can take practical steps to get it under control. You will need to get some good sea veggies in, to help with proper iodine intake and dump regular salt. You also might be iron deficient/low; and, most likely B12 deficient.  Once these things are addressed, the hair should stop falling out. 

      I also do not know what your current diet is like, but it does not sound optimal since you are suffering so much, so you need a major diet review and restructuring.  Right now, for example, I am running a boot camp and the first week, most of the group (if not everyone) went through a major detox and only now are they starting to feel better/great–so, you will need some of that too. 

      It is a great thing that you got the stones out, but it sucks, big time, to have dry eyes–a huge signal of hormone imbalance, and, if you are on birth control, that might be a HUGE contributing factor. 

      A properly structured vegan diet won’t leave you feeling the way you do, so there is something amiss there.  An optimal diet will help you shed weight, your skin should be clear, your nails without spots and strong, and your hair should be strong and healthy as well. 

      So, to recap, here are a few things you can do for yourself: 
      ·         ~Include maca root powder and sea weeds into at least one green
      smoothie a day will help with hormone balancing. 

      ·         ~And the more greens/raw the better, but you do not have to be 100% raw.  You will need at least 2-3 servings of green smoothies a day 😉

      ·         ~You will be adding flax, hemp and or/chia seeds to your
      smoothies at least once a day. You need only about 2 tbsp of flax a day. You will get your healthy oils this way, and you can have some avocados, but stay away from all oils. 

      ~“Get some brazil nuts–have about 2-3/day this month–they are
      rich in selenium, which supports thyroid health. Brazil nuts are the most
      highly concentrated source of selenium. In fact, scientists have shown that a
      daily Brazil nut is a better source of the mineral than taking a

         ~ Add some sunflower/pumpkin seeds to your weekly food
      intake–pumpkin seeds are rich in manganese which also supports thyroid health;
      also red beets

      ·            ~Try avoiding wheat products for now, that might help; and of
      course all animal products

      ·            ~Most of your diet (about 70%) should be raw, with only 1-1.5
      meals cooked

      ·            ~Check into doing the B12 treatment protocol–read through the
      B12 appendix in the free report 

      ·            ~No microwaving or using non-stick surfaces

      ·            ~Avoid chlorine and flouride

      ·            ~Avoid plastic containers and bottles (I use glass)This should keep you going 😉 But you really should be doing either both or one of these: one-on-one coaching with me or a 30-day Boot camp. I wish you all the best! Health is yours for the taking, and don’t you let anyone else tell you otherwise! If I did not have crazy faith in achieving it, I would still be hypo, with a pituitary gland tumor diagnosis and barren; but I dared to believe, and now, medication free–thyroid is  functioning normal, as well as my pituitary gland and I am pregnant.  So, DARE TO BELIEVE and, most importantly, DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT! Elena 

  • GB

    First- Thanks for your blog and devotion to this cause.
    I read through most of the comments but did not see this mentioned-
    I heard there was a link between low levels of Vitamin D and hypothyroidism.
    I searched and found this . During my search, I also came across your blog. Before reading your story, I planned on trying to reverse Hashimoto’s that I have had for a while (and now recently my 2 daughters (10 & 11) have been diagnosed with,) by taking Vitamin D supplements in the hope of reversing this condition naturally.
    (I would rather not medicate with synthroid for my children, as I see it as a never ending spiral that just gets further out of control. For examples, I can’t seem to lose weight, the doctor seems to increase my dosage of synthroid slightly every 6 months, and I haven’t had a period in 2+ years, despite stopping nursing more than a year ago. I am concerned that this shouldn’t happen to my kids.)
    I think I am understanding from your blog and story, that taking vitamin D pills is not called “naturally” reversing the condition, and that there really is a bigger picture here. While I still believe that low levels of Vitamin D may be a trigger for Hashimoto’s, (I curious what you think of that-could that be a trigger?- and also do you think I am right about the Vitamin D connection? maybe your reversal of hypo. was due to a increase in real, natural Vitamin D that you put into your diet?)  I think you would say that the key to reversing it is getting alot of different vits and nutrients into the body in a natural, more raw way. I will be hoping to read a response from you when you have a free moment. I appreciate all the hard work you put into your site.

    • GB, hi! Glad to see you here 🙂

      I never heard about Vit D and hypo connection.  When I reversed mine it was not because I increased exposure to natural Vit D, is was pretty much as the years when I was hypo.  I do naturally try to be in the sun when I can so I can store enough for the winter. 
      There is, however a connection between hypo and Vit B12.  I did a series of articles on the topic (start with the oldest and move forward).  Having already reversed hypo, this year, desperately wanting a child, I went on medication for my pituitary gland tumor, with which I was diagnosed at the same time with hypothyroidism.  All these years I fought it, but beginning of 2011 I caved in. The medication, as you can imagine, did nothing good for me, but rather made me hypo- once again. I immediately got off it, cleaning all of it out with high green, high raw, vegan food intake, AND at the same time I found a new doctor who would work with me, since I came across this revolutionary info that suggested that infertility, from which I was suffering due to the pituitary gland diagnosis, could be B12 deficiency related.  When I tested, I tested “normal” by the US standards, but I insisted on an immediate treatment anyhow.  Get this… and this will blow your mind–less than 1.5 months later, my TSH went down from 3.6 post-medication to 2.2! and kept  improving, which lead me to believe even more that when adding B12 into a whole foods, plant based diet speeds up the process of healing… BUT it got even better–after 5 years of trying to find an answer, I effortlessly conceived a baby in just 30 days into the treatment! AND the signs of a pituitary tumor disappeared! So, do look for that connection–I am a huge believer in B12.  Please do read through all of the articles in the link and see if you have any question.  

      When you add B12 treatment to a whole foods plant based diet–and yes, this is the bigger picture you are talking about–adding essential nutrients back in: B12, magnesium, selenium, manganese, iodine, etc–all through natural foods, the thyroid glad begins to heal rapidly.  I have worked with several people with the condition, and all experienced nearly immediate improvement when I place them on a protocol I followed myself.  Some see a drop in TSH in a matter of weeks, not months! There are more suggestions in this article:

      I hope this helps! 

      Oh, and if you have not yet, make sure to download the 147 page FREE report and read more about how I achieved better health.

  • Rachael

    Hi Elena, I just recently found out I have hypothryoidism. I don’t get to see an endocrinologist until a month from now so I am not sure what is causing it yet. Until then I don’t have any idea what is really happening to me. I have a friend that cured herself of cancer with her raw vegan diet. Coming across this site and her results made me want to give this a try for myself. So for over a week now I have been eating vegan (not all raw). I know it takes time to feel better but I have been feeling a little worse? I am not ready to give up by any means because I know that this is the best thing for me. I am just wondering if you know why I might be feeling this way? Also, I just started spotting today (in between periods). That is making me a little nervous since that never happens to me. Could this be something that is going wrong with my body? Or could it have something to do with a major change in diet? I know you are not a doctor but it seems you are very knowledgeable and I feel that my doctors would just blow it off if I asked.

    • Rachel, yes it is possible to feel worse at first, since you body might be detoxing.  Not really knowing what your diet was like before and what you eat now it is harder to comment, but common detox symptoms are: headaches, sluggishness, feeling tired, breaking out, etc.  Depending on your previous diet it might last a week or two, or for some people a bit longer.  Your body is hard at work pushing toxins out, but it does get better.  Also, if you gave up any stimulants, like coffee, which, if you drink, you should, that might cause withdrawals as well. 
       If you are not pregnant, don’t worry about spotting, that could be a part of the healing process. As for now, do not concentrate on whether you are all raw or not, I have never gone all raw, yet healed my body.  With cancers, I would not do it any other way but go all raw, hypothyroidism is different ;), but it is up to you, of course if you decided to go raw or not, I am just glad you have evidence and inspiration in your life that it works.  

      I strongly suggest reading this post where I make more suggestions, which helped me.  Also, this year I discovered that a lot of hypo- sufferers are low on B12.  Take the time and read through B12 series (all articles)–I promise that you won’t regret it. Start with the oldest article first
      If you are not fully sure what to do and what to eat, I am running a 30 day boot camp based on a plant based diet–I provide menus, recipes, etc., so all you have to do is follow them and eat. The foods that I introduce are whole, unprocessed and healing.  So, check it out:, and do let me know if you have any other questions.  I am not a doctor and I won’t try to diagnose, but I walked the path to healing twice and it is much easier than I ever imagined it to be when I first set out to prove that reversing hypothyroidism is possible.  A lot of those who write to me, if they follow a similar plan, later report progress in a matter of a few weeks or a 2-3 months, so–you are on the right path ;)! 

  • Prof D

    Here is a very good, and balanced introduction to the complexities associated with hypothyroidism and associated maladies (interview with NY physician, with openness to intergrative approaches):

    changing “DOT” to “.” in each case.

    See also my comment in response to Holly, below.

    Note, in general I have a very low view of the content at <>.  My referencing this article is a definite exception to my usual practices.

  • Prof D

    It would have been most helpful to see the science behind what you are suggesting; there is no doubt evidence that diet influences disease progression here, just as in diabetes mellitus and various rapidly growing cancers. If your thesis is generally true — and I have no doubt the diet-lifestyle approach worked for you, but here you’re generalizing to the rest of us — then there should be some good science to back it up. (I can take a nap, and have my headaches go away in a snap.  Most people cannot.)  Said, because yours is but a single health data point on a curve that includes the whole of the population (two genders, age diverse, racially diverse, etc.).  If many others on the curve could benefit from what you say, people who study populations with hypothyroidism vis-a-vis diet should have seen it by now, I think. Moreover, some folks’ disease progression will be severe enough that they almost certainly will not see good health again without medication (the miraculous, of course, withstanding). Side question here is whether you intend the apparent subtext of your blog, that pursuing alleviation via medication is inherently somehow an evil to be avoided — perhaps because it is not “natural”?  When our children need an appendectomy, do we have them forego anesthesia, because the current chlorofluorocarbons are not natural?  Perhaps have them swill whiskey and bite on a stick instead (both of these being natural)?  Bottom line fr0m this informed reader: perhaps the answer is more complex than you suggest, with therapeutic potential certainly tracking with better lifestyle, but also with cases at times certainly requiring medical intervention.  No one’s individual case proves the rule, and Ludditism cannot be supported, philosophically or religiously. 

    • You mean the science that tells me and others that there is no hope in reversing conditions like mine?!  Thanks, but no thanks for that kind of science.  The science that you are referring to is funded by pharmaceutical companies that, as I discovered in my journey, have no interest in curing a condition, rather try to manage it while creating life-long patients.  The science, dear Sir/Madam, is skewed and it does not look for a solution which would bring no revenue, while the research is only done with medication related treatment.  The science ignores reports such as  mine, and many of the readers of this blog, who have been able to reverse not only hypothyroidism, but infertility, cancer and heart issues with diet, therefore you are ignorant of such findings, while the part of the world I chose to belong to has enough support evidence to create believers out of sceptics.  The science gets no funding from the places where it would matter, so it is often sold. 

      If you wish to believe that most people cannot reverse a disease with lifestyle/dietary changes, I pity you, because you live with no hope.  I am glad that is not how I saw life when I received my diagnosis.  I would rather have a glimmer of hope than none at all.  You sound much like my MD who told me that there is NO hope and I could NEVER reverse either the hypothyroid condition nor pituitary gland tumor diagnosis, or conceive without medication and special treatment.  But as of today I have no other response than laughing at such skepticism, since neither of the conditions can be found in me and I am expecting a child with no fertility treatment.  The science as you know it, Sir/Madam, failed me, but the ridiculous hope, as you see it, saved my life. So, while you see that I give others false hope, I wished that someone gave me such hope when I was searching for answers. 

      If you love the life of misery, you are free to enjoy it. 

      To address the latter part of your sad statement, I see the use of medication as useful to humanity in emergency situations–if I need a root canal, I would use an anesthetic, but if I am told I have to stay on medication for the rest of my life, I would refuse it.  I LOVE Western medicine, where there is an emergency need for it, but I loathe our mindset when it comes to life long treatments. Choosing to be a victim is so much easier than taking responsibility for one’s own health, isn’t it? 

      The bottom line, dear Sir/Madam, is that the answer is not complex at all–it is as simple as the next bite of food you will take–it is right under your nose, rather than in a prescription bottle–you just have to be willing to shift your gaze and change your focus. And if no person’s case can prove to be a rule in any situation, then the entire precipice of science fails, because it always start with a hypothesis. As such, dear commenter, I would suggest that you lift up YOUR gaze and broaden the horizons of your thinking, because trusting in science that failed to deliver results for decades is a sign of blind faith and ignorance. 

  • Nashdoo

    Hello, Can you still reverse your hypothyroidism , after ten years of taking medications? I was told once you stay on the medication for a while that you can’t get off  of the meds.

    • Nashdoo, this is my opinion–I am not a doctor, and I do have to include this disclaimer. I personally have met people who were able to, with lifestyle and diet changes, to, first, reduce and then come off hypo- meds. Our bodies are created to be self-healing, as long as they are given the right tools to do it with, so, given time and the right tools [whole food plant based diet and lifestyle changes], in my opinion, I believe there is a high possibility for ANYONE to achieve similar results as I and others did.  There is always hope and the impossible is always possible.  For me, it took time, but I eventually got here 🙂  So, it might require changing and patience, but don’t you think it’s worth finding out if your body can heal too? 😉

  • Sam

    I Elena, I am reading your article since many month, and I love your blog, I gives hopes 🙂
    and I would like to thank you for answering every single message!
    I wanted to ask you, since your condition was hypo, all your tips can work also for Hype people?
    I have hypo, but my dad has hyper, and I was wondering if he diet would be the same you suggest, or do you think it should be different?
    thanks a lot!

    • Sam, thank you for reading. 

      Since I reversed hypo- with dietary changes, I am certain that same things will work for hyperthyroid sufferers, since a whole foods plant based diet does not act like medicine at all, instead, so you don’t need different foods for different conditions–it helps one replenish lost storage of vitamins, nutrients and minerals, which then allows the thyroid glad to heal and operate properly.  I am sure that if he takes the same steps as I did, he should see huge changes in his health.  Make sure to also read as well as the B12 series, since it might be helpful as well:…And the rest in the series–you will find the entire list to all post on B12 at the bottom of this post.  Trust me, it will be worth your while 🙂…

  • KLO

    I’ve had hypothyroidism for 13 years and it’s always been regulated with medication.  This year, I’ve consumed a vegan diet for 6 months, and have been strictly plant based (vegetarian) for the last 5 months, with a plan to return to a vegan diet by the end of the year.  I’ve been an omnivore my entire life until 2011.  Lately I’ve been feeling ill:  hand trembling, palpitations, brittle hair, and nausea.  My doctor tested my TSH this week and I found that I have been overmedicating (I’m now HYPERthyroid), and my dosage of thyroid medicine is dropping.  I have hopes that I can someday go completely off of medication and my thyroid will return to normal.  I think that this change in my levels after 13 years has everything to do with my plant-based diet.  I am glad that I came across your post and the experiences that you have shared. 
    Right now, as I’m trying to adjust my medicine to a lower dose, the biggest symptom that I am having going from HYPOthyroidism to HYPERthyroidism is bad nausea, which seems to be brought on with certain foods.  Beans and seaweed salad recently have triggered this, do you have any experience with certain foods to avoid while hyper?

    • KLO, I have never been hyperthyroid, but if you were overmedicating for 13 years that might be the reason you are reacting to some foods now.  If you keep on a clean diet and introduce more greens, especially via green smoothies, your body will heal.  Meanwhile just avoid the foods that make you ill, until you can slowly reintroduce them later.  Also check out this post with some other suggestions:; and I would strongly suggested to have your B12 levels tested.  Most hypo- patients suffer from a deficiency, and when treated, feel better and improve their condition.  If you swung into hyper- and were deficient, you might still be deficient now.  Read these posts on the topic:

      And the rest in the series–you will find the entire list to all post on B12 at the bottom of this post.  Trust me, it will be worth your while 🙂

      I wish you the best health, and I know, from my experience, that given time and care, most of us are able to restore our health. 

  • Holly

    Just felt like I needed to add that if you have Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, which is the most common form of hypothyroid problems, you should avoid all iodide and iodine until you have your TSH levels and antibodies in a normal range.  Once they are in normal range (which may mean you should take Synthroid), you can add iodine foods/supplements back into your diet.  Depending on the amount of damage done to your thyroid, it may begin producing thyroid hormones on its own and you can then reduce your Synthroid (with doctor’s care).  You also need to include foods/supplements that contain selenium.  If you have primary hypothyroidism, then that is a nutrient deficiency which can be improved by proper nutrition/supplements and iodide and iodine.

    • Holly, actually from all know, more people who suffer from hypo- have that as their primary diagnosis, not Hashimoto, which is, of course, out there, but not as prevalent as the other form of hypothyroidism.  There is more and more of it now because of our poor diets.  Also, I am not crazy about people taking any iodine supplement, but rather consuming whole foods that contain normal amounts of natural iodine, that way avoiding any issues of iodine over-consumption altogether, so I am with you on that. Selenium rich food is also abundant, so there is not needs for supplementation, if we eat what we should 🙂

    • Prof D

      Elena’s comment notwithstanding, Hashimoto’s thyroiditis *is*, by most reputable accounts, the most common condition associated with hypothyroidism.  See:
      changing “DOT” to “.” in each case.

      Notably, H’s thyroiditis is a part of a constellation of autoimmune conditions that appear to some degree to cross-correlate — the destruction of cells generating pigmentation in the condition vitiligo is reported to cross-correlate with hypothyroidism. Hence, the ability of the body to distinguish self from non-self appears impaired, in a way that — again, contrary to this blogs assertions — has a genetic component, making it unlikely that all or most cases of hypothyroidism, broadly, can be completely addressed absent medication. Better diet and nutrition. always? Certainly.  That alone, always? Almost certainly not.

      See also general remarks in 13 Dec 11 stand-alone comment, by this same author.


      One of two lean, married, healthy diet-individuals with differing stages of H’s thyroiditis, one of which is on medication, the other not.

      • I did not claim that there is not genetic component to H’s hypo, but most cases of people whom I have met and spoken with, which is numerous and many, do not have it H’s hypo, they have what I had.  You can choose to believe whatever you want, Prof D. Again, as I mentioned before, to your “stand-alone” comment, if you choose the believe there is no hope in treating a condition naturally, be default you won’t make an attempt to give it a try, and as such you will never know anything different than what you have been told.  I chose to believe what is “impossible” and it became possible.  If you choose to live with what you have and you are content, do not spoil the life for others–misery loves company, I know, but it is better left alone. Some of us, unlike you, can make reality happen with just a glimmer of hope, and that we have! 

        With that said, will some people require some medication some of the time?! Yes, possibly! But will all people, suffering from hypo- require medication all of the time?! NO! Not if they take charge of their life. 

  • Summoneryuna856

    II am going to be your only negative post..but don’t you think telling people not to take their medicine is a little dangerous? Sure you did not directly write it but…you basically say..I figured it out so can you….but this is an extremely dangerous brother almost died because he didn’t know..1 week in ICU..after his number became balanced he was okay. You are not a doctor and for you to write it is reversable is almost ridiculous.

    I also have it…it is a disbalance…you probably wouldn’t suggest diabetics give up their insulin….you may say thatis an unfair comparrison but it is similar in the fact that the body needs something that it for some reason does not have so finds ways to make up for it and can be deadly in the worst cases. This is for some people a hereditary problem….the problem is you only look at you and everyone is different…some people get healthy and their diabetes goes away…some people get healthy and it becomes managable but they are stuck with it. I liked your story…maybe this could work…but it is dangerous to suggest something without any real backing and only when you had a borderline diagnosis…I think you need a disclaimer…what if someone tried what you tried and got sick like my brother and ended up in the ICU.

    • Well, like you said, I don’t suggest that people stop or don’t take their medication–there is a disclaimer, it is all over the site.  The decision is between them and their doctor.  I, by no means, take that place.  And is it possible for people like and and for diabetics to reverse what we struggle with? YES! Times and again I meet people who did and still do, in spite of being told that we can. 

      I see the pain of where you are coming from.  I don’t know your brother’s situation and I do not know how severe his condition was.  I am sorry that you and your family had to go through it, but it does not take away from the fact that the “impossible” is possible.  Most people that write to me, like the comment below, come to their decisions, and are always encouraged to contact their doctors.  I speak with some that decide to stay on the meds while doing this, and it is great too–they work with their MDs and NDs to slowly cut down on their dosages.  People with tiny dosages already, when talk to doctors, and tell them that they want to get off meds, normally do not meet a huge resistance because for years they lived without they, symptomatic.  In the end of the day, however, it is still their health and decision. 

      I do appreciate your comment, however. 

  • I am so glad I found this. It is very inspiring, and like the small glimmer of hope and light that you cannot get from a MD. My MD prescribed me levothyroxin for hypo (she said my TSH is 6.8) and this past week was my first week on the .o25mg dosage. I have never been so full of anxiety and panic ever. I did not take my pill this morning and have had no sense of anxiety or panic at all today. I will be calling them tomorrow morning and do not feel that medication is for me. This does not run in my family, and they tested to ensure it was not an immune issue and I have not heard back that it is.

    After reading this, and thinking back, my bloodwork in 2009 said my TSH was about 2.6 — this is the same year that I switched to soy from fat-free milk, and started having more daily stress in my life, and started gaining the weight I have now. I also started getting pneumonia each winter (not usual for me). Reading this, I feel that my hypo might have, like yours, been brought on by stress and also by my own dietary changes.

    I have already switched back to non-fat milk (it’s what i was raised on). I am also going to look into eating more healthier, though cannot quite switch to vegan as my husband loves eating steak and pork. 

    I am definitely going to look around here for more inspiration and I have high hopes that I can reverse this myself and be happy again.

    • Amanda, kuddos to you!  Fight for your health.  I am almost certain you did not go hypo because of soy milk–dairy milk is MUCH worse than it and would has hypo faster than soy ever could imagine.  The stress, however, and if you are on birth control, could be it.  If you take the two out and clean up your diet, adding a TON of greens, fresh fruit and veggies, your body will have the building blocks for healing. 

      I hear you on your hubby, however, remember, you still can do either all vegan, or near vegan, without forcing him do the same.  You can make the meals and he can prepare the part that you no longer can for himself, and that is OK too–sometimes that is what it takes to get well.  If you are not sure where to start I do one-on-one where I teach meal planning, etc., so NOTHING needs to be hard. NOTHING!  Getting well was FUN for me. 
      Also make sure to read all of the B12 articles–you will find that hypo- patients are a bit or VERY low on it, but you can find it all here:

      All the best and I hope that you will do all these to be yourself again! Also, I hope you followed the links in this post to read even more suggestions. 

  • Allison

    I have been looking into adopting a vegan lifestyle in order to live a healthier life. Not consuming soy is no huge big deal for me, but I am worried about cruciferous vegetables- are these a problem for you/how do you deal with them?

    • Allison, go from the place of peace on this–if you are too worried, then don’t consume cruciferous veggies.  I felt differently–I refused to vilify any natural, whole foods, and kept consuming them all the way through my healing journey.  It never set me back.  Very few people actually have a reaction to such vegetables, but majority of us never will.  

      If you are worried, there are a couple of things you can do: 1. avoid them altogether; 2. consume them in moderation, and always rotate them, so if you have cabbage today, have spinach or broccoli the same or next week, etc.  That way you will be at peace and not worry too much.  I, personally, simple chose to rotate not only cruciferous veggies, but all foods that I consume, to maximize the benefit. 

      I hope it helps, and wish you the best.  Make sure to also check out the B12 article series, as most people with hypo- condition are B12 deficient.  You will find a link to all of the articles at the bottom of this post: 

      • Tanya Nance1

        Hi, I’m so glad u found this sight. My TSH is 2.203, my T3 2.7, My T4 is 8.7. I don’t know what any of this means. My symptoms are very hypothyroid- ish complete with heavy eyelids, lifeless hair, brittle nails, 25 extra pounds, thinning eyebrows and feeling like my thyroid gland is enlarged which effects my breathing and gives me a panicy feeling sometimes. My doctors receptionist
        really didn’t want to explain my lab
        results. She said they were normal.
        Does any of this sound like it’s ‘normal’?

        • Tanya, any time you don’t feel normal, you are not.  That’s all there is to it.  Normal thyroid numbers are between .25-1.00 as optimal, then 1.00-1.6 or so are slightly elevated, and anything by 2.0 is pre-hypo/hypo.  The key here is that if you FEEL less than optimal, and have the symptoms, which it sounds like you do, you need to take care of it before it gets worse, which it will, if it already started.  Doctors are often untrained in this–since labs range in their definition of “normal” thyroid function up to 5.0 with TSH, which is BAD and very hypothyroid.  The doctors that are more educated on the topic, like mine, will be concerned with anything close to TSH being 2.0. 

          So, here is what you should do, since you already read this article, read the other two that I linked to: And catch even more of my story on Also  

          You also need to look into supplementing with B12, as most of us who are hypo, are also B12 deficient.  Then you need to make a plan–making changes to your diet/lifestyle and adding life and green foods into your diet will help you heal faster.  The site is full of recipes, but if you want an individualized 30-Day meal plan [recipes and all], we can work on that too, but there will be a charge for it, although not huge :).  

          Let me know what you decide to do.  And remember, better health is only a meal away!  I have been there and I know.  All of the symptoms you are having ARE reversible! 

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  • Sam

    Hi, very useful website!
    I want to start vegan/raw diet, but I am in a place where I cannot find everything I need, and vegetables are not organic 🙁
    so my husband is coming next week from europe, and I want to ask him to buy few things for me>
    what are the most important in term of sea vegetables: kelp, dulse, nori, wakame,…
    also supplements, what do you think I should ask him to bring from the natural store : maca, wheat grass powder, vitamines…?

    thanks for your help!

    • Sam, first, I am wishing you all the best on this journey–it is well worth it. 

      The more greens you can include in your diet, the better–so everything that you can get for green smoothies.  You can find recipes on the site or even download a book from 

      Dulse is great to add to green smoothie; also have kelp drops on hand, so you can take is as a supplements.  Nori is great to make vegan sushi with, or just nori rolls.  I do advise good quality maca root powder. 

      If your iron levels are low you would want a good iron supplement: I would also strongly suggest reading the B12 series, as a lot of hypo- sufferers are low on B12.  Then, if you treat it, you will speed up your healing process.  All of the articles are listed in this post:

      You want to stay away from all plastic–get glass containers and glass water bottle, fluoride–so get fluoride free toothpaste; chlorine/chloride–I have a shower filter I am using; and stay away from microwaves, and non-stick surfaces. All are hormone disruptors. 

      Excluding animal products is one of the best things you can do for yourself, but if you are going to do it gradually, make sure that you buy them organic; and then organic produce as much as possible. 

      I hope this helps.

      • Sam

        thank you very much for your answer! I found amazing that you giving all these informations for free, plus you answer each comment!

        I have hypo since 2003, after I gave birth to my first child.
        and since this moment I have lost my health :all these time of depression, anger, stress, weigh gain, terrible pain in the throat, feeling so lonely, and feeling nobody can really understand you, trying to find good doctors who will let me try different medicine, sinthroide,levo,cytomel,… and nothing would work!
        I also have very bad anemia since I am 15. and was thinking maybe it is related to my hypo condition.

        I found your website and I have hope now 🙂
        since few month I am not taking my pills regulary, because I am so tired of taking it and not feeling better, so I take one day and miss 5 days, take one week and miss 3 days.
        I dont feel any better, but I understand it is maybe because I dont eat properly, and I will try my best to do it now.
        I want to feel better and want to stop taking these pills.
        Do you think if I start eating well ( raw, green) I  can check my thyroid every month to see if the levels are better and gradually stop take levo?
        for now, is it usefull to take it everyday and do the diet at the same time? because I feel very bad, I guess it is my thyroid.

        as I told you where I live they dont have organic product, do you think by eating green and raw I will still have the benefits even if it is not organic?

        also I have never anything on your website about barley powder, or wheat grass powder, do you recommence taking that?

        • Oh, Sam 🙁 You make me want to reach out to give you a big hug.  I too have been through depression, anger, stress, weight gain, and feeling lonely in this battle.  I was blessed to have God get me through all that and He answered my prayers not by an instantaneous healing, but by giving me wisdom to find a way to reverse it and help others.  I do, totally, feel your pain. No one should walk this road alone.  But there is good news!

          One of my readers, having followed my advice, changed her hypo condition drastically in just month.  Here is what she told me in an e-mail recently [in July]: “I started doing green drinks in mid-May of this year.  I’m 90% vegan now.  I also cut out peanuts, flouride and watch/limit my soy and soy-based intake.  My TSH level was 4.59 right before I started the green drinks and changes mentioned above.  I was tested again last week (because my TSH level was so much higher in May than in January), and my TSH level was 0.259!”

          You can call that a miracle, and I will agree–but it is a miracle available to everyone! Including you!

          You are correct in that hypo- and anemia can go hand in hand, in fact, it can also involve low B12 levels: if your iron or B12 are low, then you will get more hypo; if you are hypo then most likely your iron and B12 are out of balance too.  I strongly suggest reading the B12 series I recently wrote–here is a link to ALL of them:  Take the time to read every single one–you will have even more hope!

          I glad to give you hope–that’s why I am doing this–I have been to hell and back.  I know how it feel wanting to disappear and not exist anymore.  I know how it feels to go from a high energy, life loving person, to a near recluse.  But I also know they joy of becoming myself again–all medication free!  Make sure to download the 147-page FREE report to see how I did it.  Food and lifestyle has EVERYTHING to do with it. My doctors told me that I would have to be hypo- and on medication for the rest of my life.  I stuck it out, nourished my thyroid and adrenals back to health and reversed it!  This year, having had to treat a pituitary gland problem, I temporary went on meds, against my gut and against my best judgement, but I felt I had to give it a try–instead of getting me better, it got me feeling worse, and made my TSH go up again.  However, this time I know that I can get it back to normal in no time, because I know what I have to do.  Once my body is fully rid of the meds I had to take, I will be back to normal range in the next two months–that’s how easy it can be 🙂 

          If you want my opinion, yes, I think that if you eat high raw, all vegan, all whole foods diet and check your thyroid every 2-3 month, you will have all reasons to have your doc to take you off meds.  The person that I mentioned, who was able to get her TSH down, told me that her doctor did not want to believe that it was due to the change in her diet, but who cares–if you have a doc like that–fire him/her and find one that will listen! You are your best advocate! 

          Since I am not a doctor I cannot tell you whether to stay on the meds or not–that is out of the scope of my expertise.  But I can tell you what I would do–if I were you and were not pregnant, depending on you current and pre-meds TSH level, I would either insist to: 1. cut down the meds, while making changes; 2. demand to be changed to something less damaging, something like Armour Thyroid; or 3. Go off meds, having informed my doctor, while making overnight RADICAL changes.  But that is me.  You will need to decide what to do for your health yourself, having consulted your doctor [of finding one that would listen to you]. 

          If you make radical changes, you will go through a period of detoxing and then will start feeling better–that’s a promise.   I have walked that road, so I know it, as well as having helped others to do the same. 

          If you cannot go all organic, do as much of it as possible.  Also, since I am not sure what state you are in, you might be able to find an on-line co-op through which you could order.  Get away from all DAIRY ASAP! and either cut out all flesh foods, or reduce it next to nothing.  If you decided to keep eating it–all flesh foods HAS to be organic, otherwise it will keep messing with your hormones.  

          Follow other suggestion, and ditch your microwave.  Even if you can’t go all organic yet, by going raw and green you will benefit tremendously.  And if you do find good quality wheat or barley grasses, do add them to your smoothies–but make sure that they are organic and raw!  Amazing Grass is a good source  You could even add something like a RAW MEAL to your smoothies and it will help you get a lot of good nutrition in. 

          Girlfriend, we need to get you well quick!  so that you can love your life again.  And in the midst of it all, I hope you can lean on God–he was my strength through all of this.  If you don’t know how to, I will be glad to help you with that as well :). 

          Stick around the blog, stay involved and have HOPE! Your miracle is waiting for you 🙂

          • Sam

            thank you so much!!!!!!!
            I am ready to start and fight again my own self 🙂 I will follow all of your recommendations, and yes I have already download the book and started to read it. I am so happy i want to share with everyone I know 🙂
            the story about your friend is amazing, but you didnt mention if she stopped taking her pills when she decided to start her diet or if she was still taking them. because if you are still taking pills how do you know your level are improving?

            • Do share it with everyone and send them here too 🙂

              The “friend” has not report her latest update yet.  When she first wrote me with the news she did tell me that her meds were reduced, but then was going to go back in a couple of months to see what happens next. If you are on meds and your levels are “normal” but you are not feeling “normal” you know you are not improving.  Once you change your diet, even on meds, you will start to also feel better, although it might be a bit confusing, since you might have meds side effects, but you will know the difference.  Even on meds for some people their levels are elevated, as it was with this lady.  So, well-being is going to be your biggest marker.  As you feel better you can request to cut down on meds, etc. 

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  • Rebekah Mccauley

    Excited to find this website! I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism in 2005 at the age of 20. I was suffering from hair loss, weight gain, depression, fatigue. I started wandering how I got hypothyroidism. I now believe that it was from Accutane (strong acne medicine) that I took for 4 months right before I started experiencing hypo symptoms. Have you ever heard of a link between hypothyroidism and accutane?

     I still struggle with fatigue and that extra 10 pounds that comes and goes all the time. I just dont feel myself! I’ve tried a vegan detox of sorts for a couple of months and felt better than I had in forever. Last night I watched the documentary ‘Forks Over Knives’ and am considering trying to go vegan again.  Im nervous I won’t be able to keep it up! 

    Anyway, I am thankful for your website and will definitely be referring to it in the future!

    • Rebekah, hi! I am glad you found me :). 

      Any medication comes with side effects.  For me it was birth control that set me into deeper hypothyroidism than I ever knew was possible.  Acne medication [in my opinion] is not safe, and the safest way to get rid of acne IS to go on a high raw, whole foods vegan diet.  That is what helped me to get my health back, and I know it can do the same for you.  The sooner you can start the better. 

      Don’t be afraid of making the change–it will be worth it.  However, I would also say–don’t do it if you are only planning to “try” it. If you go in with a mindset of a possible failure, then it is probably that you will.  If you go in with an “all or nothing” attitude, you will succeed.  If you don’t think that you are strong enough to do it on your own, we are here to support you, but if you need someone in person to cheer you on, you can hook up with a local vegan group wherever you live. 

      Look forward to seeing you around here. 

  • Janetesmith

             One comment for you would be to un-link your vegan gig with your photog. gig-it really is too much “Elena”  at once. I think your photography is OK, but needs some lighting resolution.
    Regarding hypothyroidism, this the reason I ended up at your site.  Based upon all the information offered and replies received, it is obviously a huge issue. I have been on the “merry-go-round” of Dr.’s/specialists/alternative/and so on, thereapies for almost two years. I have encountered more suffering than solutions and a host of “proffessionals” who err on the side of caution or ignorance. I am still divided on this opinion. I found your vegan-site informative and a reasonably comprehensive address to a dilemma that women in particular, suffer with. Thanks, Janet

  • Question added by IZAM on 9/9/11:

    Hi Elena,

    I have been taking thyroxine for 4 years now, and was borderline undiagnose for around 4 years also before the doctors did anything.

    I am looking to try and find a natural way of curing my hypothyroidism. I will definatelly attempt the raw food diet as hard as it maybe as I am no longer willing to live like this, and the doctors just ignore what I say, and look at my TSH levels only.

    My question is, can you recommend a good raw food diet book?
    I am also getting married in three months and was considering going on the pill. However am worried it will interfer with my thyroid problem and cause me more issues.

    Any advice and help you can offer me would be greatly appreciated.

    • Izam, first of all, I am glad that you are ready to take charge of your health.  Make sure to read ABOUT ME page on this blog:; as well as sign up for Vegalicious via e-mail [see top sidebar] so you can download the 147 page report, which will give you more information on the topic. 

      I believe that reversing hypothyroidism is 100% possible!  I did it and so many others.  While you are working on  reversing it, however, and I am not sure what your pre-meds TSH was, you should ask your doc to put you on Armour Thyroid–which is a more natural thyroid medication.  As you get better you can always ask your doc to decrease the dosage.  If your doc is not willing to work with your–fire him/her and look for someone who would. 

      This blog is filled with recipes that you can use during your recovery.  I personally am about 70-80% raw, but I do eat cooked foods, so that is an option.  Your goal is to stay plant based and as much raw as you can, but 70/30-80/20 ratio is good to look for [70-80% raw, and 30-20% cooked].  

      Brendan Brazier just came out with a great book that has 200 recipes–you will love them.  It is the Thrive Foods: 

      As far as birth control [BC]–Don’t! It will mess you up more.  Read some of the comments below and see what I recommend instead.  BC made hypo condition worse for me than it had to be and I paid for it dearly. Stay away from it at all cost–that goes for any kind: pill, ring, patch, Marena, etc.  The only thing that is safe is natural planning [see comments below]. 

      You might also want to check into your iron/B12 levels, as both can negatively affect thyroid, if the levels are too low. More info on B12 here:…. 

      Wishing you all the best

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  • Nikulya7

    What a wonderful article.  I will try and get through all the comments later, since they seem quite interesting as well.  Thanks for all the sharing you do, Elena!

    • Thanks! And you are correct, the comments will have even more info to add. 

      As you are improving your diet and lifestyle, I am sure that your health will improve as well. 

  • Paola

    Hey Elena I have hypothyroidism and have been interested in becoming vegetarian/vegan, but have read and heard that soy is not good for your thyroid. Have you researched that? what are your thought?

    • Paola, I sure did.  There is already response on this topic in one of the comments under this post, so just browse to find it.  I am glad that you are looking into going vegan. 

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  • Holly

    I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis last year.  I was handed a prescription for Synthroid and told I would have to take it the rest of my life.  I accepted this at first, but then started questioning why my body was attacking my thyroid.  There had to be a reason my body was doing this, and I didn’t believe it was just something that happened.  I started doing research on the internet and found tons of information.  It was overwhelming.  I would like to ask your opinion about chlorine and fluoride.  I have read that they do damage to the thyroid. 

    • Holly, you are correct–I stay away from both as a plague.  I filter my water, there is not fluoride in my tooth paste, and you will never find me around any form of chlorine. 

      I also recently found that those of use with thyroid and autoimmune diseases can suffer from severe B12 deficiency, which could actually be helpful in treating our situation.  You will find info about this topic in the series I am currently running–here are first 6 parts: 

      I also stay away from non-stick surfaces, which are horrible endocrine disruptors, microwaves, and chemicals in general.  

      • Holly

        What do you use to filter your water? The affordable priced filters from the local store don’t filter fluoride or chlorine.  All other filtering systems are super expensive. Also, what happens when we shower in chlorinated water?  Just exploring my options…

        • Holly, you are totally correct, the more affordable filters don’t get those nasties out all the way.  I believe that even mine comes short with filtering fluoride–I use PUR mineral filter. However, once we move into a house [we are renting now], we are planning to splurge and install the best we can find, even in the shower/bath, since I love bathing 🙂

          Meanwhile I do everything else that I can to avoid other ways I can be impacted.  One of very important once is avoiding plastic as much as I can–I do not eat foods stored in plastic, especially drinks, and anything that gets warm in plastic–which produces too much synthetic estrogen that ends up in our bodies. 

          • Holly

            Thank you so much for such a timely and helpful response!  Keep posting and putting your information out there.  I have thoroughly enjoyed your site (I have tried your exercises, too) and I am trying to eat more raw.  My husband is not into it at all, and I have two kids who are super picky eaters (and don’t like my raw smoothies), so making extra meals for me is costly and time consuming.  AND I live in a little town where organic food and a large variety is not an option.  I started a vegetable garden this year to help with that problem.
            I have checked out your posts on B12 deficiency and I think I will look into that further.  I don’t have many symptoms, but my husband does.  He used to get shots of B12 when he was a kid for mouth ulcers.  And that was a looonnngg time ago! Too bad his doctor retired, because he would have been open to the idea of B12 treatments. Thank you for the suggestion. 
            I was talked into an unnecessary partial hysterectomy years ago.  I have regretted trusting this doctor ever since (I no longer see her) and I am wary of all doctors now.  It has caused feminine dryness and strain on my intimate relationship.  I know this is not something you put on your site, but if it will help just one person, I think it is worth mentioning.  I have finally found something to help that I am not allergic to (and I am allergic to everything over-the-counter for this problem).  I boil 1 Tbsp of flax seeds in one cup of distilled water for 3-5 min (until desired consistency-thickness).  I strain the seeds out and put the liquid into a small jar.  It has to be kept in the fridge and you have to make a new batch every 2 weeks, but it is completely pure and I have not had a single problem after 2 months of using this.  Wahooo!
            Keep up the good work!  I appreciate everything you are doing.

            • Holly, I am in tears because of what you had to go through.  I totally understand how you feel about doctors.  It took about 6 years for me to finally get diagnosed, and even after diagnosis I had not been offered much helps except for medication.  That is how I became so involved and educated about my own health.  Now I live to help at least one more soul to avoid going through the hell I have been through. 

              I hope that with you making changes to your diet and lifestyle your hubby will slowly follow you.  AS for kids, they can be only as picky as we, as adults, allow them to be.  I will bet that if you put nothing but healthy options in front of then, they will choose only from those options–after all, you are the one with the checkbook :).  I know it can be tougher when your spouse is not on board, but perhaps the two of you can reach an agreement that at least at home, for the sake of your kids, you can have only good and healthful options, and he can misbehave once in a while at a restaurant :). 

              Thank you for sharing your information–I am glad you did.  Had I gone through what you went through, I would be talking about it as well.  

              In the next few weeks I will be exploring the options of female issues more, so you might find it interesting. 

              Best of health, Holly!

            • Holly, I am in tears because of what you had to go through.  I totally understand how you feel about doctors.  It took about 6 years for me to finally get diagnosed, and even after diagnosis I had not been offered much helps except for medication.  That is how I became so involved and educated about my own health.  Now I live to help at least one more soul to avoid going through the hell I have been through. 

              I hope that with you making changes to your diet and lifestyle your hubby will slowly follow you.  AS for kids, they can be only as picky as we, as adults, allow them to be.  I will bet that if you put nothing but healthy options in front of then, they will choose only from those options–after all, you are the one with the checkbook :).  I know it can be tougher when your spouse is not on board, but perhaps the two of you can reach an agreement that at least at home, for the sake of your kids, you can have only good and healthful options, and he can misbehave once in a while at a restaurant :). 

              Thank you for sharing your information–I am glad you did.  Had I gone through what you went through, I would be talking about it as well.  

              In the next few weeks I will be exploring the options of female issues more, so you might find it interesting. 

              Best of health, Holly!

            • Holly, I am in tears because of what you had to go through.  I totally understand how you feel about doctors.  It took about 6 years for me to finally get diagnosed, and even after diagnosis I had not been offered much helps except for medication.  That is how I became so involved and educated about my own health.  Now I live to help at least one more soul to avoid going through the hell I have been through. 

              I hope that with you making changes to your diet and lifestyle your hubby will slowly follow you.  AS for kids, they can be only as picky as we, as adults, allow them to be.  I will bet that if you put nothing but healthy options in front of then, they will choose only from those options–after all, you are the one with the checkbook :).  I know it can be tougher when your spouse is not on board, but perhaps the two of you can reach an agreement that at least at home, for the sake of your kids, you can have only good and healthful options, and he can misbehave once in a while at a restaurant :). 

              Thank you for sharing your information–I am glad you did.  Had I gone through what you went through, I would be talking about it as well.  

              In the next few weeks I will be exploring the options of female issues more, so you might find it interesting. 

              Best of health, Holly!

  • I recently discovered your blog and I am THRILLED because we have a lot in common! I, too, suffered needlessly at the hands of Western medicine practitioners. It was not until I went “cold turkey” (with nearly two years of withdrawal symptoms) off all the meds they prescribed to “help” (one of my stories is posted today on Natural Living Moms) that I discovered true health.
    I do suffer from hypothyroidism (genetic – my mom has it as well) and fought docs tooth and nail to switch to Armour Thyroid (actual bovine thyroid) rather than synthetic because once I got myself off all the meds, I didn’t want ANY foreign chemicals in my body (no Novocaine, no Tums, not even an Ibuprofen after natural childbirth). We follow a modified vegan diet – I am gluten sensitive (possibly Celiac) and my children have multiple severe food allergies so we have to eat meat (their diets would be dangerously devoid of nutrients if we didn’t). 
    I look forward to reading more of your posts and learning from your experiences!

    • Jana, I am so happy to hear from you.  I am glad you took control.  I took Armour for only a short period of time and it did not help me at all.  The only thing that did was when I went vegan, then got off birth control, and then included a ton of raw greens in the form of green smoothies into my diet.  My number has been improving.  I am scheduling at test next month for an update to see how I am progressing. 

      When I started to read your post I was going to suggest to get off gluten, and when I got to the place where you mentioned you did, I was glad–there are times when gluten allergies induce hypo condition.  I also hear that B12 can be very helpful in treating some of the symptoms. 

      Welcome to Vegalicious and hope to see you around here often! And thank you for sharing your experience.  You should leave a link to the post where you were featured. 

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  • Samantha

    Hi Elena!

    I have a few questions if you don’t mind, the first being about BC. You say there were ways you found and used until you were ready to start a family, any besides condoms? I’m very nervous about using pills or any other form of BC, especially after looking into what it does to a woman’s body. So, I know the general ways to go about BC but it sounded as if you had tried a different method.

    Also, did you have any cook books, or recipes that helped make it easy to make vegetarian dishes? My boyfriend has become a vegetarian and very much would like for me to as well. I don’t eat hardly any meat or dairy as it is, so it’s definitely something I’d be interested in, but I find the hardest part is figuring out what to eat and what I need to eat to make sure I keep getting the essential nutrients in my body. My boyfriend has started with the all raw foods and your blog is only confirming that this would be the best option for anyone but especially me if I want to try and fix some health/weight issues I have, but again, a cook book or vegetarian/raw food guide would be awesome for people like me. Any feed back would be greatly appreciated!!

    Your story is truly inspirational! Thank you!!


    • Samantha, thanks for stopping by. 

      For BC, there is a comment under this post that you should read, it’s only two comments down and starts with  “Original comment left by Beth on”.  My response to it covers exactly what you want to know. 

      As far as cookbooks, I can’t suggest one since I am creating all of my own recipes, and there is more than a ton on this blog now ;).  All you have to do is hover over recipes link at the top and then choose your category.  There is a lot to choose from. 

      As far as knowing about nutrition, etc., on a vegan diet, make sure to read through POPULAR POSTS [linked on the right hand sidebar] and sign up to get Vegalicious e-mails delivered to your Inbox.  When you do you will get a link to download 100-page report that will be a great start for you on this journey-it is filled with information and tips, as well as answers the Whys and the Hows of Plant based diet. 

      A high raw vegan diet is optimal for achieving the best health, that’s for sure.  I do hope you stick around here and give this kind of lifestyle a chance.  It really gave me my health back. 

      Hope to see you around here. 

  • Original comment left by Brandy on

    I started taking a low dose of Armour Thyroid meds almost a year ago; have transitioned to totally vegan diet and am now changing to a 100% raw food program. Since I’ve already started meds, do you think it’s still possible to reverse my hypothyroidism?

    • Brandy, this is just my opinion, but I think you can 🙂 sometimes meds carry us over until we figure out what is going on and take charge. Being that Armour Thyroid is one of the more natural meds out there, as you heal, I would ask your Dr. to supervise, but I would try cutting back on it, watching your progress, and when you are ready, going off it altogether.

  • Original comment left by Beth on

    Hi Elena,
    I am so thankful to you for posting this. You have no idea what a blessing it is to me. I too was diagnosed with slight hypothyroidism a couple years ago. I was skeptical at first as I had no symptoms. I was just having routine blood work done when my doctor noticed I had hypothyroidism. She advised me that since it was slight, it was up to me if I wanted to take medication. Scared that it might get worse, I decided to go on the medication. Now I am tired of it and looking for any solution. My husband and I recently stumbled on a program that is similar to what you have discussed; vegan diet consuming 20/80 cooked/raw veggies. We have tried it briefly (I struggle with the no-dairy part), but after reading this I am inspired to go 100% vegan. So thank you again!! Also, just curious, (you might have addressed this somewhere) I read where you talked about how bad being on the Pill is. I was wondering what harm it is doing to my body? This is another medication I want to get off of. Are there specific books/articles I can read to get more information on this?

    I also would like to ask about getting off synthroid– did you stop taking thyroid medicine while changing your diet or after you went to the doctor and was told your hypothyroidism was gone?

    • Beth, so happy that you are deciding to go 100%–it changed my life and all meds free! I went from 4.905 [TSH] to 1.66 in less than 3 years. It was worth it.

      Yes, the Pill [any birth control med or contraption] is really bad because it further disturbs your hormones. It will make you even more hypo than you are and will bring more issues than solutions.

      After getting off BC [birth control] my husband and I learned the Creighton Model Fertility System, which I also combine with measuring my waking temperature to know when I ovulate and when I don’t, so that way we can decide when we would like to conceive.

      A great book to read on natural fertility care is Taking Charge of Your Fertility, 10th Anniversary Edition: The Definitive Guide to Natural Birth Control, Pregnancy Achievement, and Reproductive Health book […] and, if you get your hands on it, Creighton Model Fertility Care system. You can probably find one through a local Catholic church–they are great at offering fertility education to their parishioners. My husband and I took some classes through one of their trained consultants to learn how to do it the right way.

      I can tell you that going off BC was one of the best things we did. I no longer have to worry about side-effects, my hormones are so much better and because of that our intimacy is 100%+ better as well. You owe it to yourself 😉

      Here are some reference sites for Creighton Model:

      Beth, if you had a chance to get a CD called One More Soul: Contraception Why Not, by Janet E Smith, PhD, it would be a great addition to the book. It deals with they WHYs of natural family planning. You can find her site at You can call them to see if they still carry it. My husband and I both listened to it.

      Also, check out this quick video [just found it]… We, as a couple, totally agree with it–natural family planning has only strengthened our bond.

      To answer your question, I made the decision to never get on thyroid medication at all. My TSH was 4.905, and I had ALL of the side effects of hypothyroidism. I decided, however, to allow my body heal on its own. So, whatever decision you make is yours 😉 If your doc told you that you are barely borderline I would not be to scared to stop taking it, although, as a disclaimer I do have to say this–consult your physician first.

      All the best!

      PS: I will some release an updated and expanded version of my report on How to Reverse Hypothyroidism. It will have a lot of tips and suggestions. I will let you and others know when it is available.

      PS2: one more thing on contraceptives, because they create hormone imbalance [with side effects] they will send you deeper into the hypothyroid state. They are also responsible for frequent urinary tract infections, which in turn will force you to go on antibiotics [frequently], thus creating a vicious cycle that will not stop until you get off them. There are many other reasons to get off BC, such as increased risk of getting a cancer, in addition to that.

  • Original comment left by Denise Lujan on

    I was diagnosed with Graves Disease and had my thyroid obliterated with a radioactive pill. So I am now diagnosed as being hypothyroid and am taking a daily pill. I am also on birth control. I also take a daily multivitamin. I am TIRED of taking pills. Is there any hope for me? Please help! My mother and grandmother have also been diagnosed with thyroidism and I’m told everywhere it’s hereditary. My children even got tested as newborns since I have the disease. What can I do to stop taking pills, lose the 10 lbs. I gained after thyroid obliteration, get my energy back, and give my girls a healthy life?

    • Denise, it breaks my heart to read your message. I know all too well the sense of desperation and hopelessness. I heard: “You have to live with it for the rest of your life!” from a few doctors–people that I was supposed to trust with my life.

      Well, I am not a doctor, so what I am about to say is my opinion–not a professional advice or diagnosis, so take is as such.

      I am sorry that the “treatment” backfired on you and made you feel worse in so many ways–I’ve been there and done it. I am not sure what daily pill you are taking, so I have no opinion on it and either way I could not legally tell you to get off it. It has to be your decision… and I do have to say this–you have to discuss it with your physician 😉

      I can tell you, however, that I was prescribed Armour Thyroid med when I was finally diagnosed, which I ended up not taking for over 2 years, while achieving health through optimal plant based diet. For a short while, however, after 2 years, while still healing, I tried it for 3 weeks, as it is supposed to be the most natural thyroid medication out there. It did not help a bit, so I got off it as quickly as I could. That was my only “medical” trial to treat myself, all else was done only through food, prayer and exercise. And I cannot emphasize enough that prayer is an integral part in healing. You have to believe that healing is possible to get it ;).

      As far as birth control is concerned, I would BEG you to get off it if I could. I did myself so much harm with being on it for a few years. If I could ever go back and change things I would NEVER, not for a minute, ever do it again. It messed with my hormones as nothing you could imagine. Whatever possible side effects it comes with, it is only a matter of time before they become not possible, but PROBABLE. I hope you heed my opinion on this.

      If you are not looking to conceive at this time, there are other natural, safe methods to avoid pregnancy, without risking your health or the health of an unborn child.

      On the note of taking a multivitamin I can tell you that unless you are eating a plant based, or nearly plant based, whole foods diet it is of little to no help. It is kind of like having a big wound and trying to treat it with a band-aid, instead of cleaning it and putting a few stitches on. The best approach is to go plant-based, high raw [eating 50% or more of your diet as raw foods, i.e. fresh fruit, veggies, etc.] with your food intake, and adding a few wonderful things in. Maca Root powder is one of them, and another is sea vegetables, such as dulse and kelp–that is where your iodine should come from, NOT from regular table salt.

      Is there hope for you? Remember this is my opinion, but I think there is! I dared to believe that there was hope for me when all I heard was “IMPOSSIBLE!” and I took my destiny into my own hands, and I got what I wanted. I no longer live in fear of what tomorrow might bring.

      As far as having thyroid disease being hereditary, here is my opinion, from my experience. I don’t fully buy it! I am the ONLY person in my entire family of 14 siblings that was faced to fight this problem. And I believe most of it was induced through ignorance: stress, birth control, and even more stress. Had I addressed these issues properly and caught them early on I would have done what I did in the last 4 years–taken better care of myself and avoided that I ended up with.

      Now, even if we assume that there is a possibility of heredity in certain diseases then think of it as a seed. In order for that seed to grow it must be cultivated, watered and provided certain environment to grow in. If these things are not provided the seed remains dormant and does not EVER have to sprout.

      What does this mean?

      Say that thyroid issues are hereditary [again, this is only for the sake of the argument], they are like a seed, so certain environment in which it would grow and thrive must be provided–in our case, poor diet, stress, medication, pesticides, herbicides, etc. If these things are not there then the seed will not grow. Another way to think about it is this–if the diseases [heredity] is a bullet, then our lifestyle is a trigger that releases it. If we keep our finger off the trigger [take care of ourselves the way God intended] the bullet might never leave its chamber.

      I think that you should not live in fear, but rather believe that it is possible to be well naturally.

      Now, as to the last part of your questions: “What can I do to stop taking pills, lose the 10 lbs. I gained after thyroid obliteration, get my energy back, and give my girls a healthy life?”

      I would start by going on a whole foods, unprocessed, plant based diet-which will provide you with a ton of healing nutrients, vitamins and minerals. I would also suggest including as many greens into your diet as possible. The easiest way to do so is through green smoothies–you can even get a Green Smoothie e-guide in the e-store which has 30 recipes and explains what ingredients to use and for what reason: http://eathealthybehappy.blogs

      I would suggest quitting table salt, and especially dairy ASAP! You can use mineral rich Himalayan or sea salts, and we do not need dairy at all! I would also ask that you quit meat, if possible, or at least reduce it to less than 10% of your daily diet [about the size of a deck of cards]. If you do eat meat, make sure it is organic. And, if at all possible, switch to organic foods as much as you can.

      I would also suggest that you stop microwaving your foods [you can heat your food on a skillet or in a pot], and stay away from non-stick cookware, from chlorine and flouride–all are damaging to hormone health, and the last two are especially bad for thyroid health.

      I would suggest including regular exercise into your weekly routine, if you are not already doing so. Find something fun that you would enjoy. For me it was Power Yoga, and weights.

      I also offer one-on-one consultations when we go deeper into goal setting and creating weekly menus, etc. If you are interested, shoot me an e-mail. I will be more than happy to take more time to help.

      Other than that, with what I said above [DISCLOSURE: although I cannot guarantee anything], I have an educated guess from my personal experience, that your energy will soar, the depression will leave, and you will feel better.

      Also, if you start doing these things now, you will teach your girls how to take care of their bodies and give them skills that will last them a lifetime.

      I hope this helps, Denise… Now that I responded to your query I can peacefully head to bed, even though it is already 1: 30 am… I just could not fall asleep having read your message, without first responding.

      Best wishes!


  • Original comment left by Elizabeth on

    Hi Elena
    It is really nice of you to post your personal experience because you are helping a lot of people out there, including me. I’m too Borderline Hypo and have switch vegan months ago. You were right vegan/raw is the key to hypothyroidism, I am doing slightly better now but I know this is only the beginning 🙂

    Now, I want to introduce Maca root in my diet but I’m afraid of side effect. You take maca but not everyday but should I take it constantly on a daily basis to see progress? Are there side effect if I take it for too long? Is it better raw or gelatinized ? Thank you for taking the time to respond to each of us.

    • Elizabeth, good to hear you are on the road to recovery.

      I personally take maca root powder, 1 tbsp a day in my smoothies, or at least every other day. I have not had any side effects, except the taste might not be all too pleasant at times. And it is always better RAW to get maximum benefits.

      I wish you full recovery!

  • Original comment left by Doenika on

    I am thrilled to read your story! Glad you’re sharing!

    I have a very similar story and I can confirm everything you wrote about.

    I was told twenty years ago that I had hypothyroid and was given a pill to take every morning. Then, I went from being very driven and athletic to very fatigued and, eventually, depressed. i didn’t find out until just five years ago, that I was, and had been since my teens, suffering from fibromyalgia. Got on another pill to take each night plus muscle relaxers. At first, it really did help and I slept for about three weeks to make up for lack of proper sleep for over twenty five years, muscle hyper-tension, exhaustion and depression. Then, a few years later, I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis and given even more pills with terrible, life-threatening side effects! I had finally had enough of all of these pills and being told that these “diseases” and “conditions” were just the way it was going to be and that they would only become worse over time. Really?! I decided, “No freakin” way!”

    I changed my attitude and made the decision to NOT believe what most medical doctors told me. In all fairness, they only did what they were taught and probably meant well, but most of these doctors just wrote me prescriptions and sent me away like I was at a line in Starbucks. “Next please!”

    Then, I started listening, really, really listening to my own body and my own intuition. Wow! We know a lot if we just listen!

    Next, my own research.

    And then, the change of diet. Processed food gives diseases. Whatever mother earth NATURALLY grows 9get rid of pesticides, preservers, etc), is all we really need. That’s why it’s NATURAL!

    Now, i am not 100% raw food. I am not a vegan and I can’t even say I’m a vegetarian. However, I make my diet 80/20 all natural and steer away from many land animals. (For moral reasons and for health reasons.)

    By changing my diet, my attitude and listening to myself and respecting what the earth grows, I am currently reversing the rheumatoid arthritis, just taking on reversing hypothyroidism and doing very well, relatively speaking, with managing my fibromyalgia.

    If I went totally vegan, I’l bet I’d be even healthier!

    Thanks again for sharing, this website and listening. it’s been a long, tiring haul. I hope what I’ve shared also helps others.


    • Amazing to hear that!

      You are correct, if you went vegan the acidity of your body would go down, which provides for faster healing. adding other wonderful things, such as kelp, dulse, maca root powder, spirulina and chlorella would only speed up the healing process. Tons and tons of greens smoothies would be a must.

      I am sure that you can do it, if you made the decision. Either way, I wish you only the best.

  • Original comment left by Cami on

    Congratulations Elena!!but how do you get enough protein on a daily basis if you don’t eat tofu? I’m vegan but don’t suffer from hypo and almost everyday i have to put in my smoothie a pea or rice protein because i’m always on the run and don’t get enough protein! oh and I also eat tofu once a day.

    • Cami, thank you. I think that our needs for protein are often misunderstood. I am a very active person myself–I am a professional fitness trainer, yet I do not go out of my way to look for protein supplementation as I find that there is more than enough of it in my daily diet.

      According to the WHO [World Health Organization] our protein should make up only about 6% of our daily diet, while most Americans consume upwards of 20+%. The protein that we needs comes from legumes, brown rice, dark leafy greens, etc.

      I had published a couple of articles on demystifying the topic of protein a few months back. You can find them by copying and pasting these links in your browser: and I hope you find them very helpful.

      For more great articles pertaining to vegan nutrition and living make sure to subscribe to the Newsletter [on the right hand side of this blog].

  • Original comment left by Eve on

    Hi Elena,
    My mom has hypothyroid and since it’s genetic I’m at risk. Should I be careful about what I eat? I mean, I eat a lot of spinach and kale because of macular degeneration problems running in my family, I also drink a cup of organic soy milk every morning. I ‘m fine right now but I’m afraid over time I might develop Hypo. What do you suggest? Thanks a lot.

    • Eve, I am very skeptic to believe that hypo condition is genetic. I come from a family of 14 kids and I am the only one in my family that developed [and subsequently reversed ;)] hypo condition.

      If I were you I would avoid ANYTHING with hormones and chemicals in it: that would include animal products, even the ones raised organically, since they inherently carry that animal’s hormones in it; non-organic foods; I would avoid non-stick cookware, as it alters our hormones; as well as plastic and fluoride and chloride in any form, as both are detrimental to the health of the thyroid gland. That is my personal approach.

      I would also suggest blending your greens [making them into green smoothies] as they are then easier absorbed by your body for maximum benefit. Also, as I mentioned in my previous comments, rotate spinach and kale with other greens that you can blend. Eating too much of the same thing would limit the benefit factor as you would be restricted to same vitamins over and over again.

      Overall, if you keep to a well balanced, preferably vegan, whole foods unprocessed diet and consume a lot of greens you will be on your way of avoiding the regenerative problems as well, most of which stem from hormone imbalances [from my personal research].

      Hope this helps.

  • Original comment left by Snlissa on

    Hi Elena, I’ve start drinking green smothie every mornings and I love my kale recipe smoothie but found out it could be goitrogen. So how many time a week you suggest me to drink my kale smoothie? and how much Dulse you put in your green drink? And also, I put hemp oil in my drink but you stay away from oils, why?

    One last question, what about tofu, do you eat some?

    • Snlissa, I like kale as well, along with cabbage, collard greens, broccoli and other foods that could potentially be claimed as goitrogens. I always suggest rotating greens and having a balanced diet. When your diet is balanced you would not have to worry about overeating one thing. So, if you had kale this week, rotate it with other greens and by the time you are done with: chard, lambsquarters, parsley, cilantro, dandelions, etc. it might be 1-2 full weeks or more before you come back to kale. So you would naturally end up eating smaller amounts of foods that you might be concerned about but are amazing for your health. I have not had any issues with doing the same thing and my TSH keeps going down.

      I normally add 1 tbsp of kelp or dulse flakes to my smoothies every other day, or you can do it every day. I find what I do sufficient for me. I would also strongly suggest adding maca root powder to your smoothies–it’s an adoptogen that will help you with balancing hormones. You can do 1 tbsp every day or every other day.

      The reason I advise against concentrated oils is because it is oils, and it is concentrated, which means it is not found in that form in nature and it would take a LOT of hemp to produce 1 tbsp of hemp seed oil. So, I would rather add hemp or flax seeds to my smoothies than oil. In addition to that we, as it, already have too much oils in our diet, as Americans–we use oil and grease in everything. So, if you use oil to saute your veggies you already get plenty. You can also get oils from eating avocados and nuts.

      I avoid tofu, except on rare occasion. There is too much soy in our food as it is–it is practically in everything. I do eat very small portions of vegan mayo and sour cream that contains some tofu, but that’s it. So, small portions far and wide between. Plus most tofu that is sold is in plastic-which is very harmful for all, but especially for everyone with hypo condition; and has been preserved in some form of chlorine, which is EXTREMELY harmful to thyroid. So, I avoid it at all cost, except as i mentioned.

      Hope this helps.

  • Original comment left by Moe2Love on

    That’s great! =) I also have a question. I’ve done some looking around on reversing hypothyroidism with raw food, and I came upon some articles about avoiding goitrogens in certain raw foods, because they block your thyroid from producing hormones properly. One of the articles is here:
    and it lists some foods to stay away from. This seems like a trustable source, but what has your experience been with this so far?

    • Moe2Love, when I first started my war against hypothyroidism I was also concerned with such foods, since I came across similar lists. What I found, however, is that it was untrue, at least in my case. For you to be concerned with such foods you would have to intake unreasonable amounts of them for prolonged periods of time in order for them to affect you. When eaten in regular size portions, while rotating with other foods, I found that such foods did not interfere with my healing; and I still get to enjoy my favorites: cabbage, spinach, kale and fruits. When it comes to oils general rule is to stay away from them as much as possible for general health reasons.

  • Original comment left by Em on

    Hi Elena!!! Please help!! I desperately need help!! I have been taking levothryoxin since august 24 till now. The first month was okay august to september i had no sideeffects except i missed by period. But now in october i feel soo horrible.. The medicine is giving me stomach aches, diarrhea, and constipated. I feel as if i ate some rotten food and it my body is trying to get rid of the toxins. I feel awufl. My main concern is I want to STOP taking the medicine, but what is the safe way to do it. If i just stop, it will be such a drastic change, do i start making the green veggies to prep my thyroid. Then stop or what. I really am confused. I delayed taking the medicine till this aftertoon and i feel my heartbeat racing. SO i am SCARED and i don’t know how to stop it. Please help me!!!!!!

    thank you

    • Em, I am not a doctor and cannot tell you to get off or stay on meds–I would be sued if I did that… but I CAN tell you what I did and what I would do personally if I were in your situation.

      Questions to ask yourself now: am I feeling better on this medication than I felt before getting on it? It is helping me feel better overall? Is it improving my quality of life?

      If the answer is NO to any of these… IF THIS WAS ME, I would get off it ASAP. I would tell my doc [I would call, because I would not want to go in just to be given another med], and then I would take control of the situation myself, just like I did. I took the responsibility of getting better into my own hands. I cut out any foods that would bring hormones into my body [that would be all animal foods], included a lot of greens in a form of blended green smoothies, supplementing with natural foods that are good for thyroid: kelp, dulse, maca root powder, etc. [I add these to my smoothies]. I improved my overall diet by consuming a lot of raw [uncooked] veggies and fruit. I also started to exercise to get better blood flow, and started doing Power Yoga [non-meditative kind] to increase blood supply to my thyroid, and… above all else, I believed that I could get well and prayed to God daily for my healing. Now, less than 4 years later I am well and thriving. Medication free.

      As I mentioned before, when I was initially diagnosed I could not even reach a menses on my own. The medication I was given to help me along, I was supposed to be on it for only 5 days, drove me to insanity and deep depression in less than 3 days. I got off it immediately, after calling my doc, and have not taken anything since then, except for 2 weeks of Armour Thyroid [the most natural thyroid med out there], which had proven to be useless, but at least I had no immediate side-effects on it.

      The best advice I could give you is to do what I did and what I just talked about. The reason I can say that is because it worked for me and for others. But, I hope you do understand that I do have to state the disclosure once again: I am not a medical doctor, so I cannot give you a medical advice, so read what I am saying, examine it, and make your decision.

      I hope you get well soon, and please do get in touch with me with whatever you decide. You will be on my mind today, Em. Wishing you perfect health!

  • Original comment left by Alex Miller on

    Hi Elena,

    I am a 27 year old male here. Had many of the life issues you had such as prolonged high amounts of stress and lack of sleep (also averaging 4 hours per day) in the past year. As the stressful situation was resolved, my health did not improve as I always felt tired no matter how many hours of sleep I had, even 12hrs! and was always lethargic and suffering from some short term memory loss like misplacing things. I also have “electrical zaps” in my body which causes whichever part of my body that gets a random zap from time to time to flinch like arms or legs.

    I tried Vitamin B Complex, Zinc, Magnesium etc and none of them seemed to work. I went to the doctors and explained what was happening to me and had a few blood tests done. Everything was fine except my thyroid ranges which were said to be “slightly abnormal”.

    I was told there was nothing they can do until my thyroid condition worsens and when it does they will give me thyroxine. I absolutely don’t want to go on to thyroxine or other medication and want to heal my thyroid naturally.

    First thing is to obviously change my diet to include more greens as per your advice Elena, secondly, are Sea Kelp tablet (300ug) supplements ok?

    • Alex, sorry to hear about your issues. I totally can relate. I also suffered from memory losses and nerve twitches. As my condition worsened so did both of those. B6 is a good supplement to take as well as B5 [for nerves]. With supplements, though, you might have to take them for longer periods of time to make sure to see results. Average is 3-6 months.

      I found liquid magnesium spray in combination with B6 to be helpful to get rid of night sweats and to sleep better. I am still using some forms of B5, as my body is continuing to heal.

      If taking supplements make sure they are not synthetic, as that would harm your body even more in the long run. You can call companies to ask how they make their supplements–they have to disclose that by law.
      I hear you about not wanting to take medication. I tried it and it was horrible [for only 5 days]. I was also prescribed Armour Thyroid [supposed to be the most natural thyroid medication out there] and took it for about 2-3 weeks a while ago but found it of no help, so I stopped it.

      Kelp, as well as dulse, are great supplements. I prefer to take them in their natural form–dulse, as leaves of flakes in my smoothies, kelp as flakes, although it’s a bit crunchy. You can also indulge in nori sheets. Make sure to get off table salt, though, and switch to either sea or Himalayan salt to help your body heal.

      I also started doing power yoga [the non-meditative kind] since it has a lot of inverted poses that encourage blood flow to the thyroid gland.

      With diet, tons of blended greens, a lot of fresh [uncooked foods] and exercise you will be on the way to improving your health.

      I would also strongly urge you to get off all dairy products, as it is harmful, and cut out meat as much as possible from your diet. IF you choose to continue with meat consumption make sure it is organic, otherwise you will be pumping hormones into your body, which will mess with thyroid function.

      For disclosure I do have to state that I am not a medical doctor and my advice comes from personal experience and research.

      I hope your health gets better soon. I can tell you that I am a living proof that it is possible.

      Make sure to sign up for the Newsletter on this blog, since I often write about topics that would help you with further improving your health.

      All the best!

  • Original comment left by Rachel on

    Hi Elena! I just had a baby six months ago and have gone through symptoms in my body that I could not explain. Someone told me that I might have a thyroid problem and should get it checked. The depression and other symptoms got so bad that I decided to check with my ob to rule out post partum and she tested me. It came back positive for hypothyroidism and she said my thyroid is WAY out of whack, her words. Should I take the drugs she is going to prescribe for me? Let me know what you think? My email …. I need some guidance.

    • Rachel, I am sorry to hear about your trouble. I truly am. It is not fun to feel that way at all. I will try to shoot you an e-mail later on today or tomorrow as I have time.

  • Original comment made by Em on

    Hi Elena!

    I have just recently like last month been diagnosed with hypothyroidsm. I have directed by the docotor to take levithyroxin and continue to take it for the rest of my life! I really help to reverse the diagnosis. I am 20 years old female and i know i can change it through diet and exercise, living a healthy life. Reading your blog gave me a sense of encouragement and a positive outlook to my diagnosis. I have not been taking care of my body at all.

    I am currently 105 pounds 5’5, so i am underweight and lave a low body mass index. I have been skipping meals, sleeping late waking up for class early so not enough sleep, and stressing about exams and other negative stress. I am a college student so i am overwhelmed by school and I have not been making the right choices for a few years. Now i have to face the consequences for my sick lifestyle. I want to change my lifestyle to eating more healthy to get my body back to my healthy self. My thyroid levels were normal and my blood everything was in the normal range until this year. My thyroid level was 5.6 and i took the levithryoxin for 1 month and the levels are now at 2. My menstrual cycle is now beginning to skip around, skipping a month. It never did that before i used to get it every month but now I skipped last month and still waiting for it to come this month. My hair is brittle, dry and falling out. My eyes are getting really tired especially when i use the computer. Its a daily struggle to keep my energy levels up, so it makes it hard for me to be get everything done. I really to improve my lifestyle, I need your advise.

    Thank you!

    • Emily, sorry to hear about your problems. From what I am hearing you already know the source of your troubles. That is how it all started with me: stress, lack of sleep, more stress, etc. and eventually birth control made it so bad I could not even function. It was realizing what I was doing wrong and changing my lifestyle, along with diet and exercise that helped me to get things back to normal.

      I am no doctor, but I can tell you that taking medication [and this is my opinion from personal experience] will not reverse the problem, only cover it up and, at times make it worse. It is really more like a band-aid on a big wound. What you need is a good clean up of your lifestyle and your diet and starting to manage your stress differently, as long as bring your body in order. 105 lbs is very light for your frame. I am your height and I find that at least 115+ lbs is good weight for me… We need a little bit of fat to have normal cycles [talking about females, of course :)]. We also need good nourishment and good stress techniques.

      I had been a student at one time, carrying over 20 credits and working 2 jobs, so I know it can be tough. What you have to do is realize that you have only one body… but you have your whole life to get your education, so plan accordingly.

      If I can be of any further help, shoot me an e-mail..

  • Original comment made by Dawnee on

    Hello Elena, I was just wondering how you determined what was the cause of your issues. I have always been a small frame, 112-118 even after having my two kids. The past three years I started to gain weight and feel a little more sluggish. My last annual check up, I asked to have my thyroid checked. My TSH level was 10.29. Right now I am an ample 138lbs and have been killing myself to lose some weight buy find all I can do is maintain. I have recently gone off BC and fear it might have been the reason for the thyroid problem (too many years of hormones, 16 to be exact). How do I pinpoint where the problem is to focus on reversing it. Thanks!

    • Dawnee, it is a great question.

      I pinpointed the onset of my problems to the beginning of undue emotional stress for a very extended period of time, followed by me getting on BC [birth control] and more emotional stress.

      Once I got off BC and addressed the root of emotional stress, I started to heal. Then I got stock! Once I changed my diet to a plant based diet my body started to heal qiucker. The weight came off with it and exercise. I melted off over 40 lbs altogether. It took time and patience. I also nourished my thyroid with sea weed [I add dulse to my smoothies regularly].

      Key things for me were:
      1. getting off BC
      2. eliminating stress [the unnatural kind ;)]
      3. changing to a plant based diet
      4. adding TONS of greens to my diet, mostly through green smoothies
      5. adding sea weeds to my diet, eliminating regular table salt [I use either sea or Himalayan nowadays]
      6. getting of gluten for a while

      These combo got me well! I pray you can follow the same path and get same results… and even better 😉

      I know how hard it is to fight be bulge at no fault of your own, except for getting myself in the predicaments that led to the problem.

      Best of all!

  • Original comment posted on by Garry Bradley:

    As a 40s male, I found Doctors & Endos alike were VERY disinterested when I complained of weight gain, hair loss & dry skin. They were all too quick to blame middle age. None wanted to hear how ALL of these symptoms happened virtually overnight along with my commencement on Thyroxin. Fed up with how it made me feel, I kicked it to the curb a week ago (I know that’s a no-no, I’m not saying anyone should do that, but THAT’S how fed up I was!!) and now I’m continuing with Ayurvedic supplements I’ve researched online. I’m feeling better than I’ve felt for ages, fingers crossed it continues.

    • Garry, I feel your pain–totally! I am glad you are taking your health into your own hands. I am glad that I did! Like I always say–you are your best advocate!

      Start including tons of greens [you can make green smoothies] into your diet, and sea weeds to take your health to another level. You will need to replenish all of those missing minerals.

  • Original comment posted by S Young on

    Wow that is awesome. My symptoms are the same, my diagnoses is the same, it started when I was pregnant and gained 95 lbs and have only been able to loose 50. I was told I am borderline and I need to watch it. I knew there was something wrong when my hair kept falling out. Thank you for sharing your story.

    • SY, there is a way out of that torture. I am a living proof. Every day I remember better and better how good it feels to feel NORMAL! and it is amazing.

    • erna

      Hello-Elena! God is good all the time…! I am thankful for having come across your blog — you’re a God-sent!!!  In 1987 I had Thyroid Eye Disease and was prescribed to take anti-thyroid hormone until 1998… that year I was advised to undergo radioactive iodine therapy and then again in 2005 and I was placed on a hormone replacement therapy until now and hosts of other medicines…  I am now hypo and gained about forty pounds. My body aches, lethargic, and weak… I walk 10 minutes a day to get a ride to the office. My right eye is teary all the time and it aches a lot… I wonder if you’ve come across with someone who’s got the same kind of thyroid as mine. I know that Thyroid Eye disease or Graves disease is Hyperthyroidism but after RAI the condition reversed and I’m now Hypo autoimmune thyroiditis..  would the diet you took good for me too? I am drinking Pure Barley from new Zealand. A  kind of Barley taken from young Barley Grass. Iam taking Vit D, Omega 3,  Vit E and Vit C. I have reflux and I have it quite often. I’ve stop eating red meat and pork for a long time except chicken breast part.. and most of the time fish with veggies.. still I’m not feeling good at all most of the time.. would your diet be helpful to me? I hope!!!  Again, thank you Elena… may God bless and prosper you more with good health and happiness! Pls. continue with this advocacy of yours…. Take care—- Erna

      • Hi, Erna! Sorry it took a while to get here–things are a bit busier with a newborn. 

        I feel horrible for what you are going through and it pains me that treatments don’t really treat anything in the end. I personally had never heard of thyroid eye disease, however, I have an inkling that a diet like mine and B12 therapy could help you at least improve your condition if not treat it. I especially strongly believe that you can get rid of your reflux altogether. If you follow the type of diet I teach in my boot camps (basically what I eat) and do it for a while, I would expect nothing but improvements to whatever degree you can possibly achieve them. Please let me know if you need a clarification on any of this or have any further questions. 

  • Original question posted by Liz on

    Really interesting. Both my daughter and I are hypothyroid and are having bad side effects with Synthroid (especially my daughter) so I am looking for ways by which we can get off it. My TSH was 76 so I have a way to go but I do believe it is possible.

    I was pregnant too and inevitably lost the baby. The doctor told my husband that it was nothing to do with my thyroid (because basically the doctors kept telling me there was nothing wrong with me until I begged them to check my thyroid) and he also said that my hypothyroidism had been ‘very mild’ It was only when I asked for my blood test results that I realised how bad it had been. Up until that point my other half thought I was a bit of a wimp for saying how rubbish I felt. Anyway, I am now on Nature-throid (and so is my daughter) and we feel a lot better than we did on Synthroid. But once we get back on track health-wise (my daughter also has T1 diabetes which she is managing without insulin, so all a bit of a balancing act as we both also have adrenal fatigue) we will cut that down over time and hopefully get off it altogether. It is really good to know that other people have done it.

    • Liz, I do not regret going the natural route! No side effects, just patience. It paid off. My body is working amazingly now compared to where I used to be. I am loving my life once again.

      Get as much fresh food in your daily intake as you can–that is the best source of vitamins and minerals to start restoring your depleted banks. Fresh [raw] foods are full of them and are easily digestible. I understand how you must have felt. 76 and you were still operating? That’s amazing. You are a trooper. Please keep me posted on your progress.

      I am also glad that your daughter is working on taking care of T1 naturally. You/she might benefit from watching this documentary:

  • Original question posted by Sandra70 on

    Hi I was looking on how to reverse this hypothyroidisim doctors didnt tell me that i have it but im assuming that i do. when i went to doctors and told him that my hair was falling and i said not a little bit but everytime i comb or wash my hair it would be full on the tub or on my brush, told him that i was feeling tired and that my joints especially my knees were hurting bad. well he sent me for labs 1st came there was imflamation or infection somewhere in the body so he sent me for second set of blood work my good cholesterol was a little low my tryglecerides were a little high and my tsh was 4.9 so i told him so what do i have he said oh everything looks good i would just keep an eye on your tsh so lets wait until october to send you for labs again. i dont want to wait i feel worst everyday have to use my lunch break at work to go and take naps in my car cause i feel beat. and he wants me to wait for what so it can get higher. so i started researching online and came upon your posts. i when and bought me a multivitamin and calcium with minerals and vitamin D but when i take them my knees hurt more dont know why. where can i purchase these sea weed and the salts i did go on a diet six weeks body make over and lost 20 pounds gain 6 back but went back on the diet last week. i too have been going thru alot of stress since 2004 my husbands 2 back surgeries and him too not wanting the hospital staff to do his care, then not fully recovered from his last back surgery he was diagnosed with lukemia in 2006 icu for 27 days probabilities of him surviving Drs said 0. on the 28 day he came thru and today is living in remission thanks to GOD. but i took all the stress and beat my body down to the point that i couldnt take no more. not taking care of myself to take care of the family cause at this point my income was the only income until he got his disability a year later i had to take on a partime job so i was leaving my house at 5am returning at 10pm. when things were getting a little better i needed emergency surgery hysterectomy and 3 weeks after that gallbladder surgery and recession that put my income well below the poverty level know this sluggish tired aching feeling that i cant not take i have always been very active and sitting of laying around doing nothing is killing me… i do not want to go on meds i want to be able to reverse this so i can go back to the person i once was.. im constantly worried about my bills and if i will be able to pay them the next month it petriffies me that i will loose my house and i thinks thats why i havent started to get better cause this stress is eating at me…i hope to be able to do this that you mention here and regain my health back.

    • Sandra, wow… I am literally sitting here in tears for you. I have been there and know the pain all too well. Taking care of others is hard. Being the sole provider and the primary caregiver is very hard. Having the weight of the world on your shoulders…. well, that is nearly impossible to bear.

      Let me start by saying this–you are doing the right thing by taking charge of your health. Doctors told me for years that I was OK while my body was telling me otherwise. I had to learn to listen to ME! I was and am my best health advocate. Physicians are still limited in their knowledge.

      The reason that you are not reacting well to the supplements you got, especially calcium, is most likely due to the fact that they are not of clean plant origin. If calcium is derived from sea shells or something of sorts it cannot be absorbed by your body and is very acidic. As such it robs your body of calcium to buffer acidity instead of bringing viable calcium into your body. My advice… rely on plants to get your calcium. Raw greens are full of them.

      Now to dieting. The problem I see with it is that unless you are planning to change your diet once and for all it can be dangerous to diet. If you yo-yo with your diet and do not keep up with a healthy, unprocessed whole foods diet the body will get hurt more than benefit from it. I would suggest switching to a whole foods, unprocessed plant-based [or as close to it as possible] diet, high in raw [uncooked] foods and intaking tons of greens, preferably in a blended form [as in green smoothies]. This kind of diet is sustainable and will help you gain your health back.

      The way I reversed my problems was gradual, but I avoided medication and learned to take care of myself in the process. I still have a little ways to go–my latest TSH test came at 1.66, which is fantastic compared to the 4.9 I had only 3 years ago.

      You also have to look for ways to reduce stress to a minimum in your life. Just realize that by stressing and worrying about your bills you will get no closer to paying for them than if you did not stress. You have to get to a point when you let all things go. I know it is hard to imagine, but that is where a relationship with God [Jesus] proved to be more than crucial for me. He helped me realize that He is the only one that can control a stressful situation through the presence of his Holy Spirit in my life and heart. When I realized that I cannot change a situation but can change myself in a situation things started to change and I started to get better. If you don’t have a spiritual walk with God, I would strongly suggest it. And I would also strongly suggest finding a great support system of people that will care about you. They might not be able to pay your bills, but finding people who will listen to you, be there for you, pray for you and cry with you is very essential in the healing process.

      Once your diet is improving also consider exercising, as it will help with the oxygen flow in your blood and you will feel more invigorated with time.

      The seaweed that I use is dulse. It can be bought at any healthfood store or a Whole Foods super market, as well as online, and even Amazon. I also found that adding 1 tbs of maca root powder is very helpful in healing hormones in the body.

      You can find these foods and salt in my amazon store as well:

      I wish you all the best on this journey. I hope this helps. If you ever get to a point where you feel you would like more help I do offer on-line and over the phone one-on-one consults.

  • Original question submitted by Danielle, on

    Awesomeness! I am also “borderline” but I would love to know what your levels were and what they are now…

    Thanks for sharing. And I whole heartedly agree with you about the BC pill. Worst thing ever that happened to women, and society. I am a proud Catholic.

    • TSH was nearly 5 for me, last August it was at 1.66!

  • Eli

    Hey! I’m Eli and I’m 23 years old… and have so many health issues. Hypothyroidism is running in my family… and I’ve been having few symptoms over the years… I’ve found out about raw one year ago but still struggle at it buy I try to eat as healthy as I can. Would you recommend a green smoothie fast? I so want to feel better again… and I’ve tried SO MANY things… sigh…
    Thank you for this blog! I just found out about this site! 🙂
    PS: Sorry for my English, I’m French

    • Hi, Eli! Glad you stopped by.

      You might find it helpful to visit my old blog, where I originally posted this article, and read through all of the comments: Unfortunately not all of them transferred over.

      Eli, although a green smoothie fast might not quickly resolve your issues, I think it will be a good jump start to get your body detoxed. I also think that adding greens/green smoothies to your daily diet and foods like Maca Root Powder, will help your thyroid heal and repair. For me healing did happen overnight, but the longer I nourished my body the easier it became and my body slowly healed.

      Do visit the original post and read through all of the comments and my responses to them. I think it will help. And, by the way, your English is just fine :).

      Let me know what you decided to do and how you feel if you start making changes.

  • Elena

    Thanks for stopping by, Canadian friend. Yes, there is hope for us!!! Have you read Raw Family or Green for life? The author's husband was so hypo that he was not given long to live at all. The family went raw and he healed! Then they added greens and they thrived.

    Balance is the answer. Rotate your foods, rotate your greens and stay determined. Giving up is not an option as your body will need a chance to heal!

  • Anonymous

    Hello from Canada and thank you for this wonderful blog!! I also suffer from hypoT, dxd after unsuccessfully trying to get pregnant. Initially dxd with Graves which doesn't make any sense as I'm now on Synthroid which is for hypoT not hyperT…anyway, I'm working on intro'ing green smoothies to my family (including 2 little girls 🙂 ) and I was worried about goitrogenic veggies – basically every green thing mentioned above! It's great that you consumed those anyway with amazing results. It gives me hope! Thanks! [email protected]

  • Elena

    If anyone else leaves a message under this post and wants answers, please either check back or leave your e-mail address, so I can contact you! Hypothyroid is a serious condition and I would love to help you fight it and overcome like I did.

  • Elena

    Alison, Wow… my heart aches for you. I really know the pain of not feeling the way you see yourself. If you read ABOUT page on my blog you will see I went through a lot of what you are going through.

    I would love to help you take steps toward better health. It would take more time and support than a single answer on this post. You will need an ongoing support for sure—I’ve been there and done it. I would love to suggest for you to become a member of the Back to Eden forum, and in it we have a place {Lady’s Lounge} where we discuss such issues and I could provide more insight for you. There is a monthly membership fee of $10, but in my eyes it is SO worth it. If you feel that you can’t do it e-mail me [elena dot wilkins at gmail dot com].

    I hope to see you in Back to Eden so we can start helping you in the healing process. I am glad to report that I was able to reverse my problem and now we have a young lady on our forum who is dealing with hypo and is starting to experience some progress too.

  • Anonymous

    I have hypothyroid and started taking 25mcg of Levothyroxine in Oct. I still do not feel like my old self. I am a single 34 yr old mother of two little girls and I feel the stress of being a single parent has caused my health to deteriorate.

    I have had multiple CT scans and an endoscopy to discover I am dealing with Gerd, Kidney Stones, and a Hernia which are all probably contributing to my constant palpitations, shortness of breath, hair loss and thinning. Before being diagnosed as hypothyroid the skin on my face changed. It was and still is to some extent red and dry. I used to be so beautiful and now I don't even recognize myself in the mirror. The shape of my face has changed so much.

    I have started exercising for 15 minutes a day and cutting down my calorie intake to try and lose weight. I want to feel and look better again but I don't know where to start. I hate taking the Levo everyday.

    Can you help me in determining where I should start in healing myself?


  • …this sounds like me. But I am at the worst right now. I am for a vegan diet I have done it before. Just do not know where to start.

  • Elena

    My pleasure, Amanda… and my duty 🙂

  • poweredbytheson

    Thank you for sharing this Elena!

  • Elena

    Becca, my greens vary all the time. Here are the ones i tend to use the most, since this is what I find at my farmer's at the local supermarket:
    1. Spinach [different varieties]
    2. Bokchoy
    3. Rainbow Chard
    4. Broccoli Greens
    5. Dark leaf lettuce [different varieties]
    6. Beet Greens
    7. Lambsquarters
    8. Celery
    9. Kale [different varieties]
    10. Parsley
    11. Mint
    12. Basil
    And whatever other edible greens I can find. You can even use Carrot Greens once in a while. Just make sure that your greens are edible, and preferably ORGANIC.

    You are welcome, Becca. Glad you stopped by!

  • Becca

    P.S. What sort of greens do you put in your smoothies to keep them varied and not eat the same ones each day?

    I know it is not good to eat the same ones over and over and also with the thyroid to avoid eating the "forbidden" ones over and over.

    Thanks, Elena!

  • Brave China Doll

    Thanks so much, Elena! It sure does help. I love spinach and strawberries, so was afraid I could never eat them again. And, kale is so nutritious! It's all in moderation.

    I am hopeful to get off my 50mcg of levothyroxine. Recently, I was able to go down to 25mcg, but then had to go back up on the dosage.

    The funny thing is, I never had any of the symptoms of hypothyroidism.I found out about it because I experienced infertility and my cycles were crazy. I was then diagnosed with PCOS as well. All hormonal issues.

    My liver enzymes (ALT) and (AST) also yo-yo from in range to out of range and and are currently out of range. I drink zero alcohol and rarely if ever take any sort of tylenol, etc. It's a mystery.

    Do you know if this is related to the thyroid? Do you think it could be helped by diet?

    I eat very healthfully and am a runner but just want to make sure I am eating the right healthy stuff to help with my issues.

    Thanks Elena! Your blog is so helpful!

    [email protected]

  • Elena

    Becca, I certainly do. When I started my healing journey I was scared by a lot of the same things: don't eat cabbage [which I love], don't eat broccoli [which I don't love, but still eat], don't eat soy [which I don't eat anyway], etc. What I found was that as long as I kept a balanced diet and a stress free life [as much as possible ;)] my body was recovering. I still ate my cabbage, still blended broccoli greens, and I once in a while had vegan sour cream made with soy. Because my diet was so rich in many various foods, I ended up eating these things only once every week or every other week, so there is no danger in OVERconsuming one specific food.

    What we don't realize sometimes is that hypothyroidism is caused not only by foods but also our lifestyle choices: stress [mental, physical, etc. which cause hormone imbalance, which in turn causes hypo- condition], medications, and food. So, we have to look at the totality of our lifestyle and balance all of it out. The reason I know is because that is what I had to do to bring about healing to my body. And I am telling you, when I saw my original test results, when I was diagnosed border-line hypo, my TSH level was nearly 5.00, and then only 2 years later with diet and lifestyle changes it was 2.1 [normal TSH should be no more than 2, in spite of what you might have been told], so I know what I am doing is working. I am actually waiting on my latest blood results to find out what my current TSH, T3 and T4 are, so I can barely wait.

    I hope it helps you, Becca.

  • Brave China Doll

    Hi there,

    I have mild hypothyroidism and just started enjoying green smoothies. Everything I read says to stay away from many of the greens that you place in smoothies if yuo have hypothyroidism.

    Any advice?

    Thanks so much!

  • Elena

    shilpz, this whole blog is about the diet that helped me to reverse the evil disease. I also have a report that I can e-mail you, if you subscribe to the newsletter (top right of the page) or send me your e-mail address.

  • shilpz

    hi could u give an insight into the diet you have for reversing your thyroid

  • Anonymous

    So much of this blog resonates with what has been happening to me. I could write a book on it right here! I have to take thyroxine for my hypothyroidism and am wondering if I can still reverse it even so. I eat almost Paleo, being gluten and dairy free, sugar free, yeast free, and caffeine free.

  • Elena

    Anonymous, not sure who you are but I totally hear and feel your pain. I have not described even half of the pain that I had experienced dealing with hypothyroid.

    Low iron can be fixed with proper food intake–if you abide by a healthy vegan, unprocessed diet the foods are loaded with good iron and you will be sure to have enough.

    The weight issue is related to the hypo condition for sure. I remember working out like crazy and being unable to lose any weight, until I took the time to nourish my thyroid back to normal. One thing that you must do is give it time and be patient–it took me a year and a half, after diagnosis and changes in my diet to bounce back to normal and test as "normal" thyroid (it might have been less time, I just did not test until 1.5 years later, but I did feel a huge difference within a year).

    What I would recommend is replenishing minerals that are very important to your thyroid–stress and bad diet and other health issues deplete them. What you will find is that, although supplements are helpful for a period of time, they are still processed to extract few precious minerals from them. The best thing to do is to add foods that will help you heal and slowly, as you will no longer have need for them, wean off supplements. I only take kelp caps every couple days now–but that is simply sea vegetable.

    As far as goitrogenic foods are concerned, and I am not sure what you were told, but most of the thing people are afraid of did not cause a problem with me. I know that some of the cruciferous vegetables are believed to be goiterogenic, such as brocolli, cabbage, also peanuts, soybeans. I found that vegetables, when eaten sparingly, in their raw form and in moderation did not cause any problems. I did stay away and still do from all soy based products (in the US that would include most processed foods, as they are laden with soy hidden under various names), meats, since they are plumped up with soy, and a lot of cattle is also fed soy, and peanuts. I totally stay away from peanuts, since peanut is really a legume and not a nut and has two many issues in the process of being farmed.

    If you stay away from animal products, of if you choose to have them, have in moderation, except dump all dairy. If you choose to eat meats still, you have to make sure you know how it is raised. Get as much fresh produce as you can in your diet: fruits, veggies, etc. and cut back on wheat or completely get it out of your diet–I can promise that you will see a huge difference in your well being… given time of course. If you read through my blog you will find posts talking about detoxing your body and how it happens.

    All the best to you… next time feel free to e-mail me through the profile page (on the right of the blog).

  • Anonymous

    Hi, Your information is very positive and encouraging. I just got back from my naturopath and she is putting me on a T-100 supplement to support they thyroid. I was diagnosed with a hot nodule on my thyroid 17 years ago. After having radio-iodine treatment, it went a bit hypo. Of course, I gained some weight. I was diagnosed about 5 years with low iron. Not sure if the thyroid issue has anything to do with that. also, in the past 3 years, I've been losing hair. i had beautiful thick hair. Now, I really notice a difference. I'd say it's about half. So if you can recommend anything I'd appreciate it. Also, I was told by the naturopath to avoid certain foods as they inhibit a healthy thyroid. Do you know much about this? Thanks.

  • Elena

    Dear, Anonymous, my heart is breaking for you. I know all too well how hard things like these can be on a marriage. I know how it is to go through doctor after doctor and they all don't really care about what is happening to your body as long as they can give you another prescription.

    My advice to you, since I do not have your contact, is to go on a very clean unprocessed diet, perhaps even a juice fast for a couple of weeks, and find a good Naturopath that specializes in situations like this. If you happen to read this post again, e-mail me and I will give you a contact to one such ND.

  • Anonymous

    Thank you so much for writing this. I have been on the same quest for a few months and being my own patient advocate despite being urged to be on BC to regulate my anytime period. I was bleeding for 6-7 days then off for 6-7 days for over 3 months and now have switched to howabout now for a few days and then nothing for who knows? You know what I'm saying. Go to get ready to take the kids swimming and then….ahhh sorry kids. I'm scheduled for a hysterectomy in two weeks to my relief. I also suffer from Peripartum Cardiomyopathy so I cannot have anymore children safely. I was on antidepressant medicine and proceeded to gain over 22 pounds on my already crazily obese body. So as a result, I now have a heel spur and osteoarthritis in my joints. My husband is not supportive and is tired of me being "broken" all the time, which really hurts my feelings. None of this is my fault. I have a TSH that is within normal range but towards the hypo end. I was diagnosed with Hashimotos thyroid disorder 7 years ago and have been being "watched" ever since. I finally convinced my MD to try some medication. What will it hurt? My marriage is in crumbles and I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired. I have switched over to a clean eating lifestyle and am weaning off of the processed foods. It has helped give me some self confidence that I am doing everything I can but it hasn't helped the depression as of yet.

  • Ginger

    So glad to have found your post. My doctor (naturopathic) upped my thyroid (diagnosed Hashimotos disease) dose but I feel worse. Also I've been wondering about the progesterone cream I've been using for several years for menopausal symptoms. Will keep eating right and trying to find out more info and hopefully one day I'll be off all medications, too. Thanks for sharing.

  • Kristen’s Raw

    YAY for Raw foods!

  • Elena

    Hanlie, so true–doctors, for the most part, don't know health–they know medicine, that is what they were trained in.

    As you cleanse your body, I wish you all the best. What you also need to know that hypothyroidism and estrogen domenance go hand in hand, so you should really investigate this topic further.

  • Hanlie

    What an inspiring story, Elena! I went back to read the story about your husband. It just goes to show.

    I hear you on the birth control – I have this conversation with so many people who are trying to conceive, but because of PCOS have irregular cycles. So their doctors put them on BC to bring on menstruation. No matter how many times I tell them that it's not healing the PCOS, so they're going backward instead of forward, they still believe the doctor who says that it's unhealthy not to shed the lining every month! Geez!

    I am very much my own doctor these days… Up until now I had no inkling that I might be hypothyroid, but suddenly (serendipitously) I came across quite a few articles listing the symptoms and I believe I may be borderline. I started taking kelp about three weeks ago (sea vegetable are not readily available over here, so I had to opt for a good quality supplement). I'm 4 days into a 21 day raw food cleanse, and the rest of the time we eat about 70% raw. I will beat this and my estrogen dominance too!

    Good luck to you for the remainder of your health challenges!

  • Elena

    Our bodies were created to be self-healing, for the most part. That is why we are able to grow new skin, improve vision, etc. So, why should it be different with any other disease? It's not!

  • Lupus Girl

    You are another astounding miracle that proves what you put in your mouth affects everything that goes on inside and outside your body! Welcome the the world of the healthy/healing body! ;0)))