I am Almost There (Vegan Pregnancy & Post Partum Weight Loss)

You know the myth going around that breast feeding helps women lose weight?! Well, it’s a bunch of baloney, you all! If it works for some out there, GREAT! but if it were really true, then all of my sisters would be stick skinny… but they AREN’T! I am an exception that the post partum weight retention/loss in my family.

I think that weight loss post pregnancy comes to these things:

  1. Eating healthy and exercising before and during pregnancy, and…
  2. Eating healthy and exercising after pregnancy (even if exercising has to be postponed for a while, like it is in my case)

I never expected a free ride for weight loss after Sprout was born, but I was not worried about it either.  See, although my sisters never went back to their pre-baby weight, none of them ate a whole foods plant based diet either. Before we immigrated to the US, our diet was pretty much a near vegetarian/vegan, preparing ALL of our meals ourselves (on eating out!) but the baked goodies and fried foods still affected their PP bods. I also think that it was socially accepted that a woman’s body will change after giving birth, so no one was in a hurry to hit a gym or get on a diet.

Thankfully for me, I did not have to worry about dieting, or, as much a I would have liked to, hitting the gym. While I am allowing my body to recover (contrary to my hopes of bouncing right back), my diet has proven to be the key to recovering my PP body :

female with toned abs, pregnant abs, post partum abs

(Almost there! As of this morning I am only .2 lbs away from my pre-pregnancy weight.

Just a bit more to let the skin tighten and drop another pound or so under belly skin, and then it is all about hitting the gym.)

If you have been reading my blog long enough, you know this girl IS NOT about dieting–I like my delicious foods too much to give it up, and I would not do it, especially because I am breast feeding my Sprout and she needs all the best of me that she can get.

By the way, she is growing more and more beautiful every day. She has stolen my heart completely:

vegan baby, mother with a child, mother talking to a child, vegan weight loss

(this is an animated image; if you are viewing it through email, you might have to click through to the blog to see all of the images in it)

Sprout has nearly doubled her birth weight already (she was born at 6 lbs 5 oz, although the 5 oz were fluids, so she dropped it in 4 days; as of today she is 11 lbs 4 oz! and chunky and lovely as ever). She does not cease to amaze me. I grew up around a LOT of kids and she is nothing like any infant I had ever seen–she is alert, she is already “talking” in her own language–I call it the GUMS; she holds her head up, although a tad wobbly still, and she already tries to stand when I am holding her up; not to mention that she likes to be awake most of the time, and unless I purposefully put her in a separate room to take a nap, she probably would stay up all day long.  Her lovely smiles melt my heart every single time :).

August Boot Camp Update

If I piqued your interest with my PP weight loss and eating, you can learn how you can do it for yourself in one of my Vegalicious Boot Camps, which are held monthly. I provide you with training, menu planners, recipes and a community support, which includes weekly calls with me.

If you considered enrolling in August Boot Camp, as of this morning I have only 1-2 spots left, so I am opening registration for September Boot Camp.  You can go to the Boot Camp page to enroll now to secure your spot (they are available on first pay, first serve basis).

August will be our largest group ever, and I am expecting nothing but the most amazing, aggressive success stories. You can read a few of the on the Boot Camp page.

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  • Reach09

    Love the Blog! And I’m not even Vegan….

    Great and very thorough information, Elena!

    Sprout just looks so adorable. You and Demetrye must be very proud…!

    Q. Do you believe in regular chiropractic sessions? Particularly in relation to pre and post pregnancy?

    I was seeing a chiropractor….seemed to really help me a great deal.


    • Hi, Adam! It’s ok not to be vegan and read my blog. Believe it or not, most of my readers start non-vegan and eventually, gradually make changes. A lot of those coming through my boot camps are coming off SAD (standard American diet). 

      Yes! I love chiropractors. At one point they really saved me–my back was a mess and after intense 6 months of treatments I was well again. And I do believe that everyone, including expectant and new moms should get adjusted. I am going for my appointment next week.  I also already take Sprout for her monthly adjustments. In fact, her chiro will be writing a guest post for me soon.