Life After Hypothyroidism | Healing Thyroid in Under 4 Months

With millions being diagnosed with hypothyroidism and other thyroid issues, the question every single one of them wants answered is: “Is my disease curable?”
Much to their disappointment, their doctors’ answer is always “NO! You cannot cure a thyroid condition.”
So, they try medications, which, as you might imagine, if you’ve been alive long enough, never work.
The medications DO yield better lab outcomes.
They DO make doctors happy.
However, when it comes to the patients, most times, medications end up being useless at best and, at their very worst, very harmful.
Once medications fail, these suffering souls start looking for other options:
  • surgeries
  • supplements
  • alternative healing methods
  • diets
  • and anything the can dig up on the world wide web.
I recently spoke with a mother of four who said that she felt guilty and disconnected from her kids, because she spends most of her time researching her disease.

Natali, a client of mine, was one of these beautiful suffering souls.
Medications, supplements, doctors, therapists…
And she still felt like her life was getting away from her.
Her Mom, Amelia, observed that her daughter became someone she could not recognize, a shell of the woman she had raised.
Natali’s illness was hard on her and her whole family.
However, in spite of being let down times and again, having tried everything she could get her hands on, Natali jumped feet first into our 360° Hormones program.
4 months later she was medication, supplement, doctor- and symptom-free.
In today’s episode, Natali, her Mom and I sat down to talk about not only Natali’s but their family’s journey to Natali’s better days.
These days, Amelia is excited to have her daughter back. She is excited to have seen her going from from spending days in her apartment, filled with anxiety and suffering with symptoms, to getting back to dreaming, spending time with family and friends, and starting a new career.
Take the time to listen, and then, if you, much like Natali, tried everything you could possibly imagine to get your health back, schedule a Discovery Call with our team to see if a symptom-free life is a possibility for you.

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