Can Maca Root Help Your Hormone Imbalance?

If you are suffering with a hormone imbalance you are constantly in search of that one thing that can make all the difference in the world for your health.

You go from doctor to doctor, hoping that one will finally be able to wave his magic wand and you walk out of his office with a clean bill of health.  When that doesn’t happen, and chances are, that never happens, you start searching the world wide web, in hopes of finding even a crumb of hope that there is something in this Universe that might relieve your symptoms, and get you out of your daily struggle with your sense of helplessness and hopelessness, your inability to function or even think straight, and finally give you one thing that you want the most–feeling like your normal self once again.

I know the feeling all too well, because I used to be in your shoes.

After my hypothyroidism, infertility and a pituitary adenoma diagnosis, I was willing to try anything natural to save myself from the hormone imbalance hell.

That’s how I came to hearing about maca root.

When I read about maca’s claimed ability to help balance hormones without negatively affecting them I had to try it.  I knew there would be no harm–it is a plant; so I had nothing to lose and much to gain, if it actually worked, so I decided to give it a go.

I was going to be my own guinea pig.

Today I want to tell you what I learned in my experiment and via working with clients who used maca to help balance their hormones.

Before I do, however, as any good storyteller, I want to start with a little bit of background and history, which, in maca’s case, is quite interesting.


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Maca Root History

Cultivated for thousands of years at elevations over 13,500-14,000 feet, maca had been an important food and medicinal supplement for villagers who inhabited the Peruvian highlands.

It has even been used as currency, and even in our modern times still is in some regions.

The Incas found maca so potent that the root was prescribed to warriors in preparation for battles to increase their strength and endurance.  It has been told that outside of war-time, however, warriors were banned from consuming maca due to its ability to increase the libido–a fact confirmed by modern science.  During peaceful times the consumption of maca  was restricted to be used only in the royal court.

When Spaniards conquered Incas, they became aware of maca’s value and collected tribute from the Incas in maca roots for export to Spain.  The Spanish royalty learned of maca’s benefits and used it as energy enhancer and for nutrition.

As the time went on, however, the knowledge of maca’s properties had been lost.  It was not until mid- 20th century that this potent plant was rediscovered and regained its place on the list of power plants.

Now we are ready to talk about maca root benefits.

Nutrition Profile

  • Maca is rich in quality carbs, which, combined with its alkaloids and other nutrients make it a great choice for sustained energy
  • Maca is loaded with bio-available plant protein that is easy for the body to assimilate
  • Maca contains relatively high levels of cellulose and lignan, both of which stimulate intestinal function.  Fiber is a key component to a healthy digestive and elimination system, and maca is loaded with it.
  • Maca contains 17 amino acids. These drive many cellular functions in the body including sexual and fertility functions.
  • 20 different free fatty acids have been found in maca.  They work to support cellular function. The most abundant fatty acids adding to maca’s nutritional value are linolenic acid, palmitic acid, oleic acid and steric acid.
  • Maca has vitamins:
    • B1–helps the body convert carbohydrates into energy.  Essential for good heart, muscle and nervous system function.
    • B2–important for body grown and red blood cell production
    • Vit C–supports anit-oxidant activity
    • Niacin–supports healthy circulation
  • Maca has minerals:
    • Calcium—maca contains higher levels of calcium than milk.  Calcium is crucial in bone development as well as for nerve and circulatory system health
    • Phosphorus—important for the hemostasis of calcium as well as for transmitting electrical stimuli for brain and muscle action
    • Magnesium—essential for the synthesis of protein and for muscle and nerve activity.   Crucial for heart health.
    • Potassium—works within the cells to help maintain healthy osmosis
    • Sodium—along with potassium can support positive circulation
    • Copper—supports enzyme health.
    • Zinc—helps in clarity of thought and mental function
    • Manganese—supports healthy growth
    • Iron—vital component of hemoglobin.  Supports health muscle growth.
    • Selenium—protects cells against free radicals.
    • Boron—supports proper metabolism.

59% carbohydrates, 10.2% protein, 8.5% fiber, 2.2% lipids.

Fertility Booster

There is more to maca, however!

If you search the web you will learn that maca enhances fertility. It works as an adoptogen* and is great for men and women alike. While it does not have any hormones of its own, it helps to balance hormones in each gender as the body needs it.

I know it is a tall order for such a small plant, and seems hard to believe, but I dug up a few studies to make sure of it for myself before I told you this. Here are a few of them.

  • Maca improved semen parameters in adult men–it improved sperm production and sperm motility (source) (No wonder Inca warriors were banned from consuming maca due to its ability to increase the libido!)
  • Maca uniquely enhances the LH serum levels of pituitary hormones in female rats. These findings support the traditional use of maca to enhance fertility. (source)
  • Randomized clinical trials have shown that maca has favorable effects on energy and mood, may decrease anxiety and improve sexual desire. (source)

*Adaptogen, by definition, is a substance which brings the body to a heightened state of resistance to disease through physiological health and brings balance

A Magic Hormone Healing Pill?

Is maca the magic pill you’ve been waiting for to get your hormones bouncy and happy again?

Here is my opinion.

If you eat a horrible fat laden, sugar loaded diet rich in animal products and hope that taking maca will solve all of your fertility and energy problems–it won’t happen!

Diet is always the first thing we should improve on before trying any other solutions!

However, a good whole food based supplement or an herb, unlike useless (or even harmful) extracted vitamins, might be a good addition to a well-balanced, health promoting plant-based diet.

In addition, I do not believe that there is one food that we can survive on and live off of–our entire diet must work in harmony to improve our health.  Not everyone will have access to maca, and, although, no one plant is alike, all having different nutrient profiles, the nutrients found in maca can also be found in other plants.  Of course, they might not be all found in the same plant, but each plant has its own super powers.

I have tried maca, and I can tell you that I have not had any negative side effects from it. I think it was a great addition to otherwise solid, health promoting diet.  Some of my clients and blog readers, on the other hand, swear by maca, seeing great improvements when using it.

So, if you have access to maca, like some of us do, there is no reason not to try it.

If you do not, do your best to find a combination of different plants to get the same nutrients you can add to your diet.

If your ears are perked up and you really want to give maca a try, I asked my friends at THE MACA TEAM company, who specialize in producing high quality organic maca (that’s where I get my supplies from), to offer a special deal to my listeners.

They were happy to extend 10% off offer!

If you want to take advantage of it, go to THE MACA TEAM site and use code (copy and paste):


to save 10% off your purchase.

The offer ends on Thursday, 9/8/2016.

They offer different kinds of maca powders—red, black and white; raw, gelatinized and encapsulated.

Since maca has a pungent taste, not everyone can stomach it.  I personally like gelatinized and encapsulated maca. It has a milder taste and smell.

They even have a guide on which maca might be best for you, and offer a sampler package of different macas.

To conclude—maca is not a magic bullet, but there is enough scientific and historic evidence to show that it has a few benefits for your hormones and can aid in improving overall health.

At the end of the day, the best way to help your hormones heal, is by making optimal dietary and lifestyle choices, all of which I teach during my webinars.

So, if you have a hormone imbalance, or need to make sure you don’t need a tuneup, don’t forget to sign up for this week’s 5 Step System to Healthy Hormone, namely healthy thyroid, webinar.

learn how to get the body and health you’ll love

receive health and nutrition tips, and delicious, waist slimming recipes

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  • Usman

    I need to buy maca root powder

  • Usman

    do you have Maca-root powder?

  • Sarah Greene

    Is red maca more expensive than regular type or the price is the same?

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  • timbluejim

    I ordered the Red Maca. Can’t wait to get it. I am excited to try it.

    • Let me know how it goes. Were you able to use the discount code?

      • timbluejim

        Sorry I did not respond sooner. Had no electricity, phone or internet for several days in the northeast. Yes, I was able to get the discount thank you. Will be starting the Maca root today.

  • Mandy

    Thanks again for the post and congrats to the winners! I just placed my order, though unfortunately I didn’t get the discount to work somehow. Looking forward to trying this new red and black maca on our trying to conceive journey!

    • Mandy, did you contact them to tell that you have a discount code? Did you use this link to order?

      I would contact them, let them know about the situation and get your 10% off!

      PS: I will also contact them to let them know.

      • Mandy

        I did, and they promptly responded and refunded my account the 10%! I’m very impressed so far. 🙂

        • So pleased to hear that!

  • Donna

    Wow, MACA helps with acne related to hormones. LOVE that!

  • Sylvia

    I had no idea there was more than one maca. Also that it muscle bulding (black maca) and skin clearing properties.

  • Priti

    BBP graduate

  • Priti

    Wow! I didn’t know that it came in 3 different colors and each with different properties! The Maca Team website was extremely informative and helpful. So many benefits all around beyond energy and libido.

  • MandyMandy

    I had no idea about the differences in color–that black was best for male fertility, red for female! We’ve been taking “regular” maca, but since I use it for hormone balancing, I will definitely have to switch us to this brand! Thanks for this post, whether I win or not! 🙂

  • Amy Maddy Swoope

    Helps with bone density and more energy-what woman doesnt want that?! Though I no longer wanna be ‘fertile’ 😉 I am coming up on pre-menopausal times. Great benefits all around! Am excited to try!

  • Ellen Boyd

    Also a BbP graduate 🙂

  • Ellen Boyd

    I didn’t know about the effects on mood and anxiety or actually how many areas it was beneficial.

  • Kimberly Lipscomb

    Maca aids in fertility in women and libido in men. This stuff is great.

  • Amanda

    Red maca is beneficial to women in so many ways! Increases libido and fertility, regulates periods, strengthen and lengthens hair AND makes your skin healthier. I’m definitely in for all of the above! Thanks for this opportunity and for the new knowledge. Oh and happy belated birthday! I’m new to your blog and love everything on here, may God continue to bless you and your family!

  • Amy V-H

    Thanks for the great post on this unique vegetable! I wish I could get some of the actual root to try. I’ll be looking for it. The hormone balancing benefits are exactly what I need being one of those women going through later life hormone chaos 🙂 The web-site had a lot of great information and I plan on trying the product win or not.

    • Amy, you are one of the winners. See announcement in the post and follow up as instructed to claim your prize.

  • Taisha Garcia

    Happy Birthday Elena! I hope you enjoyed with many blessings. Thank you for this opportunity for an amazing gift. I am very new to all this and am grateful that I can share with my 3 year old son. I’m 28 yrs old and suffer from asthma and hypothyroidism. I read that maca has excellent amounts of protein, amino acids, fatty acids, plant sterols, antioxidants and more. I’m praying that Maca will give me increasing strength and endurance. Can’t wait!

  • Leah Perkins

    I’ve been reading about maca root/ powder and most of what I had read about was that it boosted fertility & pregnancy. I wasn’t interested in either, so I didn’t really pay it much mind… till your giveaway post. I went over to The Maca Team’s website & found that maca is SO much more! Let me name a few things that I’m interested in about this product…

    -Reduced hormonal dysfunction during menopause & andropause
    -Balanced hormonal irregularities
    -Alleviated depression
    -Reduced anxiety and stress
    -Improved circulation leading to reduced anemia and faster wound healing

    I’m dealing with all of the above. I had a partial hysterectomy (they left my ovaries) a couple years ago & I’m still not ‘cured’ as I was promised. Whether I win thus giveaway or not.. I will be ordering from this company. Thanks for your honest product review.

  • Jill B

    I learned that taking Maca can be productive as a treatment for acne. I will have to try for my son who has a few problem areas with acne that no other products have worked. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Jordan Dunne

    I never knew maca had so many benefits! I learned that it lowers depression, anxiety, and increases energy and concentration.

  • Kelly

    I learned that gelatinized maca is easier to digest and more concentrated than raw maca so you need less of it.

  • charnetta

    Most intriguing is the help of fertility being that my husband and I have been trying for 7 years and really desire and trust God to conceive. Can you please send me more information????

  • Grammy Kathy

    I learned that Red Maca is the most effective type of Maca for general hormone balancing and for bone health. I’d like to try it! Happy Birthday Elena and thank you for the opportunity to win this wonderful product!

  • Tracey Brown

    I would like to try it for the benefit of the vitamins and energy. I stay anemic because of crohns disease and take alot of b12 and vitamins. This product sounds beneficial to me.

  • Sarah Cotter

    I had no idea there were different colors!

  • Denise Chumbley Delgado

    Happy Birthday! 🙂 Hope you are having a very blessed day. I never realized there were different types of Maca or all the great benefits! I use a raw cocoamaca blend in my smoothies, but would love to try this brand!! 🙂

  • eileenmorris62

    Thank you, Elena, for this wonderful website. I am fairly new to this wonderful vegan life and I have read and learned quite a bit from it. I learned a lot of things about maca, and I have been wanting to try it, so this was very timely, but the most interesting was that it can be given to children.

  • timbluejim

    First of all Happy Birthday!! :-). And thank you for giving US a gift on your birthday! I had never heard of Maca before. I am glad you have brought it to our attention because hypothyroid and post menopause are 2 things I am currently dealing with. And it is great to see that Maca can help with both things.

  • Guest

    First of all Happy Birthday!! :-). And thank you for giving US a gift on your birthday! had never heard of Maca before. I am glad you have brought it to our attention because hypothyroid and post menopause are 2 things I am currently dealing with. And it is great to see that Maca can help with both things.

  • KeriKeri

    Happy birthday! I learned that MACA improves energy and can help chronic fatigue syndrome and that it also improves skin tone.

  • Devi

    Happy B’day Elena! Hope you have a wonderful day!
    I learned that dried maca root contains about 16-18% protein. Did not know it was such a good source of protein!

  • Tim

    Many Happy returns Elena. I’m getting around to being more involved on your site. I feel that you provide so much valuable information. Thanks

  • vickykoen

    Happy Birthday to you!! I learned that the Raw Maca powder is a a
    whole food with all of the nutrients intact. Gelatinized Maca has had the starch removed by heating it which does destroy some
    nutrients, but is easier to digest. Raw Maca powders are best for you if you have a healthy digestive system but Gelatinized is best if you have digestive problems.

  • Christina Garrett

    Happy Birthday Sunshine!! Thank you for educating me on ALL the wonderful benefits of MACA. Before reading today’s post I was ignorant to what MACA was and what it is capable of doing for our bodies! At the age of 35 with a 10 year old daughter, I am actually considering having another child! To know that MACA can help me conceive, balance my hormones and is safe to take during pregnancy is AMAZING news!! Black MACA can also increase the size of the buttocks ;).

  • ljhook

    Happy Birthday!! I knew it was used for fertility but didn’t realize that it was also hormone balancing, in in hindsight makes sense – depression, fatigue, anxiety, acne ALL symptoms of hormone imbalance. Do you have suggestions ways to incorporating this into our diets other than smoothies?

    • ljhook, you are one of the winners. See announcement in the post and follow up as instructed to claim your prize.

      Other than in smoothies, I heard people incorporate it into their cooked dishes, breads and even spreads. All depends on how much you like the taste of maca.

  • Lily C.

    Happy Birthday Elena! I am familiar with Maca root… Initially started taking it for acne about a year ago. & I didt know as much as this website explains. I have a very sensitive stomach and I had no idea there was different types(raw/gelatinized) of maca root for different digestive systems.

  • Zivia Bell

    I learned that Maca has all the ingredients for a healthy life.

  • Desiree

    Feliz Cumpleaños otra vez, Elena! I am making one more post to note that I AM a Graduate of Body by Plants (Formely known as Vegan Boot Camp)! March 2013-Woot-Woot!

  • Desiree

    Happy Birthday, Elena! I learned that the Gelatinized Maca is from high heated raw Maca and is good for anyone with a sensitive stomach as the absence of starch makes it easy to digest.

  • Sharon

    I learned the following: “One of the most interesting traditional uses for Maca is that it was mixed in special teas during dance ceremonies to helps energize and relax participants. Recent studies have also shown that Maca’s positive effects on mood lead to a reduction in self perceived anxiety and stress. That makes Maca very unique, in the sense that it boosts energy without causing any sort of stress.” Of particular interest was the sentence: “lead to a reduction in self-perceived anxiety and stress.” I want this!

  • Amber

    “Balanced hormonal irregularities” this sounds very interesting to me, since I have night sweats about half the month, and bad acne the other half of the month.I would love to be able to balance that out!

  • Pam Trebets

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    I learned that Maca helps with hormonal dysfuction.

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  • pwoodc

    “..look around and find one thing you learned about maca you did not know before. Come back and leave a comment under this post…” Well.., I learned that I jumped the gun on my purchase! haha
    I had been researching it all last week as I saw it on your website and just received my order of their premium powder yesterday. Being day 2, I really enjoy it so far. I’ve been putting about 3 teaspoons into a cup (along with a packet of organic stevia) + a yogi ginseng teabag, and letting my kuerig pour me a cup of awesome. Squeeze in 1/8 of a lemon, 1/2 tbs apple cider vinegar, and it’s just amazing. I don’t know how or why, but the flavor combination is just terrific. It’s been really keeping me going as I’m currently doing a 3 day organic cleanse via
    Thank you for all your help, Elena ^_^
    Also, Happy Birthday! 😀

  • Kim Wynn

    I have never heard of this root! It is very interesting all the nutrients and benefits it provides! The building of muscles with the amino acids and the calcium it provides is important for me since I am lactose intolerant.

  • Kathy A

    I did not know that Maca contains 17 amino acids & that they drive many cellular functions in the body.
    I would really like to introduce Maca to my diet due to the many positives it brings.

  • Susan

    I’m a BBP Graduate, too!

  • Susan

    I knew a little about Maca and its benefits, however I was unaware of its increased fertility benefits. As a mom, and wanting to conceive again, naturally, I’m very intrigued to see if this would actually help us on our journey into parenthood for a second time!

  • txmomma78

    Wow. I never knew Maca had so many benefits. I previously heard it touted for fertility and “sex drive” enhancement, but never for all of the things I read. My biggest surprise and personally most beneficial is for the thyroid and hair – Two of the things I’ve dealt with…the latter being caused by the previous. Another benefit I was unaware of…is the aid for muscle weight gain. That’s something I’m sure my husband would enjoy,as well. Added muscle will help while I’m shedding this extra fat. Thanks so much for sharing. …definitely going to add to my repertoire.

  • Stephania

    I had never heard of MACA so everything I read was new

  • Dee

    A few months ago, I began a weight gain journey, after having unceremoniously lost the little that I had. I neither looked good, not did I feel good about myself. I began researching herbal products that I could use in this journey. After much research, I came across Maca Root. I have been using Maca (another brand) since January 4. I have not had any side effects, and I can tell you that it does increase appetite. Since I am trying to put my weight back on (in a healthy manner), Maca is my go- to helper. As with any supplement, drinking lots of water is necessary. I drink a lot of water, eat about 5 – 6 small (healthy meals), and I exercise three times per week. I am pleased with my results thus far and remain committed to my health journey.

  • SimplyDarlene

    Heya miss E! I’ve been a maca-user for years. I don’t mind the smokey, smudgy taste… I put it in my GS. In fact, I gave it to the tallGuy for the first time today and I warned him about the campfire flavor. We’ll see if he took it down the hatch 😉

    For me, I didn’t know about the extreme growing conditions. That makes me appreciate it all the more.

    Happy Birthday, miss E. May the good Lord continue to shine through you – in all you say and do this year!


  • kimber

    I did not expect to learn much about maca since I’ve read your articles but I didn’t know that it came in different colors and was so great in the mineral department! (I must’ve forgotten and I’m more sensitive to the information since I just got diagnosed) what a power hitter. It’s been around for so long!

  • Ruth Z

    I was not aware of Maca – so glad to be informed, especially how it may help with anxiety and sexual desire. Just did 1 month of vegan and I feel much better! Read your emails faithfully!

  • ChristinChristina Motzko Mital

    And I am a BBP grad, too!

  • ChristinChristina Motzko Mital

    I had no idea that maca came in different “colors” (black, red, cream) and the vast nutritional profile maca has! No wonder I feel like a million bucks when I eat it!

  • Shelley

    I am amazed at all the benefits of something I never knew existed. Maca for menopausal symptoms! YES! I am entering menopause at a young age and this might just be the product to help!

  • Christy Lee Farmer

    I didn’t realize Maca was an adaptogen. I enjoy finding things that have an overall healing and rejuvenating effect. Thanks for the opportunity to win one of these great products!

  • Monica Guirguis

    And I am a BBP grad:)

  • Monica Guirguis

    “This makes maca a broad based healer able to support and rejuvenate overwhelmed, tired adrenal glands eventually resulting in much greater energy, stamina, clarity of mind and spirit, and the ability to handle stress.” Didn’t know this!! I would really like to be able to handle stress better!

    • Monica, you are one of the winners. See announcement in the post and follow up as instructed to claim your prize.

  • julie

    I would love to try Maca. I have recently begun eating a clean diet and this sounds like something I should add. I am so glad I found this blog.

  • Jim

    Thanks for the informative article. I had no idea that Maca was so nutrient rich.

  • Kerry

    I didn’t know it grew so high (14,000ft) in the mountains that it’s given the distinction of being one of the highest growing plants in the world!