How to be Healthy without Medicine | Interview with Dustin Rudolph PharmD

I have been leading a plant-based lifestyle for over eight years now. In that time I met a lot of docs and quacks who tried to dissuade me from following the hard science that supports my dietary choices. In the same time, I met only one physician (in person) who not only understands a whole foods plant based diet, but also promotes it to his patients (not counting the wonderful authors and public speaker MDs I’ve met at conferences).

Imagine meeting not only a doctor, but a pharmacist who would advise you to stay away from medicine, except for emergency situations, and even moreso, who can teach you the steps you can take to accomplish that.

I was fortunate to have met two such pharmacists in my life–one graduated from Body by Plants, and one who recently published a book–The Empty Medicine CabinetDustin Rudolph, PharmD.

Dustin reached out to me through email. I got his book, and finished it in just a matter of a days, even with my busy schedule.  It immediately became one of my favorite books on health and nutrition.

The book is easy to read–Dustin’s style is simple, effective and engaging; it is also filled with hundreds of scientific references–a true sign of a well researched book and an intelligent author.

In the book, Dustin, who is a practicing pharmacist, covers a range of topics, such as:

  • how to live a medicine free life
  • how to eat as much as you want and maintain optimal body weight
  • how to achieve a healthy heart for life
  • how to win a battle against type 2 diabetes
  • how to live a cancer free life

He did not spare his time by digging into topics such as:

  • autoimmune diseases
  • healthy brain, skin and eyes
  • the politics of food
  • food addictions
  • the gluten-free debate

and much more.

Dustin also provided a section dedicated to delicious, health promoting plant based recipes, that Vegalicious readers would love, menu planning and a conversation about supplements.

I personally loved the book–I could even teach from it without making any modifications–this does not happen too often in my life! So, I asked Dustin for an hour long interview to dig deeper into some of the issues he discusses in the book and talk about topics that matter to you and I most–living a healthy, long life and doing it right.

About Dustin Rudolph, PharmaD

aka Plant-Based Pharmacist

the-empty-medicine-cabinet-review With over a decade of experience in the field of pharmacy, Dustin is a clinical pharmacist currently practicing in an acute care hospital setting. He graduated with a Doctor of Pharmacy degree in 2002 from North Dakota State University in Fargo. His professional experience covers a multitude of patient populations including neonatal, pediatric, cardiac, orthopedic, oncology, diabetic, intensive care, and geriatric patients, just to name a few.

In 2009, Dr. Rudolph adopted a vegetarian diet, and then a whole foods, plant-based diet (vegan) a year later. He earned a certificate in Plant-Based Nutrition through the T. Colin Campbell Foundation and eCornell University. Now he writes and teaches about nutrition and lifestyle medicine. 

How to be Healthy without Medicine

Today’s you will have an exclusive opportunity to sit in on my and Dustin’s chat about most of the things I mentioned earlier, as well as some extras (we even take a shot at hospital food!)-at no charge to you! It will be the best 45 minutes you spend  educating yourself this month, and will help you save thousands of dollars on medication and possibly your life.

Please share this post with everyone you know and care about. Let’s make this world a healthier place one person at a time! 

Get Your Copy!

If you just listened to the interview, I am certain that you are itching to read The Empty Medicine Cabinet book.  Make sure to get it! It will be worth every penny and every moment you spend on it. Read it and tell me what you think about it.

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