Curing Hypothyroidism Naturally {Few Words of Advice}

DISCLOSURE: The longer this post is out on the web, and the more attention and readers it draws, the more I am reminded to point people to the disclosure on my site–you will find it in the side bar, and you can find it here.  In short, before you read this post, here is what you should know: 

This Blog [and this post] is for information purposes only. I, the author of Vegalicious, will not be held accountable for the use or misuse of the information contained on this site.  I am not a doctor and do not claim to be one. As such, the information you read cannot be taken as medical advice or substituted for one.  Nothing on this blog is intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice.  I shall not be held liable for the decisions made by readers of this blog.

What you are about to read in this post, is MY experience, and the experience of many others I have met since.  Having read this post, should you want to embark on the same journey, it is your responsibility to consult with your physician to make any major medical changes. 

Now, onward we go!   

As my readers already know, I was able to cure hypothyroidism naturally–no medication, no crazy chanting, no surgeries–none of that.  It all came down to changing my diet and lifestyle and refusing to take a NO for an answer [being stubborn does pay off!].

Besides telling you all of the details about how I did it in ABOUT ME page, I also blogged about it a while back:

The article, to this day, draws a lot of readers to my blog, and for a good reason–it gives hope to the hopeless.  That is exactly why I started to blog.

Not a week goes by when I don’t get a comment with a question on the post, or get a private e-mail, from someone who experienced too much pain to talk about it publicly.  All have the same need–PLEASE TELL ME I CAN DO IT TOO!  Tell me it is possible and I am not crazy!

The answer, of course, although I cannot guarantee each person’s result, is that the change and a complete healing is possible, and is most likely probably… if you do what needs to be done to help your body heal.

“And what is it exactly, Elena?” you ask.  That’s exactly the reason for this post–to tell you about a few more tricks that will aid you in the healing process. So, strap on your hypothyroid-curing seat belt, and let’s go for a ride, but make sure that you have read My Story, the above mentioned post: How to Cure Hypothyroidism Naturally, and the 147-page report you can get by filling out a form on this web-site.  Once you read these, you are ready to move forward with me.

What To Do

WARNING: First, let me start off with this, because I have to–what you are about to read is my opinion, formed from personal experience and extensive research.  I am not a medical doctor, so I cannot and will not advise you on anything to do with medication! With this said, full speed ahead.

To succeed with curing hypothyroidism naturally, there are a few things you must do:

  • Changing your diet to an all plant based diet is key [or at least as much as you can, since animal products skew how your hormones operate, especially farm raised products]. If you want to start changing things ASAP and are afraid of quitting all animal products all at once, start by cutting out ALL dairy!  It is bad for us, and is carcinogenic.  It was created for animal offsprings, just like human breast milk is created for humans.  So, unless you are willing to suckle on a cow’s utter [unnatural to think of it this way, isn’t it], or imagine a cow suckling on a woman’s breast [would make for a fair exchange, don’t you think?] then you should not be drinking it.
  • Try to consume as many of your foods uncooked as you can.  While there is no magic formula you should follow, striving for at least a 50/50 raw to cooked food ratio, or higher is desirable. Raw foods are rich in enzymes, so they do not take away from your body’s processes, but rather make it easier so you have more energy to heal.
  • Eat as much greens as you can possibly fit into your diet.  The best and the easiest way, especially for your digestion, is by introducing GREEN SMOOTHIES into your diet [click on the link to get a book filled with 30 green smoothie recipes].  Greens are very healing and bring a ton of nutrients and vitamins into our bodies.
  • Eat organic and buy organic personal care products as much as your budget will allow you! First, you will get more bang for your beck–there are more  nutrients in organically grown produce; secondly you will avoid the negative effect of nasties: pesticides, herbicides, and other -ites…–all are hormone disruptors, which also cause infertility, cancers and other issues.
  • Ditch the table salt–it is good for no one!  Substitute it with sea or Himalayan salt instead, and…
  • Add iodine rich foods to your diet: kelp, dulse, etc.–sea vegetables are a great source of iodine.  I normally add 1 tbsp of dulse flakes to my green smoothie daily or take 1/2-1 tsp of kelp powder [I find that flakes are a bit too crunchy for me].  Alternatively you can make veggie rolls with nori sheets  on occasion [I use the UNTOASTED kind].
  • Add maca root powder to your daily intake.  It is an adoptogen [click on the link and read the article], so it will help you balance your hormones naturally [since hypothyroidism is really a hormone imbalance in so many ways].  I currently use The Maca Team’s Powder.  I add 1.5 tsp to my smoothies daily, or make a quick mixture with a bit of water, to swallow down and follow up with a green smoothie to cleanse the palate.

  • Do stay away from all processed foods and junk, including processed soy products–nothing that uses preservatives is good news!
  • Get labs done!  You might be symptomatic, experiencing all of the symptoms of hypothyroidism, while your doctors keep telling you that your labs are “normal”. You are the one who knows your body, not your doctor.  Write down all of the symptoms and compare them to the list [it is not all inclusive, so if your symptom is not there it does not mean you are not hypo-].  If you are checking off nearly everything on the list, you are most likely suffering from the problem.  For the longest time my doctors could not [and did not] draw any connection between my various symptoms.  I had to do it on my own–connecting all to a hormone imbalance; and once I cured hypothyroidism, all of the symptoms slowly vanished as well.  Also know that different labs and doctors use different TSH ranges for diagnosis.  It is stupid, but true.  Your TSH should be as close to 1.00 as possible!  So, don’t accept: “Your labs look normal,” as an answer.  Ask for the actual numbers!  Get a copy of your reports ALWAYS!
  • Have your iron levels checked: low B12 and low iron levels often go hand in hand with hypothyroidism. Green smoothies and other foods rich in iron are your answer long term, since they are loaded with digestible iron; short term you might have to add a good, raw, natural supplement to get your iron levels up.  I use Garden of Life Vitamin Code Raw Iron when needed.
  • If you are carrying a few extra pounds, make it your goal to shed them–fat is where extra estrogen is stored: too much estrogen=hormone imbalance, which leads not only to hypothyroidism, but also exposes you to a higher risk of female cancers.  So, hit the gym, or hire a personal trainer!
  • If you are a woman, get off birth control!  Yes, I said it!  It is evil!  One day I will blog all about it, but birth control medication unnaturally elevates your hormones, making your body think that you don’t need to ovulate [although you still do every now and then].  You don’t only feel like C**P in one area [or many for most of us], but eventually this unnatural hormone imbalance [it elevates your progesterone] effects how your natural hormones operate.  God did not make to be exposed to progesterone for 20+ days of the month, normally the luteal phase if only 12-16 days in most women, with natural progesterone, which your body produces. To read about your family planning options read comments under the How to Cure Hypothyroidism Naturally post.
  • Get away from all forms of fluoride and chloride.  That means that you want to filter your water, even in your shower, and avoid fluoride toothpastes and public pools altogether, and stop using BLEACH!  These are two very powerful chemicals and will shut your thyroid function in no time.
  • Stop using plastic: plastic containers, bottles, etc.–the chemicals in plastic mimic estrogen and thus disrupt your hormones.  Especially try avoiding eating foods that have been kept in plastic while exposed to heat–heat releases chemicals at an accelerated rate.  So, you know that means–no microwaving your in plastic… and really, NO MICROWAVING, PERIOD! [click on the link to read why]
  • Stop using NON-STICK surfaces.  Soon I will do a post just on this topic, but for now know that the chemicals used to create non-stick surfaces are extremely dangerous for your health.  They lead to hormone disruption, infertility, and other ailments.

  • Know that a lot of medications will have an adverse reaction on your body, while treating symptoms of something you are trying to address.  When I went on Biocriptin this year, for my pituitary gland, which was one of the biggest mistakes I ever made, it shut my thyroid function in 5 months!  My TSH went from 1.6 to 3.6!  It also depleted my iron and lowered my B12 levels, while also giving me a myriad of side effects.  By nature medication is designed to cover up the symptoms while neglecting treating the root problem.  So, be educated and be your own advocate.  Do not be afraid to disagree with your doctors–I am yet to meet one who knows everything!
  • Get checked out to see if you are Gluten Sensitive or Allergic–a lot of hypothyroidism sufferers happen to be gluten intolerant.  Addressing one issue might help you address both.  Gluten sensitivity/allergy can also lead to a severe intolerance, known as Celiac disease.  It you don’t want to get tested, although you should, since gluten can interfere with proper thyroid function, simply exclude all gluten products from your diet for 30-60 days to observe how you feel.  Trust it, it will be worth it!

What NOT To Do

  • Don’t give up!  We all have the right to hope for a better future and better health.
  • Don’t feel like a victim!  It never got anyone anywhere!  Be proactive, instead–ask questions, research, make changes.
  • Don’t be afraid to make changes! If you keep doing the things that you did before now, you will end up feeling the way you are feeling now.  All good things are worth working for–especially your health!  Making changes is a good thing–it is a rebirth in a way; so EMBRACE IT!

If you want something bad enough, no change is too big and no sacrifice is unworthy of your effort.  If you want your health–go after it!  Dare to believe that you can and WILL be well.  Crazy?  Yes!  But being “crazy” got me well, and the reason I am now expecting my firstborn–I dared to believe that I could!  You can do it too!

Curing Hypothyroidism with Diet eCourse

If you would like to learn how you can cure hypothyroidism with diet, get “Curing Hypothyroidism with” eCourse.

In the eCourse I discuss:

▪ whether it is possible to cure hypothyroidism
▪ what science is saying about diet and thyroid health
▪ which diet is best for preventing and curing hypothyroidism
▪ what to do to achieve optimal thyroid health
▪ whether you can live medication free if you’ve been diagnosed with hypothyroidism
▪ what to do if you were diagnosed with Hashimoto thyroiditis, and
▪ which foods to avoid to improve thyroid health, to avoid developing hypothyroidism or aggravating and existing case of hypothyroidism.

If you, or your loved one, is struggling with thyroid disease, you will want to have this eCourse!



If you don’t have thyroid issues but know someone who does–send this post with them, so they can learn how to improve their thyroid health naturally.

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  • Karen

    I recently had a blood test and my TSH was 5.6. I also have lupus and with it comes fatigue and joint pain. I do not want to go on thyroid meds but the doctor keeps pushing it. I have eaten a sugar free diet and eat only chicken, fish and some red meat with only the veggies listed for healthy thyroid and no carbs. I have not lost a pound and still feel tired with night sweats every night. Anything else I can do?

    • Karen, there are absolutely things you can do to stay off meds and to improve your thyroid as well as lupus condition. With just the right dietary adjustments, some are lupus specific, you can start feeling better again. If you would like to explore the possibilities, you can schedule a consultation and I will be happy to help you map out a road to better well-being, and give you a detailed guide (with recipes) on how you can do it. You can do so here:

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  • Maha Lakshmi

    Hey! Is it really necessary to go on a veg diet?

    • Whole foods, plant based–yes, necessary. Vegan–not necessary. However, excluding all junk, processed sugars, ALL dairy and reducing meat to 3 small servings a week IS necessary. For Hashimoto’s being gluten free is absolutely necessary.

      Best of all.

  • Nicole

    I adapted a 100% vegan diet two years ago. My joints do not ache anymore. I also try to avoid gluten but I am not strict. I take a good probiotic supplement, Vitamin D & K spray, B-12 spray, and 800 milligrams of magnesium to lower my blood pressure. My doctor has told me in the past that I had mild hypothyroidism but another time told me I didn’t have it according to blood test results. I still have trouble maintaining my weight. You have many books to choose from and I would like advice on which books would be the right choice for me.


    • Nicole, you are doing so great already! It sounds like you just need to fine tune your diet (perhaps) and lifestyle to accommodate the weight loss. If you have Hashimoto’s then you will need to be gluten free for sure.

      Body by Plants would be the program to get–it has recipes, education, etc. A webinar worth checking out are: Curing Hypothyroidism with Diet (it will help you understand the disease and why doctors are confused about treating it). If you get this webinar in the next 45 mins, I will send you access link to a live Q&A session I am about to do on hypothyroidism too! (yeah for bonuses!).

      • Nicole

        I agree that I need to fine tune my diet. Thank you for the advice on which book to get, but I would like a hard cover copy instead of the ebook if possible. I failed to mention that I am a triathlete. I also failed to tell you that I need naps like everyday. I will be 51 years old next month so I am a little unsure if I should feel more tired due to age. I do need to get tested for gluten sensitivity. I am looking for recipes and green smoothies to fine tune the functioning of my thyroid and to control my weight.

        • Nicole, sorry, I do not have a hard copy. You can always print ebooks for personal use, if you wish, but, if not, I hope you can find something to help you.

  • PancakeTutu

    Hi Elena,

    I really hope, you will see my comment, consindering that you posted this years ago.

    I was born sick. I have a whole host of diseases, the main ones being genetic brain-organic and genetic vascular illnesses; in fact, I have been severely disabled and housebound since age 16. I’m 25 now. I also have a pituary adenoma, extremely bad endometriosis and rheumatoid arthritis. And now, my doctor told me that I also have hypothyroidism (TSH is at 7.8).

    Sure, having a defective hypothalamus and pituary problems/ endometriosis will take a toll on anyone’s thyroid… but shouldn’t my diet help at least a little? I have been a high-carb, low-fat, gluten-free vegan for years, eating no vegan junk foods and as much raw foods as I possibly can. But it doesn’t even stop the exacerbation of the thyroid issues.

    Unfortunately, is completely impossible for me to go off of “birth control” (I hate calling it that, because that’s not what I take it for). If I stop for even two days, my endometriosis flares up so bad, it “clogs up” my stomach, colon and bladder, resulting in constant vomiting, urinary obstruction and diarrhoea, making me unable to eat even a small meal or drink a glass of water. (I was already vegan before going on the pill, but the endometriosis got so invasive, surgery wasn’t enough and taking hormones became inevitable)

    I just don’t know what else to do. I don’t want to take any more medication, but I don’t see an alternative. My hair is falling out and that really scares me, because it’s the only thing on my ill body that was still normal. :,(
    I know I’m grasping for straws here, but do you have any idea what I could do/where I could turn to?
    Thank you in advance…

    • PancakeTutu, hi! Sorry to hear about these issues. It must be heartbreaking.

      There are instances when diet alone does not cut it. That’s the truth of it. I wish it was different. However, there are other things we could try to explore with you, to help your pituitary (I remember how misarable I was when my pituitary literally hurt (I was also diagnosed with an adenoma)). When I took care of things in addition to diet, I felt better, including pituitary.

      You can schedule an appointment (a consultation) with me, to see what other things can be done. I would have to review your health history. If it is something I feel that we can work on, we will do things that have helped me and others, if not, I can refer you to my mentor.

      You can schedule a consultation here:

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  • Jane

    Hi Elena,

    Thank you so much for this great site and all the wonderful, inspiring info. Our family has been vegetarian for about 10 years and mostly vegan for 3 years. It is so wonderful to come across so many like minded people. As a mother I know you will understand my immense concern, i am writing regarding my 12 yr old son who was diagnosed with sub clinical hypothyroidism 2 years ago. We were shocked by this as we lead a healthy, active lifestyle. He showed no symptoms, he was referred to the endocronologist due to his slow growth rate. He is very small for his age (height not build, he is athletic and strong). We his parents are not tall, but he is smaller than his 10yr old brother. He gets stressed rather easily and was going through a difficult time (lot’s of bullying at school) around the time he was diagnosed. His TSH levels were 14. Six months ago i told his DR I want to take him off the Levothyroxine and he did not recommend it in case he hit puberty and coming off meds prevented a growth spurt. I feel dreadful giving him synthetic medication but at the same time I know the fact he is the shortest kid in school is really tough for him too. At his apt. yesterday his new DR agreed to our request to stop the medication for 3 months and then check his levels. I have been researching everything I can find for months. Most of the suggestions you make we already do: no meat, no plastics, home made cleaning products, natural personal care, high iron diet, (although his iron is low I am intending to give him floradix a natural liquid iron), I have increased B12 supplements (sublingual). Ino meat, no plastics, home made cleaning products, natural personal care, high iron diet, (although his iron is low I am intending to give him floradix a natural liquid iron), I have increased B12 supplements (sublingual). I will add brazil nuts, change our water filter from Brita to something that removes fluoride. He has dairy now and again at friends houses or at birthday parties, the cheese on pizza and sharing friends cakes for him will be tough if you think it will make a difference he will stop having it. We have also reduced gluten (he tested senstive on a muscle response test, but he is not celiac). He doesn’t notice/feel any difference when he has gluten. The two things I am unsure about and haven’t found reference to on your site are: should I give him maca (I can’t find anywhrere if it is OK for kids) and what are your thoughts on a low fat diet for kids? My concern is all the hype about needing fat for brain health?
    I really, really would appreciate your thoughts. As parents we are always concerned about doing the right thing for our children, I am finding it especially difficult with this medical situation,

    Thank you,

    • Jane hi! I am sorry to hear about your son. Something is going on with your son. There are times when we eat healthy, or think that we do, but might have underlying genetic issues that can only be addressed with further restrictions or modifications in their diet.

      I normally do not recommend coming off meds cold turkey. Rather I recommend beginning by changing the diet, and, if needed, making a few more adjustments, and then cutting down on meds, until you can be med free. I also would not do iron supplements–at high levels they are toxic. I am not sure of his B12 status, I would have to know more of the story to comment on that, but it is required for proper iron synthesis in the body. If he is gluten sensitive (and a lot of people with thyroid issues are), he should not be having ANY.

      Maca is optional, and you can use it, but in itself it is not a cure, but would not hurt. Low fat is fine for kids, just like for adults. I am raising a child on a low fat diet and she is perfect in every aspect. There is fat in seeds, nuts, and even veggies. Our goal is to stay at ~15% of our diet to come from fat sources. Compare to average American consuming upward of 35-40%.

      If you need additional help schedule an appointment and we can chat about your son’s health goals.

      • Jane

        Hi Elena,
        Thank you so much for your advice. I am getting his blood work re done now rather than waiting the 3 months so that i know what I are working from. Depending on the numbers, i may make an appointment,
        Much appreciated.

        • Looking forward to it.

  • Ginelle

    I have hypothyroidism and hashimoto thyroiditis. I want to try your method because I’ve been on synthroid for 3 years and I am still experiences a lot of symptoms still even though my levels are “balanced” according to my blood work. The one problem I have is getting off birth control because I was put on birth control because I always get infections after sex with my husband. What do you suggest?

    • Ginelle, that is the problems with meds–they change numbers, but do not improve health. You can get better. All of the symptoms, including your infections, are connected. In fact, birth control is adding to the infection issue. I used to be on birth control for a few years, and that was the only time I would get infections every few months. When I came off it, infections stopped. There are a few things you need to do–change diet, do a good probiotic treatment, come off certain foods, and come off birth control. We can talk about all this and details in a consultation, which you can schedule via this page:

  • vahitha shakeer

    Hi, I followed your advice, and very glad to say that my TSH have come down to 3.3 from 6.19. thank you so much for sharing this, it has helped me and im sure lot others who read this.

    • Vahita, thank you so much for letting me know! That is GREAT news. It will keep getting better. Just keep up with it and make sure to take B12 supplements.

    • Ana Isaza

      Hello Vanitha! I was reading your comment about the great article, have HT and i would love to know a little bit more about your experience with this, could you please share it with me? Thank you very much, my email is [email protected] thank you very very much i woul really aprecciate it a lot!

  • nati_nat

    Hi Elena! thank you so much for all the information.
    I´ve started my dietary chanches like a month ago and im feeling sooo much better but the main difference i must say begun when i started to consume Nori ( i guess is due iodine). im afraid of taking too much of it and i dont want to make my condition worse by doing so . Could you tell me how much if nori is recommended daily to treat hypothyroidism? shoul i eat it everyday? im eating less than a 1/2 tea spoon daily.

    really looking forward to you answer!

    thank you anyway!

  • doctor_shah82

    Elena you have a great personal experience & recovery.I am also hypothyroid patient.But back to normal without medication using only natural foods.

    • that is such great news! I am so happy you were able to succeed as well!

    • Ana Isaza

      Hello doctor_shah82
      I would like to know more about your experience about healing from HT with natural foods, could i reach you by email or facebook ? Please i want to know more about it, my email is [email protected] i would really appreciate it very much!!! Have a great day.

  • Gluten-free-gal

    Hi, great info! FYI, about coeliac disease: you can’t develop it from eating too much gluten. It is genetic – you are either coeliac or not coeliac. If you are a coeliac, you may not have any noticable symproms while eating gluten yet it is still causing damage in your intestines and other body systems. Noticable coeliac symptoms may appear and disappear throughout a lifetime. A blood test can be taken which will confirm if it is possible genetically to be a coeliac. The gold standard confirmation for coeliac is still biopsy.

  • Maryam

    Hi Elena, I just stumbled across your blog as I’ve been doing research on hypothyroidism. I recently got tested and my doctor said I’m fine even though I suffer from all the symptoms. ( Fatigue, Depression, weight gain, Cold intolerance, Excessive sleepiness, Decreased concentration, etc) My face is beyond dry no matter how many natural oils I put on it. It feels like sandpaper and makes me very subconscious. I’m also very gluten sensitive and can’t eat anything with gluten with it. Do you have any tips on how to eat healthy and raw on a university budget? Also did your dry skin go away? And how long did it take? God Bless you for all your wonderful advice.

  • Shara

    Yay! Thankyou for this forum!!! It is wonderful to know that it is possible to get better naturally…I was just diagnosed with low thyroid and severe anemia 3 weeks ago and i am determined to get my health back on track without medications.. I have been a vegetarian, eating whole and mostly organic foods for 28 years! Thyroid problems run in my family, so i was a prime candidate~~ I have upped my iodine intake, cut out wheat and sugars, as well as soy, and am taking a few other thyroid supplements recommended to me by a herbalist, like black walnut, bladderwrack and a thyroid overall herbal supplement.oh and massive Vitamin C as well as Raspberry Leaf tea ~~ I am feeling better already with more energy, digestion speeding up and overall wellness, except for light headedness that drives me crazy~~ Any suggestions?


    • Shara, make sure to read this post too

      With anemia, sounds like you need B12 (big time!). If you do not have enough in your body, no matter how much iron you eat or take, it won’t absorb right. There is a report on my site you can get about B12–it will also help you heal thyroid.

      Cutting out sugar is a smart idea. What and soy you should not worry about unless you are allergic, although with wheat it might be a good idea for now. I would not take massive (or any) vitamin C–that should come from your food.

      Read the B12 report, go to your doctor and request injections–you should be having no light headedness soon after.

      • Shara


        • Shara

          Hi Elena~~ I just came from my doctor who checked my levels again since my first diagnosis at the end of October~ My first test at that time , my TSH level was at 6.25, now it is 7.85!!! I am so discouraged, even though i have been feeling much better with digestion, energy and brain function!! I am taking iron rich foods, B-12 and Iron supplements and overall greens and eating mostly vegan~~ I was sure my levels would have gone down even a little , not up!! I am still very light headed, dizzy, as i have megoblastic anemia as well and is the most frustrating of all symptoms right now~~I am determined to do this without succumbing to medication, but i am so frustrated! The positive thing is that my doctor does not judge me on my choice to work with my body and stay away from the medication~~ I know it is a slow process and i hope i can continue with huge faith!

          • Shara, hi! First of all, do not be upset–it happens sometimes that our thyroid levels fluctuate. It does not always mean that things are not working. It has been only 3 months. While it might be enough time for a lot of people see results, some need a little more. I always suggest waiting at least 6 months to get tested between making changes.

            Iron rich foods and B12 are a great idea. Iron supplements are not so much–they are useless at best, at worst they might leave you constipated and cause other issues.

            Here are things to consider:

            1. clean up your diet for now and eat the way I suggest in my program:

            2. if your on birth control meds, it’s time to get off–they will harm you

            3. keep with making changes

            4. What kind and how much of B12 are you taking? You might want to consider injections–they always work faster and better. If you are supplementing and still do not feel better with feeling dizzy, consider that there is a portion of the population that simply cannot get better on sublingual supplements–they are missing the intrinsic factor needed to process it and MUST have injections in order to feel better (all of that is in this report:

            I am happy that you have understanding doctors, so, take a deep breath, regroup and give it another go.

  • Manju

    I am on eltroxin 50mcg. Should I just stop taking my medicines completely while making dietary changes ? Or should I reduce my medication gradually?

    • Manju, legally I cannot tell you what you should do. I can tell you what others have done. Start with making dietary changes right away, but ask your doctor to supervise/observe you. Sometimes due to such changes will be so rapid, that the meds have to be reduced quickly, otherwise you will feel sick because of too much meds. Some people go off medications on their own, but I cannot advise that. I would rather you talk to your doctor, if you want to come off meds, prepare everything to make dietary changes; make the changes, retest in 2-4 weeks, see if you need dosage reduction, and continue doing so until you are off medications.

  • Stephanie

    Hello Elena,

    I just came accross this blog and have to say GREAT WORK! Thank you so much for all of this, you have motivated me to get off my meds. I have been off the anti-baby pill now for 3months, and vegan since 7weeks, improving my lifestyle day by day, so to come along this blog now, makes me feel like I´m not alone :-).

    Last November my TSH was 6.95 and T4 0.6 so they put my meds up to 75mg (levothyroxin) and then April this year I had it checked again and my TSH was 2.11 and T4 1.0. The doctor said this is normal. I´m not a fan of taking medicine and since I decided to become vegan I started to feel better and decided to put my meds down to 50mg hoping to one day live without them (without consulting my doc because I knew he would disagree). I´m feeling rather tired lately and my blood pressure is a bit low, so I have been asking myself whether I should not be messing with my meds… Then again my lifestyle is improving day by day, so I’m guessing it will improve soon. What do you think?

    Once again thanks, you have given me many answers to all my questions in this blog and confirmed many of my suspicions, thank you!!! 🙂

    • Hi, Stephanie. Glad you are here. I like that you call it anti-baby pill. Sadly, it does so much more than that to our bodies! I blogged about the horrible side effects of birth control pill in these series. (make sure to read the part about reversing damages done by the pill)

      Birth control causes for many of us to develop thyroid issues. It also can lead to B12 deficiency. Combined the too become almost a lethal combination–it was so for me.

      Your body does need time to heal. Being off meds for 3 mos and vegan for 7 weeks is barely the beginning of your journey.

      You need to make sure you are eating an optimal diet. Here is what I teach and it has worked for many to improve thyroid function:

      You also have to make sure to get on B12, to help your body heal itself from within. If you have not gotten the free report I offer yet, do–there is a whole section on that.

      I think that given time it is possible. Just read my free ebook, you will see how with time my body went back to functioning normal.

      I wish you success.

  • Sue Marsden

    I meant 2013.

  • Sue Marsden

    I went on levothyroxin and a plant based diet the SAME DAY! January 6th 2013. I am going to have my thyroid checked here soon. I suppose I should have not started the meds and then had it checked again after the diet changes? I’ve lost 41 pounds and my blood work (for insurance purposes) were excellent!! Not sure what I might do… any suggestions?

    • Sue, that was the reason I did not want to start meds–I wanted to be sure that I see true results of the plant based diet positive effects. I am glad you had weight loss, it probably was due to your dietary change, since I am yet to meet someone experience that due to meds. And bloodwork is influenced by the meds, and I am sure you have also been helped by the dietary changes.

      If it were me, and depending on the state of your well being before the meds and your TSH, I would probably go off meds for a few months to see how my body does. Some, who do not feel comfortable doing that, start by cutting down on their meds and seeing how their body reacts. So, it is totally up to how you would approach it and how badly you felt beforehand.

  • NevadaSmith

    What were your B12 levels at? My wife is NOT in the defficient range or even close to it. Is it still possible she could be hypothyroid?

    [btw – some of the links on this page are not working.]

    • What are her exact numbers? American standards are very low–180 and higher, while international standards are 550 or higher. So, if she is under 550 she needs to supplement. B12 deficiency is common in hypothyroid people but it is not always the cause, since it can cause other issues as well. And yes, links have been update, but have not gotten them fixed on this page. You can visit this page for all fixed links or download the free report:

      • NevadaSmith

        Her levels are over 1500

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  • LucyChicken

    I found your site by accident from the Uk and find it really helpful, thank you for sharing all your experiences. Just been diagnosed with subclinical hypothyroidism with a TSH reading of 7.8 would like to try and treat it naturally but am quite worried. They don’t give out medication in the UK anyway until you have a reading over 10. Just had my first green smoothie… it was good!

    • I cannot believe that they do not work with you earlier. In the US the doctors are quick to place people on meds. Here, some labs consider 5.0 to be hypo, while others will be worried about you once you get passed 2.5 mark. I was VERY symptomatic at 5-6, so I needed no tests to know I had a problem. Thankfully I was able to fix it. Please keep me posted on your progress.

  • Bridget

    can i just say, THANK YOU! that is all.

  • Paula

    I drink green smoothies daily but recently realized leafy greens are goitrogens which can inhibit the thyroid…in their raw state they can inhibit ability to absorb iodine. So if I am juicing them I am getting a high concentration of them…soo what do I recommend?

    • Paula, the information that you found on goitrogenic greens is unreliable and I find it to be totally bogus! Unless you have a goiter you have nothing to worry about. I ate ALL of supposed goiterogens and still reversed hypothyroid. I highly recommend keep blending them in your smoothies, and if you juice, enjoy them too.

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  • Michele

    This is such great advice. I do a lot of these things already and definitely plan to make the rest of the changes. I tried to click on the link to get the 147-page report, but the link wasn’t working. Thanks for all of your advice and support!

    • Michele, I just sent you a direct link.  Check your inbox or spam 🙂

  • Zaftigartist

    Going vegan and doing green drinks daily, quitting soy, flouride, and peanuts made a big difference in my TSH numbers.  Started Armour thyroid today.  Looking forward to any positive changes by giving up a more pharmaceutical-based synthroid.  Great advice.  Thanks!  

    • Armour is a safer choice for sure. I am glad you are making the changes.