Curing Hypothyroidism Naturally {Few Words of Advice}

DISCLOSURE: The longer this post is out on the web, and the more attention and readers it draws, the more I am reminded to point people to the disclosure on my site–you will find it in the side bar, and you can find it here.  In short, before you read this post, here is what you should know: 

This Blog [and this post] is for information purposes only. I, the author of Vegalicious, will not be held accountable for the use or misuse of the information contained on this site.  I am not a doctor and do not claim to be one. As such, the information you read cannot be taken as medical advice or substituted for one.  Nothing on this blog is intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice.  I shall not be held liable for the decisions made by readers of this blog.

What you are about to read in this post, is MY experience, and the experience of many others I have met since.  Having read this post, should you want to embark on the same journey, it is your responsibility to consult with your physician to make any major medical changes. 

Now, onward we go!   

As my readers already know, I was able to cure hypothyroidism naturally–no medication, no crazy chanting, no surgeries–none of that.  It all came down to changing my diet and lifestyle and refusing to take a NO for an answer [being stubborn does pay off!].

Besides telling you all of the details about how I did it in ABOUT ME page, I also blogged about it a while back:

The article, to this day, draws a lot of readers to my blog, and for a good reason–it gives hope to the hopeless.  That is exactly why I started to blog.

Not a week goes by when I don’t get a comment with a question on the post, or get a private e-mail, from someone who experienced too much pain to talk about it publicly.  All have the same need–PLEASE TELL ME I CAN DO IT TOO!  Tell me it is possible and I am not crazy!

The answer, of course, although I cannot guarantee each person’s result, is that the change and a complete healing is possible, and is most likely probably… if you do what needs to be done to help your body heal.

“And what is it exactly, Elena?” you ask.  That’s exactly the reason for this post–to tell you about a few more tricks that will aid you in the healing process. So, strap on your hypothyroid-curing seat belt, and let’s go for a ride, but make sure that you have read My Story, the above mentioned post: How to Cure Hypothyroidism Naturally, and the 147-page report you can get by filling out a form on this web-site.  Once you read these, you are ready to move forward with me.

What To Do

WARNING: First, let me start off with this, because I have to–what you are about to read is my opinion, formed from personal experience and extensive research.  I am not a medical doctor, so I cannot and will not advise you on anything to do with medication! With this said, full speed ahead.

To succeed with curing hypothyroidism naturally, there are a few things you must do:

  • Changing your diet to an all plant based diet is key [or at least as much as you can, since animal products skew how your hormones operate, especially farm raised products]. If you want to start changing things ASAP and are afraid of quitting all animal products all at once, start by cutting out ALL dairy!  It is bad for us, and is carcinogenic.  It was created for animal offsprings, just like human breast milk is created for humans.  So, unless you are willing to suckle on a cow’s utter [unnatural to think of it this way, isn’t it], or imagine a cow suckling on a woman’s breast [would make for a fair exchange, don’t you think?] then you should not be drinking it.
  • Try to consume as many of your foods uncooked as you can.  While there is no magic formula you should follow, striving for at least a 50/50 raw to cooked food ratio, or higher is desirable. Raw foods are rich in enzymes, so they do not take away from your body’s processes, but rather make it easier so you have more energy to heal.
  • Eat as much greens as you can possibly fit into your diet.  The best and the easiest way, especially for your digestion, is by introducing GREEN SMOOTHIES into your diet [click on the link to get a book filled with 30 green smoothie recipes].  Greens are very healing and bring a ton of nutrients and vitamins into our bodies.
  • Eat organic and buy organic personal care products as much as your budget will allow you! First, you will get more bang for your beck–there are more  nutrients in organically grown produce; secondly you will avoid the negative effect of nasties: pesticides, herbicides, and other -ites…–all are hormone disruptors, which also cause infertility, cancers and other issues.
  • Ditch the table salt–it is good for no one!  Substitute it with sea or Himalayan salt instead, and…
  • Add iodine rich foods to your diet: kelp, dulse, etc.–sea vegetables are a great source of iodine.  I normally add 1 tbsp of dulse flakes to my green smoothie daily or take 1/2-1 tsp of kelp powder [I find that flakes are a bit too crunchy for me].  Alternatively you can make veggie rolls with nori sheets  on occasion [I use the UNTOASTED kind].
  • Add maca root powder to your daily intake.  It is an adoptogen [click on the link and read the article], so it will help you balance your hormones naturally [since hypothyroidism is really a hormone imbalance in so many ways].  I currently use The Maca Team’s Powder.  I add 1.5 tsp to my smoothies daily, or make a quick mixture with a bit of water, to swallow down and follow up with a green smoothie to cleanse the palate.

  • Do stay away from all processed foods and junk, including processed soy products–nothing that uses preservatives is good news!
  • Get labs done!  You might be symptomatic, experiencing all of the symptoms of hypothyroidism, while your doctors keep telling you that your labs are “normal”. You are the one who knows your body, not your doctor.  Write down all of the symptoms and compare them to the list [it is not all inclusive, so if your symptom is not there it does not mean you are not hypo-].  If you are checking off nearly everything on the list, you are most likely suffering from the problem.  For the longest time my doctors could not [and did not] draw any connection between my various symptoms.  I had to do it on my own–connecting all to a hormone imbalance; and once I cured hypothyroidism, all of the symptoms slowly vanished as well.  Also know that different labs and doctors use different TSH ranges for diagnosis.  It is stupid, but true.  Your TSH should be as close to 1.00 as possible!  So, don’t accept: “Your labs look normal,” as an answer.  Ask for the actual numbers!  Get a copy of your reports ALWAYS!
  • Have your iron levels checked: low B12 and low iron levels often go hand in hand with hypothyroidism. Green smoothies and other foods rich in iron are your answer long term, since they are loaded with digestible iron; short term you might have to add a good, raw, natural supplement to get your iron levels up.  I use Garden of Life Vitamin Code Raw Iron when needed.
  • If you are carrying a few extra pounds, make it your goal to shed them–fat is where extra estrogen is stored: too much estrogen=hormone imbalance, which leads not only to hypothyroidism, but also exposes you to a higher risk of female cancers.  So, hit the gym, or hire a personal trainer!
  • If you are a woman, get off birth control!  Yes, I said it!  It is evil!  One day I will blog all about it, but birth control medication unnaturally elevates your hormones, making your body think that you don’t need to ovulate [although you still do every now and then].  You don’t only feel like C**P in one area [or many for most of us], but eventually this unnatural hormone imbalance [it elevates your progesterone] effects how your natural hormones operate.  God did not make to be exposed to progesterone for 20+ days of the month, normally the luteal phase if only 12-16 days in most women, with natural progesterone, which your body produces. To read about your family planning options read comments under the How to Cure Hypothyroidism Naturally post.
  • Get away from all forms of fluoride and chloride.  That means that you want to filter your water, even in your shower, and avoid fluoride toothpastes and public pools altogether, and stop using BLEACH!  These are two very powerful chemicals and will shut your thyroid function in no time.
  • Stop using plastic: plastic containers, bottles, etc.–the chemicals in plastic mimic estrogen and thus disrupt your hormones.  Especially try avoiding eating foods that have been kept in plastic while exposed to heat–heat releases chemicals at an accelerated rate.  So, you know that means–no microwaving your in plastic… and really, NO MICROWAVING, PERIOD! [click on the link to read why]
  • Stop using NON-STICK surfaces.  Soon I will do a post just on this topic, but for now know that the chemicals used to create non-stick surfaces are extremely dangerous for your health.  They lead to hormone disruption, infertility, and other ailments.

  • Know that a lot of medications will have an adverse reaction on your body, while treating symptoms of something you are trying to address.  When I went on Biocriptin this year, for my pituitary gland, which was one of the biggest mistakes I ever made, it shut my thyroid function in 5 months!  My TSH went from 1.6 to 3.6!  It also depleted my iron and lowered my B12 levels, while also giving me a myriad of side effects.  By nature medication is designed to cover up the symptoms while neglecting treating the root problem.  So, be educated and be your own advocate.  Do not be afraid to disagree with your doctors–I am yet to meet one who knows everything!
  • Get checked out to see if you are Gluten Sensitive or Allergic–a lot of hypothyroidism sufferers happen to be gluten intolerant.  Addressing one issue might help you address both.  Gluten sensitivity/allergy can also lead to a severe intolerance, known as Celiac disease.  It you don’t want to get tested, although you should, since gluten can interfere with proper thyroid function, simply exclude all gluten products from your diet for 30-60 days to observe how you feel.  Trust it, it will be worth it!

What NOT To Do

  • Don’t give up!  We all have the right to hope for a better future and better health.
  • Don’t feel like a victim!  It never got anyone anywhere!  Be proactive, instead–ask questions, research, make changes.
  • Don’t be afraid to make changes! If you keep doing the things that you did before now, you will end up feeling the way you are feeling now.  All good things are worth working for–especially your health!  Making changes is a good thing–it is a rebirth in a way; so EMBRACE IT!

If you want something bad enough, no change is too big and no sacrifice is unworthy of your effort.  If you want your health–go after it!  Dare to believe that you can and WILL be well.  Crazy?  Yes!  But being “crazy” got me well, and the reason I am now expecting my firstborn–I dared to believe that I could!  You can do it too!

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