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Another amazing giveaway for Vegalicious readers this week! Before I tell you about the giveaway, however, I want to tell you about a new product I recently tried. You will be shocked that being the foodie that I am, it is the first time I had it.

Rocky Mountain Sriracha


A few weeks ago I got an email from a young man from Colorado. In short, here is what he said: “I have a great sriracha product I think you will love.  Want to try it?”

“Sriracha what?” I thought. I never heard of it! So, I had to Google it! It seems that I am light years behind the rest of the world.  It appears that sriracha is not a new invention of a few student athletes from Colorado Mesa University.  Oops!  But then I am also not a person who can eat something very spicy.  So, I thought about it, and asked this man a question: “What makes your product different from others? Why should I try it?”

His response satisfied me enough to say, “Yes! Send me a jar. I will have my husband try it and tell me what he thinks.”

I was in for a pleasant surprise when I received a jar of their concoction. When I popped the lid opened, I was treated by a delicious, spicy aroma.  While I knew it was spicy, I liked the smell so much that I had to taste it.  The first wave of sriracha taste came with a great, refreshing, delicious punch, followed by multiple waves of spicy explosions.  For a second I thought I was experiencing a volcano eruption, followed by slowly subsiding tsunami waves.  The only disappointment I had with the sauce was that I really could not eat more of it (I am still nursing, so Sprout would not love the after effects, and I do not tolerate extremely spicy foods well).  Hubby on the other hand, enjoyed a few servings of Rocky Mountain Sriracha in several different ways and said that he loved them all.

About Rocky Mountain Sriracha

Rocky Mountain Sriracha (RMS) sauce is all-natural. Five simple ingredients:
  • fresh Fresno peppers
  • organic agave nectar
  • organic garlic
  • sea salt, and
  • gourmet light vinegar

are packed into a glass jar without any preservatives. RMS is sweeter in taste at the beginning with a kick of spiciness at the end. While I will never be able to enjoy it the way my husband did, I am planning to add it to some of my dishes for a light kick.  In fact, I liked it so much that I ordered a couple more jars. 

Surprise in a Jar Needs Your Help

Rocky Mountain Sriracha was created by a group of student athletes at Colorado Mesa University.  These guys are now working on raising funds to make their sriracha available to the general public.  They are running a kickstarter campaign, which, if their goal is met,  will help them fill their first round of orders.

If you love simple, delicious spicy sauces, check them out.  Hop on over to their Kistarter Page and contribute. I did! If you do, depending on the level of your pledge, the guys of RMS will thank you with some awesome bonuses.

Vega Giveaway


If you are into health and fitness, especially if it is plant-based, you might have heard about Vega and its founder Brendan Brazier. A few weeks ago I received a little package from Vega with Savi Seeds. Much like with sriracha, I had no idea what they were and how they would taste. Thanks to Google, I learned that savi seeds have 17 times more Omega-3 per ounce than wild Sockeye salmon, and that they are the richest plant-based source of Omega-3 out there. Savi seeds, otherwise known as Inca Peanuts, are more calorie dense compared to other seeds. In fact, they are more like nuts in caloric and fat density. Savi seeds boast a nice protein density of 8 grams per 1 ounce, for those who look for high protein whole food sources.  They are also gluten free.

I tried savi seeds and found that they are an acquired taste. While some say they like them and cannot get enough of them, I found that even chocolate-coating them (literally) did not make them easier for me to enjoy.  They reminded me of peanuts, but without the sweet taste peanuts offer, while bringing a punch of a musky taste along.  I gave up on trying and decided that instead of wasting a product others might love, I would rather give away my untouched stash–a 5 oz bag of lightly salted Oh Natural Vega Savi Seeds.


The Giveaway

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The winner will be announced on Monday, 6/9, as an update on this post, so, you will have to come back to see if you won.

If you meet qualifications, you will need to leave a comment telling me two things:

  1. have you tried sriracha before, what kind and how you use it, and
  2. why you would want to try Savi Seeds

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