Body by Plants

Are you sick and tired of being unhealthy, unhappy or overweight?

  • Feeling tired, sluggish and simply not yourself? Do you want to be healthy but not sure where to start?
  • Are you tired of fad diets, counting calories and trying to lose (or gain) weight?
  • Do you want to give whole foods, plant based diet a try, but are not sure how?

If this is you, you must enroll in the Body by Plants program IMMEDIATELY!

A few years ago…

I gained extra 50 lbs.; I was depressed, infertile; had been diagnosed with hypothyroidism and a pituitary adenoma. body-by-plants-elena

I spent thousands of dollars on doctors and specialists, but none were able to help.  My prospects for the future and becoming a mother were dim. I was told that I would have to be on medication for the rest of my life.

I knew that there had to be a different way to do life better and not feel miserable every single day.

I spent a year in research and then implemented what I learned.  Almost immediately I began to feel better.

I reversed hypothyroidism, cured pituitary adenoma and infertility; I was no longer depressed, my joints no longer hurt, hair stopped falling out; I lost excess weight, and became a fitness instructor and a happy person, I knew I had the right to be.

In the years that followed I put everything that I learned into an easy-to-follow, comprehensive course, called Body by Plants, which teaches the principles I used to heal my body without medication, to help others, like you, do the same.

Body by Plants

Body by Plants (BBP) is an exclusive online 30-Day program, which will teach you how to change your diet to improve your health and achieve permanent weight loss, by adopting a whole foods, plant-based diet.

Watch this video. I will tell you how Body by Plants will help you get a healthier, leaner body you deserve!


Once a month I open enrollment into Body by Plants program and offer an exclusive opportunity to a small group of people (only 20 spots open monthly) to have a personal 30-Day Coaching with me.

Not a Fad Diet!

BODY BY PLANTS program is not a fad diet! It is a healthy dietary plan that will help you transition to lifelong health.

You won’t have to count calories or points ever again! 

I like delicious foods and will encourage you to eat lots of them, while you will feel better and lose weight.

If you do everything I teach you, the results are guaranteed*!

Program Details

BODY BY PLANTS offers you what no other program will! 

When you enroll in the program, for 30 days you will:

  • Consume a health promoting whole foods, plant-based diet
  • Learn new recipes
  • Learn nutritional information about plant-based diet
  • Learn how to exercise regularly 
  • Attend weekly group calls hosted by me. If you cannot make live calls, you can still do the program–private access to recorded weekly calls are provided.
  • Get a lifetime membership to the online Body by Plants group, where you will have the support of other participants

I will:

  • Provide you with the program manuals, filled with over 130 recipes, template menu planner and shopping lists, along with nutritional information about a plant-based lifestyle
  • Teach you how to become healthy and lean for the rest of your life
  • Assign you an accountability partner, to provide you with extra support
  • During weekly calls I will review your progress, answer your questions and help you set achievable health and weight loss goals
  • Be available through email support any time you need me during the program!

Create your Body by Plants! Register NOW!

Whether you are:

  • a college student who needs more energy
  • a hard working professional
  • a hard working mom, or
  • a combination of all of these

you know that you cannot be any good to anyone around you, unless you TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF FIRST! Register now!

One Month Membership
30 days in the program
recipe & fitness manuals
10-part VegSmart eCourse
4-5 weekly group calls
4-5 weekly journal reviews
accountability partner for 1 mo.
goal setting for 1 mo.
lifetime access to online community
Vegan 101 audio series
25% off one personal consultation
Annual Membership
365 days in the program
recipe & fitness manuals
10-part VegSmart eCourse
52 weekly group calls
52 weekly journal reviews
accountability partner for 12 mos.
goal setting for 12 mos.
lifetime access to online community
Vegan 101 audio series
free manual upgrades
ALL current and new Vegalicious eProducts
free access to all webinar recordings
30% off personal consultations

Once registered you will receive further instructions.

The Manuals


The Body by Plants Manual includes: all of the HOW-TOs of the 30-day plant based (vegan) program, tips and tricks, nutritional information, along with a menu planner and detailed recipes with images for the entire month.

You will get 133 delicious vegan recipes, including:

  • drinks, green and smoothies
  • main cooked and raw dishes and soups
  • salads with dressings & dips
  • delicious desserts, snacks and cereals, and even
  • bread and pizza recipes

The Workout Manual provides:

  • a workout schedule
  • 10 workout routines, most of which are based on interval training, to give you the most benefit for your effort
  • stretching exercises


“I am off four medications and live PCOS symptoms free!”

When Ashleigh enrolled in BBP, she had been suffering with PCOS for 13 years, with depression for nearly 10 years, was over her optimal weight, and was on 3-4 medications with severe side effects.ashleigh-after2  Asleigh’s condition was so poor that she did not want to leave the couch and had no energy to be the Mom she wanted to be to her daughter.

Today Ashleigh lives medication free!

She lost 34 lbs., no longer suffers from depression and has no PCOS symptoms.

Ashleigh’s body healed with the help of nutrient dense plant foods and she now has normal cycles without medications.

She has a ton of energy and can keep up with her 10-year old daughter.

Read (or listen to) Ashleigh’s full story HERE.

“As of today (9/2013), I lost a total of 105 pounds since starting Body by Plants!”


I was admitted to Southwest Medical Center, on February 27, 2012, to deliver my beautiful son; I was an astonishing 273 pounds!  Some of that was baby weight (all 8 pounds 8 ounces of him), and fluid retention (I was in Stage 3-4 Edema), but the vast majority was just poor eating choices while I was pregnant.  I could have never dreamed that I would become vegan, and embrace the health that it has shared with myself and my loved ones.  I was a meat eating, deep fried loving, junk food eating American.

I once was a girl who woke up at 5 am EVERY morning to workout. Running several miles every morning; walking our dogs; Zumba—you name it, I was doing it, or had done it, including P90X. When I found I was pregnant, I stopped running; I stopped walking my dog.  I stopped my other passion besides running and yoga.  I just got tired and lazy. As the months swelled on, so did the level of weight I gained.

I spent some time researching various diets and programs.  Every one led me to either Weight Watchers or Nutri-System, neither of which had any appeal to me.  I knew I needed more than just to count points, or eat this portion controlled piece of cardboard.  I needed to overhaul my lifestyle.  I remembered about your site (in May, right before school let out, my boss (who is also a “newer” vegan for health concerns and reasons) introduced me to your Vegalicious site), and had been following you through pregnancy, and was amazed at how great you looked.  I thought to myself, she has a program, I think I’ll research it.  I did.

In August, I came to you at 252 pounds, and started my first month of BC.  I was HOOKED!  You showed me a new way of living.  One that involved healthy choices and overhauling what was previously my bad habits.  That first month, 20 pounds came off, and I could slowly start wearing my old clothes again.  I was no longer wearing my maternity pants.  What an accomplishment!  By Christmas, I had enrolled for 3 more BC’s, and I was down 35 pounds (I gained some over the holidays).  Through strict discipline and radical changes within my home (and mind), I’ve been able to accomplish my goal of losing 50 pounds by my son’s 1st birthday.  I was a few days late, but the 50 came off the same week he turned one!

As of today every pound gained during pregnancy is gone!  It does go to show that if you are willing to trust God to lead you to the people you need the most, He will.  He did.  It also goes to show that with hard work, dedication, and desire, you can accomplish your goals.

The program works! You do have to be willing to work hard to make BC successful, and you have to be willing to embrace change.  If you are not, then this program will never work the way it’s intended.

Elena, I simply cannot state how much I appreciate you and all that you’ve done for me and for my family.


“In one month I have lost 10 lbs, and 55″ overall.”

I have been at the same weight for 6 yrs. and definitely knew I wasn’t doing something right. I wanted to be healthy and reach an ideal weight for health reasons. When I started the Body by Plants program my ultimate goal was not to give up after a few days, and eat healthy no matter what.

Elena is an excellent teacher. Her materials are so easy to follow and her recipes are amazing. The BBP support group on Facebook is the best—you relate with so many people going through the same things as you—it’s like a family. Elena always writes back to any queries even with her busy schedule (she’s a new mom).

Personal contact with Elena was the greatest motivation–to have her believe in us and make us believe in ourselves was invaluable. I’m telling you it’s like having a personal fitness and nutrition trainer. You can even vent on other things, that’s how wonderful the Facebook group is, so if you are having a bad day it gets better not worse, thanks to her and all the new friends.

By the end of 30 days I have achieved my goals. My weight has never moved…until now. In one month I have lost 10 lbs, and 55″ overall. I also don’t feel tired that easily anymore. I used to have knee pain which has kind of disappeared, and I am eating less now. Lots of extra flesh on my face is gone and also from my waist.


“By the end of the third month my thyroid is now normal. I have lost almost 20 pounds and around 35 inches!”

I joined Body by Plants to get off my thyroid medication, get healthier, lose weight and keep it off for a change. Also want to have more energy, look and feel vibrant.

It was very easy for me to follow the diet. I had already been cleaning up my diet for years and had been taking Juice Plus almost 3 years but knew I needed to take my health to the next level if I wanted to get off the medication I was on for thyroid as well as lose weight. Manuals were easy to understand.

Having support was very important. I knew that if I was in a store looking for something and had a question I could put it on Facebook or email and get an answer pretty quick. Also loved the Skype calls. That helped me see that others just like me struggle with the same stuff!

I at first thought I was going to slowly back off my thyroid meds but decided to just go cold turkey, having talked to my doctor. The more I read about it all the harder it became to put the ‘poison’ into my body.  After the first month I lost 9.5 pounds, 23.75 inches; I have more energy, overall feel better, stopped taking my thyroid medication.

Later I decided to re-enroll for another two months to get my thyroid in balance. The manuals and recipes were great and easy to follow. Recipes were easy to cook. Elena is great support–a wealth of information. The calls are informative and supportive as well! Access to Elena is great for support and for answering questions. She usually answers very quickly.

By the end of the third month my thyroid is now normal. I have lost almost 20 pounds and around 35 inches!

~ Valerie C.

“Body by Plants was Life Changing. I lost 13 lbs. I plan on continuing this for the rest of my life “

As I was eating handfuls of M&Ms , knows full well I was out of control, when I saw BBP announcement.  I knew I needed to do this. Eating a whole-foods vegan diet has always been something I looked as being ideal.  I wanted to get on the road to true health and to lose weight, so I enrolled.

The first few days of the program were a bit rough. I kind of kept thinking: “What on Earth did I get myself into?” But after that, it was alright! I was able to get into the groove of things! Having the manuals and the support group (and the calls!) was essential! The accountability was great and Elena is a butt kicker, not a coddler! I like that!

I found the personal aspect of having to Elena absolutely essential.  She and I shared some similar health issues and having an unwavering firm, yet compassionate hand to guide me was exactly what I needed. In fact, I think I’m going to re-join for March ;) (And she did!)

I lost 13 lbs. and it really set the stage for me going for the long haul! My belly is shaped different now– like my body knows that it needs to attack that first! I don’t even miss meat or dairy WHATSOEVER! I want health—bottom line!

In a phrase: Body by Plants was Life Changing. I plan on continuing this for a very long time– most likely, the rest of my life :).

~ Amanda W. 

“By the end of  30 days, I had lost 6.5 lbs. and my husband lost 18.  We both felt great and energized.”

I had lost track of my previous vegan ways toward the holidays and my husband needed help with getting his weight and eating under control.  I had wanted him to change his eating for a long time but the right circumstances had never come about.   So, when I saw the BBP program announcement, we signed up and kind of used it like a healthy competition with each other.

My goal was to get back to a vegan diet, lose some weight and feel good about myself again.  My husband’s goal was to lose weight.

The beginning is fun and exciting.  It’s interesting to see the differences in mine and my husband’s experience.  The manuals were very interesting and easy to follow, as were the recipes.  I had a harder time getting to the gym or working out on a regular basis.  I had ups and down throughout the program.  Very energetic at times and very tired at others, but I take those might have been detox symptom.  In the end I was feeling very good and happy again.

Elena is very easy to get a hold of and answered emails/Facebook messages quickly.  I thought this was great.  Almost like a personal trainer that I could talk to all the time.  Her story in itself is very inspiring.  The Skyping aspect of the program is very cool too.

By the end of  30 days, I had lost 6.5 lbs. and my husband lost 18.  We both felt great and energized.  I feel like if I had more time and stamina to work out more that would have been better for me. I also started taking more B12 and that made a huge difference.   I plan to continue with this lifestyle.


By the end of 30 days I lost 15 lbs. and 14 inches! I feel great, my stomach has stopped hurting when I eat, and my metabolism improved. 

I started off by doing a 3-Day Green Smoothie Cleanse, which extended beyond 5 days! I felt that this was a new direction I wanted to take for my health, so I had to enroll in Body by Plants to get new recipes and make sure I am eating the right way with my change of diet from SAD (standard American diet) to plant based diet. Before going plant based, my stomach used to hurt after eating, so I wanted to change that as well.

I found the program easy to follow. Everything was planned out. The hardest part was finding some of the food that I wasn’t familiar with, but I learned. 

By the end of 30 days, and combining this with the 3-Day Green Smoothie cleanse results, I lost more weight than I anticipated (15 lbs. and 14 inches!), I feel great, my stomach has stopped hurting when I eat, and my metabolism improved. 

I would recommend Body by Plants with Elena to others and plan to continue with this lifestyle from now on.

~Amanda M.

By the end of 30 days I gained better mental clarity, better sleep, a much more even tempered attitude and moods, and had some weight loss.  

I enlisted in Body by Plants to get to an even cleaner diet than I had, understand some more about a full plant based diet and its benefits, have support and accountability during the 30 days, get healthier both physically and mentally, and if weight loss happened then that was just “icing on the cake”….without the sugar and processed ingredients!  :) I also wanted to achieve better mental and physical health.

The recipe manual was a huge help! The support of Elena and the other program members was invaluable, and the BBP Facebook group page was also very helpful.  It helped me see what others were struggling with, what kinds of questions they had (which were some of the same questions I had), and created that feeling of support from everyone.

Elena was always so responsive and helpful—from email, to Facebook, to the weekly calls.  She always had great advice and answers for everything, and if she did not, she helped us locate them.

By the end of 30 days I was absolutely able to achieve my BBP boot camp goals.  I gained better mental clarity, better sleep, a much more even tempered attitude/moods, and even had some weight loss.  Now, I do not weigh myself due to being sick with Bulimia for many, many years in my younger years, but my clothes became looser and I could “see” the weight loss.  I would guess somewhere around 5 – 8 pounds which is very good for me because I did not have a lot to lose.

I plan to continue living and eating this way from now on.


Having personal access to Elena was important. I needed someone to take me by the hand and really show and guide me how to transition and change my habits; someone to be accountable to, that you can count on for your doubts and questions.  Elena’s role and the communication with her was truly an essential key to succeed! 

I am suffering from an eating disorder for around 2 years and in 2009 my menses stopped showing monthly to appear every 6-7 months. I was diagnosed with PCOS in 2010 and 2011 and so my “eating disorder” and my menses now had a “reason”. In late 2010, I moved to Canada, and was alone at home quite a bit, and felt tempted by the different “foods” available everywhere (peanut butter, muffins, cookies, frostings, etc.)  I started gaining weight and body fat at an amazing rate, and felt awfully bad physically and mentally. Before moving to Canada, I was a happy European vegetarian, but started becoming a North American junk vegetarian. I wanted to change that many times but with no success, due to lack of control, not being motivated, feeling sadness being away from my family and other factors. 

Isabel-for-blogI discovered Vegalicious website while looking for information on PCOS and I loved it! Elena’s strong will and energy was contagious! I was following the web-site for a while, trying to follow some of Elena’s steps and suggestions, and then she launched the Body by Plants program!  At first I didn’t think of joining, but one month, when she offered a special to register, I didn’t hesitate!

I decided to change my habits, but I needed some help to guide me through the right path. I was already transitioning to a vegan diet but the BBP was offering the final push that I needed. And I got that! :)

It’s been only month, but it went by so quickly! It was enough, however, to make the seed of building a good health take root. I’m so happy I’ve joined! 

Setting out on Body by Plants, I wanted to experience the vegan diet, detox, avoid and learn to hate (as much as possible) my usual sugar cravings, and learn how to curb them at the same time.  I also wanted to create the habit of eating consistently healthy.

Doing the program, I’ve enjoyed sharing the first experience with other people—the evolution, doubts, problems, success, and learning process. Elena was accessible and always ready to reply. She provided us with a lot of useful and eye-opening information. That’s empowering!

Having personal access to Elena was important. Before starting the BC I could have gather similar information from many websites to try and build my own “program”, but I needed someone to take me by the hand and really show and guide me how to do it: how to transition and change my habits, someone to be accountable to, that you can count on for your doubts and questions.  Elena’s role and the communication with her was truly an essential key to succeed! 

From now on I am sticking to a vegan diet, and plan to make it life-lasting. The sugar cravings I had… OMG, I can’t believe it, but green smoothies (GS) and dates have helped me to curb them! I am doing so much better now! Afternoon GS  substituted my peanut butter snacking and dates my dessert (cookies or chocolates).  I still have some cravings, but even though the cravings come, now they are good ones—I crave better things. 

I was able to create the habit of eating healthy.  Before Body by Plants I thought I ate and cooked healthy (and compare to the SAD, I was), but I knew I could do better . I’m cooking with little or no-oil at all, don’t need it, don’t want it! I accompany almost all my meals with a salad, and I’m eating many raw foods. I enjoyed these kinds of foods so much during BC—I believe I can keep on!   

At the end of 30 day I lost some inches in arms, core and legs, along with around 4 lbs, so my pants are now slightly loose on me! I feel proud of myself, empowered, wiser, more in control. I also know that if I ever feel weak, have doubts or in need of more guidance, I can come back and re-enroll for another month of BBP. 


Body by Plants really helped me start making healthier food choices.  I slept better and I noticed positive changes in my metabolism and with my thyroid

I really needed to overcome an addiction to sugar and I also wanted to work through issues with overeating, so I decided to give Body by Plants a shot.

The program was very easy to follow.  The recipes were wonderful; it really helps keep you on the plan when you have recipes to follow.tandi

Having personal access to Elena helped with motivation and knowing I had to report at the end of the week helped when those cravings hit.

I found that following the BBP plan helped me to achieve my goal.  The evening green smoothies REALLY helped curb sugar cravings and it also helped me lose weight and avoid eating sugar after dinner. Body by Plants also really helped me start making healthier food choices.  I slept better and I noticed positive changes in my metabolism and with my thyroid.  My basal body temperature has been consistently higher than it used to be.


By the end of the program I felt great! I’d lost 3 lbs., 10 inches, developed better digestion, better elimination, shiny and healthier hair, clearer skin; went from a size 14 to 10; I am now able to fit into a pair of jeans from 5 yrs. ago.

I stumbled upon the Vegalicious site while I was searching videos on sprouting.  I signed up to be on the mailing list, so when I heard of the Body by Plants program I was really intrigued by it. My goal, in signing up for the Boot Camp was to lose weight that I have been struggling with for many years; get closer to optimal health since I will be turning 40 very soon.

It was fairly easy to follow the program.  Recipes are simple to make.  It sure did help to have email access to Elena to help decipher questions and hurdles as they came up.  She definitely helped to explain and understand things. The personal aspect of the BC was most helpful.  It really helped support me and gave me lots of encouragement.  It is very reassuring to know that Elena can be reached via email.  Her prompt responses made it even more positive.

By the end of the program, although I didn’t see big number in pounds lost I did see big numbers in inches lost.  And overall I feel so great! I’d lost 3 lbs., 10 inches, developed better digestion, better elimination, shiny and healthier hair, clearer skin; went from a size 14 to 10; I am now able to fit into a pair of jeans from 5 yrs. ago; I now have a feeling of clean and light from within.


By the end of the Body by Plants program I lost nearly 16 lbs.  2.5 months after starting the Body by Plants, I still adhere to its guidelines, I am 30 lbs down! And I have never felt better.

I was ready emotionally, physically and spiritually to heal my body and embrace a new way of life.  Elena’s program showed up and I knew it was meant for me. I wanted to learn a new way to live in harmony with a healthy life style.

The program was very easy to follow.  I did not have any trouble adapting.  I found the manuals to be very detailed and easy to follow.  The recipes were easy to fix and delicious.

By the end of the Body by Plants program I felt that I was well on my way of meeting my initial goals. I felt better and lost nearly 16 lbs.  Now, 2.5 months after starting the Body by Plants, and I still adhere to its guidelines, I am 30 lbs down! And I have never felt better.

~Laura J.

*results vary from person to person based on several factors: 1. effort and commitment, 2. health history, 3. underlying health issues, 4. use of certain prescription medications which might prevent weight loss. 

Cancellation Policy

The program begins on the 1st of each month. Body by Plants materials are sent out on the 26th of the month before the program begins, unless you waive cancellation rights (details provided at the time of your registration). Once registered you have until:

  • midnight of the 21st of the month, EST, to receive 100% refund
  • midnight of the 23rd of the month, EST, to receive 50% refund
  • midnight of the 25th of the month, EST, to receive 25% refund

No refunds will be issued after midnight of the 25th of the month. 


Body by Plants is a program designed to help individuals transition to a whole foods, plant based diet. It is not intended to take the place of your personal physician’s advice and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Elena (Vegalicious) is not a physician, a dietitian or nutritionist, and does not claim to be such. She will not be held liable for the use or misuse of the information in the program. Talk to your own physician or healthcare provider to determine what is right for you.

All information in the program is intended for your general knowledge and education only and is not a substitute for medical advice or treatment for specific medical conditions. Elena cannot and does not give medical advice.