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Are you ready to do whatever it takes to reclaim your hormone health and create the body you’ve always wanted?

elena-w-coachingMy name is Elena.

I help women and men to correct their hormone imbalances naturally, with dietary and lifestyle modifications. 

At one point in my life I had hypothyroidism, pituitary tumor and infertility.  By changing my diet and modifying lifestyle choices, I cured hypothyroidism, lost 50 lbs, and conceived naturally after 8 long years of infertility.

I’ve worked with hundreds of women and men with health challenges ranging from hyper- and hypothyroidism, Hashimoto’s, fibroids, difficutl menopause, infertility, inflammatory bowel disease, PCOS, to endomitriosis, IBS, and many hormone imbalances and autoimmune diseases.

Working hand in hand with them and their doctors, we’ve been able to resolve their health issues.

They regained their health, lost weight (average weight loss 20-100 lbs), and many previously infertile women were able to conceive healthy babies.

I am here to help you do the same! 

As Featured In Woman’s World Magazine


How You Can Work with Me

If you want to work with me to achieve optimal hormone health, there are a couple or requirements that I have:

  1. You have to be determined to do whatever it takes to heal your hormone imbalance!
  2. You have to be willing to invest in your health and in your future, and
  3. You must attend a live 1 hour webinar with me, to learn about my 5 Step System to Healthy Hormones, so you know if we are a right fit for each other.

That’s it!

If you are committed, if you are desperate, if you ran out of excuses and want results, if you are ready to do whatever it takes to be the happiest, healthiest you can be, register for the webinar that deals with your hormone imbalance and let’s get started! 


Success Stories

susan-before-afterSUSAN: In February of 2012, when I was delivering my son, was an astonishing 273 pounds!  I was a meat eating, deep fried loving, junk food eating American and I could have never dreamed that I would become vegan, and embrace the health that it has shared with myself and my loved ones.

I spent some time researching various diets and programs. I knew I needed more than just to count points, or eat this portion controlled piece of cardboard.  I needed to overhaul my lifestyle.

In August, I came to Elena at 252 pounds.  I was HOOKED!  Elena showed me a new way of living.

That first month I lost 20 pounds!  Through discipline I’ve been able to accomplish my goal of losing 50 pounds by my son’s 1st birthday.

As of September 2013, I am 105 down! The program works!

LAURA: In one month I lost nearly 16 lbs.  2.5 months later, I am 30 lbs down!

I was ready emotionally, physically and spiritually to heal my body and embrace a new way of life.  Elena’s program showed up and I knew it was meant for me. I wanted to learn a new way to live in harmony with a healthy life style.

The program was very easy to follow.  I did not have any trouble adapting.  The recipes were easy to fix and delicious.

By the end of the first month I felt that I was well on my way of meeting my initial goals. I felt better and lost nearly 16 lbs.  Now, 2.5 months after starting the Body by Plants, and I still adhere to its guidelines, I am 30 lbs. down! And I have never felt better.

ASHLEY: I am off four medications and live PCOS symptoms free!

When Ashleigh came to me, she had been suffering with PCOS for 13 years, with depression for nearly 10 years, was over her optimal weight, and was on 3-4 medications with severe side effects.  Asleigh’s condition was so poor that she did not want to leave the couch and had no energy to be the Mom she wanted to be to her daughter.

Today Ashleigh lives medication free!

She lost 34 lbs., no longer suffers from depression and has no PCOS symptoms.

Ashleigh’s body healed with the help of nutrient dense plant foods and she now has normal cycles without medications.

She has a ton of energy and can keep up with her 10-year old daughter.

VALERIE:  I to Elena to get off my thyroid medication, get healthier, lose weight and keep it off for a change. Also wanted to have more energy, look and feel vibrant.

It was very easy for me to follow the diet she laid out. I knew I needed to take my health to the next level if I wanted to get off the medication I was on for thyroid as well as lose weight.

Having support was very important. I knew that if I was in a store looking for something and had a question I could get an answer pretty quick.

After the first month I lost 9.5 pounds, 23.75 inches; I have more energy, overall feel better, stopped taking my thyroid medication.

By the end of the third month my thyroid is now normal. I have lost almost 20 pounds and around 35 inches!

SHARSHARANYA: In one month I have lost 10 lbs, and 55″ overall!

I have been at the same weight for 6 yrs. and definitely knew I wasn’t doing something right. I wanted to be healthy and reach an ideal weight for health reasons.

Elena is an excellent teacher. Her materials are so easy to follow and her recipes are amazing.

My weight has never moved…until now. In one month I have lost 10 lbs, and 55″ overall. I also don’t feel tired that easily anymore. I used to have knee pain which has kind of disappeared, and I am eating less now. Lots of extra flesh on my face is gone and also from my waist.

tandiTANDI: I noticed positive changes in my metabolism and with my thyroid.

I really needed to overcome an addiction to sugar and I also wanted to work through issues with overeating, so I decided to give Elena’s plan a shot.

The program was very easy to follow.  The recipes were wonderful; it really helps keep you on the plan when you have recipes to follow.

I found that following the program helped me to achieve my goal.  The evening green smoothies REALLY helped curb sugar cravings and it also helped me lose weight and avoid eating sugar after dinner. Elena’s program also really helped me start making healthier food choices.  I slept better and I noticed positive changes in my metabolism and with my thyroid.  My basal body temperature has been consistently higher than it used to be.

AMANDA: I lost 15 lbs. and 14 inches! I feel great, my stomach has stopped hurting when I eat, and my metabolism improved.

I found Elena’s program easy to follow. Everything was planned out.

By the end of 30 days, and combining this with [Elena’s] 3-Day Green Smoothie cleanse results, I lost more weight than I anticipated (15 lbs. and 14 inches!), I feel great, my stomach has stopped hurting when I eat, and my metabolism improved.

pritiPRITI:  When I signed up my goal was to lose weight and get closer to optimal health since I will be turning 40 very soon.

By the end of 30 days I saw big numbers in inches lost.  And overall I feel so great! I’d lost 3 lbs., 10 inches, developed better digestion, better elimination, shiny and healthier hair, clearer skin; went from a size 14 to 10; I am now able to fit into a pair of jeans from 5 yrs. ago. I now have a feeling of clean and light from within.

BRITT: My goal was to get back to a vegan diet, lose some weight and feel good about myself again.  My husband’s goal was to lose weight.

In the end I was feeling very good and happy again. By the end of  30 days, I had lost 6.5 lbs. and my husband lost 18.  We both felt great and energized.  I also started taking more B12 and that made a huge difference.   I plan to continue with this lifestyle.


You can find more hormone healing success stories HERE.


I am not a doctor or a nutritionist.  I do not diagnose or treat medical issues, or provide medical advice.  But I work hard to deliver tangible results fast, by helping you transition to a health-promoting, waist slimming diet. 


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