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In today’s post I will tell you how I won the…

Toenail Fungus Battle

WARNING: Let me preface this post with this–I have a pretty strong stomach, but finding a proper BEFORE image for this post via Google image search had my stomach churning (I did not take a picture of my toe while I was dealing with the fungus issue–a good thing, indeed!) No wonder I waited to write this post for a few weeks. My suggestions, if you are hungry or just have eaten, or anything in between, please stay away from googling “toenail fungus”. I am telling you, if you were hungry before the search, you might not be hungry after…

It began sometime around 2009-2010, when I seriously became a gym body. I must have contracted mine from either the floor or the gym’s mat.

In 2011, I shared with you how I quickly beat it with oregano oil.

toenail fungus treatment

It was a quick battle, and I had victory.

Sometime last year it tried to come back, and I did my best to keep it at bay, but being crazy busy and pregnant kept my mind on everything else.  I shared that temporary fiasco in Three Things to Make New Year Resolutions a Success post. To recap:

About five years ago, when my Husband and I moved to the State of Washington, I picked up yoga.  In the beginning I did not know whether I was going to stick with it or not, so I used the gym’s mat. Bit mistake! I ended up with fungus one of my toenails.  ”Yuck!” you probably think.  Let me tell you, having it is much worse than looking at it.  It is not painful, but it simply does not look good, and who would want something strange taking over their body anyway?

Immediately I tried a couple of things–tea tree oil, and oregano oil.  Oregano oil seemed to have done the trick, and things were back to normal.  But then, once we moved to Ohio, the offender tried to come back.  I quickly addressed it again, meaning to keep applying oil for a while after the infection (fungus) was gone… but I let things slip, and it came back again with a fearsome force.

As I let my consistency slip, the fungus took over my little nail, as if it was its dominion.  Once in a while I would remember about the problem, apply oregano oil, and then get caught up with my life, letting a few days slip before the next application.  By the time we went to Washington for a visit this year, the darn thing literally ate up my toenail and I decided to chop it down all the way to the nail bed. (TMI, I know! But I am hoping it will help someone.)

When we came back from our Washington trip, with my toenail all but gone, I attempted to keep using the old oregano oil I had for a while daily… and slipped again. I kept hoping what I tried doing would do work, but, alas… Eventually I went out and bought fresh oregano oil and got serious.  I applied it not daily, but three times a day to my nail, until a part of it decided to fall off. Now, you might be thinking, like I did for a second, when it happened: “It must not have worked. Time to try something different.” However, when I pulled up the dead part, I noticed new, healthy nail coming in. It seemed that the fungus could not take the potency of fresh oil, and me chipping away at it daily and died off, along with a part of my nail.  It encouraged me to keep at what I was doing, to be persistent, to not give up, and now I have a beautiful new toenail growing back in.  All it took was: consistency, persistence and using the right resources.

Just how bad did my toenail get?  I tried to find an image on Google to show it, and this is the closest I came:


Pretty bad, right? Before it got this bad, I tried covering it with nail polish–big mistake! It seemed that it added to the fuel and my nail was nearly gone in just a few days. I finally could not take it, chopped it off COMPLETELY, all the way to the nail bed, and started afresh. It took me 6+ months of being consistent and, if I slipped, doing things over again, to get to where I am today:

treating-toenail-fungus-naturallyYou can’t even tell, can you? Well, let me point it out (yes, I know, you thought you had seen about everything on my site, now I am showing you my toes ;)): THAT WAS the affected toenail. In fact, at one point it was not there at all!

Toenail Fungus Treatment 2

So, how did I do it?

Toenail Fungus Treatment

The Tools

If you want to replicate my success (and I wish it to all who are suffering), you will need very few things… five, in fact:


  1. a good pair of nail scissors (something that would not crack your nail)
  2. a pack of disposable nail files (you would not want to use the same file, so you do not spread fungus around, so use one side, then the other, then dispose)
  3. a good quality of wild oil of oregano (I prefer Oreganol, having tried another brand; it will cost you about $30, but will be worth it)
  4. time, and
  5. patience

(no, the mirror is not a tool ;), it is there so if you get upset over losing your toenail, you can look in it to remember just how pretty (or handsome) you still look :))

The Method

  1. Having unsuccessfully tried to attack fungus while it was still on my nail, I decided it was best to cut off the affected part. The toenail was so deteriorated that there was no pain. I did not touch healthy parts of the nail, but there was not much of that left. It is best done after a shower or a bath, so the nail is not brittle. I found that it is less beneficial doing it while the nail is dry–the affected parts will crack and spread bacteria around. (make sure to clean your clippers with oregano oil, so it kills any possible bacteria left by touching the affected nail)
  2. What you cannot cut off, file off with a nail file–this I actually preferred doing while the nail was almost dry, that way you can make it smooth, so it won’t snag on your clothing or bedding.
  3. Once you are done with filing off what you can (for me it was the top (edge) of the toenail, as my healthy nail was growing in, and some fungus was still hanging around), drop 1-2 drops of oregano oil on the effected toenail/toe. Make sure you do not have any broke skin, or it will burn. Use oil at least 2-3 times a day, so fungus would not get a chance to multiply.
  4. Keep at it–if you see a new affected area, remove it, file the nail and keep using oil. With time and patience (persistence), the new nail will slowly come in; and, yes, it will grow back over the toe’s skin, and will be good as new. Remember NOT to slack off.  I would highly recommend using oregano oil for a few months after the new, healthy nail comes it, to ensure there are no leftovers which could spread again, as it happened with me.

That’s pretty much it.  It seems simple enough, but the biggest part of this process is going to be patience and consistency.

Now that you have seen even my toes, I think it is time to sign off ;).  I hope this really helps someone. Next post will be about a more pleasant topic :).

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