How a Triathlete Healed Herself of Hypothyroidism in less than 2 Months

When Lauren got on a discovery call with me, after years of searching for what could heal her hypothyroidism, she was at her wit’s end.

She already tried doctors.

She tried medications.

She was taking 11 supplements.

And yet…no better than before.

15 symptoms, gaining weight and feeling too scared to plan her future.

A triathlete, she was too tired and feeling too sick to keep up with her training regimen.

10 weeks later Lauren was not only medication but also supplement and symptoms free!

ALL symptoms were gone!


In TWO months.

Now Lauren is training for a triathlon.
Lauren and I got together to talk about her journey and what it took, beyond medications, supplements, doctors, and diets, to get her here…
To her dream health.
Watch (or listen to) her interview. Then, if you are fed up and tired of being stuck in a hamster wheel of trying the conventional approach to healing your hormone imbalance…
Reach out!
Click on THIS link to schedule YOUR own discovery call, and who knows, maybe 2 months from now you will be sitting in Lauren’s seat, sharing a story of your complete recovery with the world.
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