Oven Roasted Vegan Sausage and Potatoes

Easy to make, oven roasted vegan sausage and potatoes recipe. With only the simplest of ingredients this "one pot" meal is perfect for any family dinner.

“Are you done yet? Are you done yet?”

Hubby was like a toddler on a long road trip. Only it was not the boredom or the distance that drove him to impatience and me to insanity.  In his case, the culprit was the lip-smacking, finger-licking dinner I made and was photographing, so I could share it with you.

He was driving me crazy!  “One more minute, dear,” I kept calming him down. Read More

Better Than Best Loaded Vegan Nachos


Have you ever taken a bite of something that tasted so good that you immediately knew you were in trouble, because you couldn't stop at just one serving? Fortunately for my family, and unfortunately for me, I created that kind of food a couple of weeks ago...just because I had nothing else to do. See, when I get bored in the kitchen, or don't know what to make for … Read More

Cranberry Broccoli Salad with Pine Nuts


Another beautiful week is here, love! And I have another delicious, nutrient packed, waist slimming, taste bud teasing recipe for you--a Cranberry Broccoli Salad with Pine Nuts that takes only 15 minutes to make. When I first made this salad and tasted it, I thought I was in a parallel universe.  See, I don't really like raw broccoli.  While I can eat cabbage nonstop in … Read More

15 Minute Fat Free Couscous Recipe


You're on the way home after a long day at work. You're tired. All you want to do is get home, kick off your shoes, grab a cup of your favorite tea, stretch your legs out and go brain dead...for at least a few minutes. Then the panic sets in--you've got nothing to eat! You've got nothing healthy to feed your family.  Now you're feeling terrible, yet, you're so tired that … Read More

How They Lost Over 100 lbs, Cured Diabetes and Lowered High Blood Pressure & Cholesterol


What if someone told you that the fastest way for you to lose weight is to eat more and never count a calorie? What if you were told that in order to cure diabetes you should eat more, not less, fruit? What if you found out that you can live a medication free life even at the age of 73 and run a marathon at 63? What if you learned that you are your best … Read More

Mediterranean Detox Parsley Salad


My sister and one of my nieces travel a lot. And I mean A-L-O-T. When I grow up I want to be cool just like them. Every time they go to a new country they come back with a bagful of new recipe ideas. They have become a source of cooking inspiration for me. Now, don't tell her this, but my niece is not big on cooking, my sister is.  So, imagine my surprise when about a … Read More

10 Protein Supplements Side Effects You Didn’t Know About


Welcome to Q&A Thursday! Today you will get to hear me answer some pretty awesome health and nutrition questions that might just save your health, your wallet and your life! So, you decided to get healthy, fit, pay attention to your diet, and maybe even grow some muscle.  You might have even gotten gym membership, hired a trainer, bought a sexy workout outfit and … Read More

Better Than Chipotle’s Veggie Burrito Recipe


I remember when I was pregnant with Sprout, especially toward the end of pregnancy, I felt hungry all the time, curiously mostly at night.  I will never forget my night trips to the fridge. Between hunger pangs and Sprout kicking my ribs, I don't think I ever slept. When Sprout came, as a new parent and a business owner, I was tired all the time.  I was not getting enough … Read More

How to Cure Fibroids Without Surgery


Fibroids are a nasty thing from hell. I am sure of it. They cause immeasurable pain and discomfort, and often lead to totally unnecessary and unjustifiable surgeries.  Surgical procedures include: Uterine Artery Embolization (UAE) Endometrial Ablation Myolysis Myomectomy and the mother of them all Hysterectomy More than 200,000 hysterectomies are … Read More

10 Health Reasons to Love Eating Papaya


This post is sponsored by Herbal Papaya I love eating plants. Of all kind. I love discovering new plants. All the time. Even if I don't end up loving them. And if I don't, I will give them at least a few tries before giving up. That's my rule. I did not grow up in the tropics or a place where we had easy access to tropical fruit.  When we first immigrated to the US, we … Read More