Coconut Oil Benefits for Thyroid? Think Again!

Have you heard claims that coconut oil benefits extend to having healing properties for your thyroid?


There is not truth to these claims. 

In fact, exactly the opposite it true.  There are NO health benefits that come from consuming coconut oil. 


Unless you are trying to gain weight, clog your arteries, develop cardiovascular problems, or to screw up your hormone health further.

Last week I conducted an impromptu live video cast in my private Facebook group, where I talk about healing hormones naturally.

There were those who were happy to hear the news, because it got them a step closer to reclaiming their hormone health, and there were those who were a little less enthusiastic.

I discussed common sense, science, factual outcomes of low fat diets, and much more.

The conversation had a huge impact on the group, so I wanted to share it with you as well.

Listen to this podcast to the end, especially if you are struggling with a hormone imbalance, because I will tell you how you can get a hold of me for 40 minutes FREE of charge, to start healing your hormone imbalance naturally (that means, no meds, no expensive supplements, no dieting, and no counting calories). 

And, as always, let me know your thoughts on the topic.

Coconut Oil Benefits for Thyroid? Think Again!

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