How She is Healing Grave’s and Hashimoto’s Naturally…in a Matter of Weeks!

Have you ever wondered if healing yourself naturally is possible, especially if you have a long-standing disease that’s been stealing your health and youth for the last 5, 10 or even 30 years?

You’ve tried medications, supplements, surgeries. You’ve gone to naturopaths, MDs, DOs, acupuncturists, herbalists.

In fact, you’ve spent so much time with them, that they feel closer to you than your family.

And you spent so much money on paying their salary and buying drugs of their choice, you’re thinking you should have invested in their stock.

BUT…none of it worked!

If it did…it did only marginally.

You’re still suffering.

And then you come across a crazy Russian who tells you: “Elena, it’s not only possible but veRy pRobable to get you feeling betteR if we do things NATURALLY.” (try rolling your RRRRRs as you read this to make it more authentic)

Naturally, Elena? I’ve spent my kid’s inheRitance on supplements, heRbs, diets, and medications, and you’Re telling me I could get well natuRally? (still rolling those RRRRRs)

This can’t be! It’s too good to be tRue!

This probably isn’t you, or…maybe it is.

I get to hear this at least five times a week: “This sounds too good to be true! Impossible!”

So, when we achieve the impossible for our clients, it makes me feel like the fairy Godmother…because time after time when we see that what is too good to be true for those who aren’t ready to believe anymore, because they got beaten down by their life, comes to life, we know we make MAGIC!

Such was the story of a beautiful woman named Ochie.

Years of suffering. Her health spiraled down, as she acquired an unsavory collection of diseases, which included: Grave’s disease, Hashimoto’s and even Thyroid Eye Disease (TED).

By the time Ochie was expecting her 4th child she was at her doctor’s office more frequently than at home.

Ok…I’m exaggerating.

But once or twice a week was a norm for her. First-name basis relationship.

When Ochie stumbled upon the crazy Russian (that should be the name of my website, BTW!), she also thought that what she heard was too good to be true.

But then…

Then she took a chance on the said Russian and on herself.

We got on a Discovery Call, and the rest, as they say in AmeRica, is histoRy.

This amazing woman, who was suffering from 52 thyroid disease related symptoms DURING her pregnancy and was on medication, was able to achieve the impossible…in less than 3 months.

She even stumped her doctors by doing it–getting BETTER during her pregnancy, instead of worse.

In fact, she was able to finish her pregnancy absolutely medication free! Delivered her baby without drugs or complications, and now has…

41+ FEWER symptoms!

…all this in ONLY 3 months!

So, today you get a chance to sit down with Ochie and me, as we talk about her progress. About what’s worked for her, why it worked, and what she’s working on now to reclaim her 100% wellbeing. (Yes, now it’s not only the crazy Russian who believes it’s possible but also the woman who’s crazy enough to believe the crazy Russian.)

So, if you are suffering from a health issue, hormone related or otherwise, please join us.

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