How to Avoid Hysterectomy…and Feel Better

Considering having a hysterectomy? Did your doctor recommend it? Are you inclined to go for it?

Don’t miss today’s podcast if it crossed your mind!

A young woman, let’s call her Nancy, in The Art of Healing Hormone Imbalances group, recently said:

“I am 33 years old.

This past November I began, what it feels, like hell.

I started my menstrual cycle and, 42 days later, it’s still not over.

I have gone to my OBGYN several times–blood work, more blood work, and blood transfusion in the ER.

New “higher dosage” of estrogen birth control and…nothing. Still bleeding.

My endocrinologist said I have hypothyroidism and started me on meds.

4 weeks later…still bleeding, and no changes.

Now my OBGYN wants to go over “options” on how to stop my uterus from bleeding… Hysterectomy is one of the options.

I don’t want to have my uterus removed, it’s not an option!


If you’re like Nancy and have hormonal issues, you’ve most likely been in a similar situation.

You go ask your doctor for help, and he is as lost as you are. He tried meds, he ran labs, he tried more meds, he even tried less invasive surgeries on you, and…NOTHING!

You’re getting worse.

He’s got to get you in and out of his office in 15 minutes. So, he is forced to become a medical Pez dispenser: here is a med, here’s a lab test, here’s a surgery. You get to pick!

Maybe it’s one, and maybe you get to pick all these enticing offers.

“You’ve got PCOS? Here’s birth control…and Mefromin.”

“You’ve got endometriosis? Here’s birth control, and an ablation.”

“You’ve got fibroid tumors? Here’s birth control pills, IUDs, Depo Provera shots, and myomectomy.”

“You’ve got heavy bleeding? Here is birth control, and hormone replacement therapy.”

“None of these working for ya?”

“How about hysterectomy?”

“Because I learned in school is that these conditions are not curable. They are here to stay. So, if your body is acting out, let’s cut out the body parts that are causing you the most trouble!”

“And, don’t you worry, little lady, you don’t need these extra body parts, anyway. You can live without them!”

Sounds ridiculous, but so true.

Over 600,000 hysterectomies are performed every year in the US alone!


Hysterectomies alone add whopping $5 BILLION dollars to the medical enterprise EVERY SINGLE YEAR!

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