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Thanks to everyone who entered the giveaway and left comments.

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The winner is DEVI. Devi, I am happy that following Vegalicious has helped you to transfer to an oil free, plant based diet! Keep on rocking out your health! You will now have $25 to spend toward anything your heart desires in the Vegalicious eStore

I want to do something special for all of the loyal Vegalicious Readers, new and those of you that have been reading Vegalicious for a while.

Vegalicious audience has grown over the years–there are over 14,000 email subscribers, we just crossed the 5,000 mark on Facebook, and have nearly 4,000 subscribers on YouTube. The number does not include other networks or thousands of daily visitors who do not subscribe but faithfully come to Vegalicious for up to date plant based health and nutrition education and delicious vegan recipes.

I want to say THANK YOU to all of you! You are the force that motivates me to keep doing what I do best–help people achieve optimal health through plant based diet.  It is your stories, your health concerns, need for education and your victories that keep me going. Today I am going to do something special to celebrate your trust and your loyalty to this cause.


Vegalicious Giveaway

WHAT: A $25 gift certificate that can be used toward any of Vegalicious eProducts or Services, including Body by Plants program, One-on-One Coaching, or Concierge Service.


Once the winner is notified, s/he will have an option to indicate how s/he wants to use the gift certificate, and then the certificate will be issued.  The Winner will have two weeks to use provided certificated, otherwise it will expire.

WHO: Anyone from anywhere in the world can enter.

WHEN: The Giveaway will last only two days, starting today and ending at midnight, EST on 1/14/2015.

Announcing the Winner: Winner will be announced on Thursday, 1/15 as an edit to this post and will be emailed, so make sure you are using a valid email address when entering the giveaway.  The winner will have 24 hours to respond to claim the prize. If the prize is not claimed, a new winner will be drawn.


  1. No purchase is necessary to enter the giveaway.
  2. To qualify for an entry you have to either be a Vegalicious email subscriber, like Vegalicious eBook or follow Vegalicious on YouTube, AND must answer the required Question.  If you subscribe in more than one way, you can mark each one on the entry form FOR BONUS ENTRIES. 
  3. You will have to leave a comment under this post (as you will see in the entry form) to answer the required question in order to qualify, so make sure not to miss your chance. Each entry will be verified.
  4. Use form  below to enter the giveaway.

Please share the link to this giveaway post with anyone you care about.

Wishing you the best week!

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  • Laura Lee-Conboy

    Great giveaway!

  • Kuulei

    I have converted to a plant based diet with my family and find your recipes so tasty and delicious. Love your whole wheat no knead bread recipe!

  • Adriane

    Thank you for your inspiration! Your blog as changed the way I live and I return again and again for your delicious recipes!

  • Michelle

    I think my post disappeared. So I will just re post that I ran across this site as I was preparing to enter a Daniel Fast and found the most helpful and informative “Things you need to know…” post here

  • Swathi

    I’m longtime reader and subscriber for over five years now. We’re growing up with your knowledge and wisdom and keeping fingers crossed for surprise.I really like your posts on Vitamin B12 and Proteins. What a nice give away. I’m still being asked where do you get protein from. I’m so glad to come across your blog over five years ago. Thank you for sharing your wonderful knowledge research and wisdom

  • susancarey

    Elena, I am always striving to learn fro yph and Vegalicious. You have taught me that living a life free of animal products is possible, and that taking charge of my health is not easy, but well worth it.

  • Rose

    I a new to vegalicious and did the 10 part veg smart course. I found vegalicious through searching about hypothyroidism. Since the beginning of dec 2014 I have been following a plant based diet – about 6 weeks. In that time my skin has cleared, my energy levels are higher and I’ve lost 5 kg. I was not able to do this with other lifestyles. The course gave me a grounding in the basics. Thank you so much!

  • Kaleena

    Hi, I too am a fan of Dr. Pam Popper and have been on a healing journey since eliminating migraines in 2012 by giving up gluten. I love your site & the fact you are raising your daughter on a plant based diet! I am a nursing mama too (I have a one year old son) & it’s great to see your success with your vegan family! Many Blessings!

  • Christina

    Enjoy and appreciate the increasing determination that hypothyroidism (or most any “dis-ease”) need not be a label anyone has to stick with. I appreciate the open sharing, caring, and willingness to be truly helpful to others. What is revealed is not then simply some business scheme (which we so often see on the internet hidden within the “kind offers”), but a joining in a “brotherhood” to help one another.

  • Mary Vantil

    I like the great tasting desserts Thanks

  • Laura M

    It’s hard to choose just one post that helped me the most with my health journey… I became vegan a year ago, a few months before I found your blog. I was a lacto-ovo vegetarian since birth because my family’s Christian denomination encourages a vegetarian diet, but felt that I needed to take it a step further for health reasons. I was only taking B12 supplements sporadically before, but the sublinguals you recommended are easy for me to take daily. I still have many health issues to address, and your blog has been a huge help. It’s even convinced my carnivore husband to experiment with a plant-based diet for the last few months! He and I are both hooked on green smoothies now. Since we are hoping to start a family next year, we want to get as healthy as possible to give our kids the best start in life, as well as to set good examples so that they will not have to deal with the health issues we’ve faced. Right now, I’m considering going gluten-free because of my autoimmune disease, which is honestly something I dread (being vegan AND gluten-free seems high-maintenance), but your interview with Hummingbird convinced me that I should give it a shot. Thanks again for all that you do.

  • Becky Catrett

    Just joined and learning about hidden sugars.

  • Terri Sacco

    I have been WFPB for a couple of years now but only discovered your web site in 2013. I have shared your journey with my daughter in law because she was having some issues conceiving. I purchased your latest From The Womb to the Tomb for her and she just told us she is pregnant!! Due Sept 7 and she has decided to do the water birth. I personally like your recipes especially the desserts. My husband is not on board with plant based eating yet and I’m trying to at least satisfy his sweet tooth with less sugar.
    Thanks for passion and dedication!

  • Corrie Piper

    I love your recipes and how you share your personal journey to inspire us! Thanks for being a mentor! 🙂

  • Lynn

    Thank you for your hard work at putting so much good stuff out there for all of us. You’re a blessing to our family.

  • kimber

    I appreciate all of the research you put into all of your different articles. I may not agree with everything you say right away, but I can go through and see how you made your connections. I LOVE that they are based on FACTS!

    I also love that your food is normal and real. I don’t have to buy random crazy food that can’t be used for anything else, nor do I recognized where it came from. HUGE THANKS!!

  • Megan

    In my new journey to a plant based diet I am grateful for all the information you provide in your site and your ebook. I have enjoyed reading all of it but especially about supplements, the importance of B12 for a plant based diet and it was a nice surprise to learn that while eating a whole foods plant based diet, I can get my vitamins and minerals by eating a large variety of foods that I absolutely love, without needing to take a pill. Thanks for all the work you have put in to help others!

  • i’m so proud of you, miss E! and thankful for your presence in my life – even if we had to switch from in real life to internet.

    you rock the vegan, sister 🙂

    [please don’t enter me in the contest, i just want to share some kudos]

    • Aww, thanks, lady!

      I was driving to my sister’s house, who lives in Rainier, a couple of weeks ago, and was coming up the same road that would have led me to your house. It made me smile, remembering the good times we had with your family. You were a breath of fresh air in our new vegan journey without any vegan friends. Thank you!

  • Marika

    I am thankful for all the time, research, and love that you have put into developing Vegalicious. So that others including myself can start taking the necessary steps to have a healthier life style. Thank you Elena! You are truly a conquer!


  • Bonnie

    My favorite thing thus far has been this section on eating Proteins. This is what I continuously get asked about. It was very informative and I even made my mother read it. It dispeled many of her concerns for me too. I feel beyond wonderful and I’m so totally and forever grateful for the time and energy you put into your social media sites for us all. It has helped me greatly!!!!!

  • Katrina

    Thanks for all your hard work and research and thoughtfully willing to share with us all

  • Charmaine

    I’ve been researching a heakthier lifestyle for the past several years and tried to incorporate what I am able to. I enjoy this site a lot. Thanks

  • Tracy Ford

    My favorite post was on the Daniel way of life eating. Eating more plant based. I got my family on board and we have started today. I figure one day at a time and slowing eliminating meat.

  • titusclan

    I truly enjoyed this particular blog post because I’ve slowly been transitioning over to natural cleaning products and body care. I also used to skin brush, but for whatever reason, quit. This article helped me to see that I should still be taking care of my skin. Thank you!

  • Kath

    This is one of my favorite posts. While my vegan diet and lifestyle had already improved my health more than anyone would’ve thought, I felt like I was hitting a plateau when it came to my few remaining health concerns. After reading this article (and all the other B12 articles on, I checked my recent blood tests and got some counsel from a doctor and found out I am severely deficient in B12. Now I have hope! I know the next step I need to take and will be starting B12 therapy soon. Thanks, Elena, for your dedication in researching and sharing accurate and helpful information!

  • Devi

    Biggest impact was me becoming a vegan (was vegetarian my whole life) after I came across vegalicious in Jan 2013! Second big change was cutting out all oils from my diet after I read the related posts about how no oils are healthy. 🙂

  • Emilly Sanchez

    What a nice giveaway!