Vegan Diet and Pregnancy

I had big plans for today’s article, was in the middle of getting it ready, in fact, when my well-meaning, good Samaritan husband decided to go dig out a postal service worker out of snow on Tuesday. Within 30 minutes of getting home he started to cough…almost non-stop. I locked him away and took care of Sprout and household by myself. Last night, as I was putting Sprout to sleep, hoping to have time to work, as she decided that since we disrupted her normal routine (Daddy normally puts her to bed at night and I handle naps) she was going to make me work hard for it. I even tried putting her on a swing (which would normally knock her out in no time), only to give up 40 minutes later (yes, 40 minutes!). As I took her out of the swing, she told me she was hungry, then asked for…chocolate. When I said “no chocolate” she asked to be nursed; when I told her she has to wait until “tomorrow” (I am working on weaning her), she furiously began signing (and saying): “Eat!” After a late meal and additional 15 minutes sitting with her in her room, she was finally asleep, leaving me with little time to do anything except to catch up on emails.

While I will be finishing the planned article in the next couple of days (in which I will tell you about water filtration options), I thought it would be a great idea to share all of the thought provoking articles I had written during my pregnancy about vegan diet and pregnancy, in preparation for next week’s Achieving and Sustaining a Healthy Vegan Pregnancy webinar.


Vegan Diet, Health and Pregnancy

Here are the best articles to read about a whole foods, plant based (vegan) diet and pregnancy: 

  1. Can Vitamin B12 be a Cure for Infertility and stop Miscarriages?
  2. Vitamin B12 Natural Infertility Treatment
  3. Going Ultrasound Free
  4. Choosing your birthing experience (midwives, at home birth or a hospital birth)
  5. Water Birth? Births at Home? Hospitals Births ? Hear from a Nurse Who’s Seen it All
  6. Joys of a home birth
  7. Baby’s gender selection
  8. Cures and remedies for morning sickness
  9. What are the Best Prenatal Vitamins?
  10. Healthy pregnancy recipes
  11. How to avoid negative pregnancy symptoms
  12. Why I chose home birth (water birth)
  13. Why I chose placenta encapsulation
  14. Ten pregnancy and maternity myths

Read them, share this post and let me know your thoughts about any of these topics.

Want to know More?

Make sure to register for Achieving and Sustaining a Healthy Vegan Pregnancy webinar to learn more about vegan diet and healthy pregnancy. This webinar will be dedicated to women’s reproductive health and dietary factors that affect it. I will cover the topics of:

  • Birth control
  • Birth control alternatives
  • Nutrition and Pregnancy
  • Supplementation during pregnancy
  • Weight gain during pregnancy
  • Mineral and vitamin requirements, including
  1. DHA/fatty acids
  2. Folic acid
  3. Iron
  • Morning sickness
  • Water retention
  • Fitness and pregnancy
  • Childbirth
  • Breastfeeding vs. Formula feeding

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  • Anastasia

    Dear Elena,
    I really appreciate all the wonderful work you’re doing in educating people and debunking myths about vegan lifestyle, pregnancy and raising vegan kids! Thanks a lot! I started the vegan journey 1,5 years ago, had an almost vegan pregnancy (was a bit off-track in the beginning) and now I have a 5 months old baby boy whom I am still breastfeeding and planning to raise up vegan. I was wondering if you were planning on writing a post about weaning, introducing solids, first baby foods, vitamin supplementation based on your experience raising up your lovely Sprout? I will really appreciate this information 🙂

    • Thanks, Anastasia! (BTW, my next child, if it’s a girl, will be named Anastasiya :))

      Breastfeeding is great. Mine is nearly 2 and we are still going strong. There are a lot of health benefits to both the baby and the Mom to continue as long as you can, and highly recommended to at least 2 years of age. So, stick with it! You will love it.

      Here are some articles on raising vegan kids, this category will cover most of the questions you are asking. Perhaps, if there is enough interest, I could do an entire webinar on this 🙂

      • Anastasia

        Oh, that’s very sweet of you 🙂 Your baby is so precious and such a blessing to you two after all your struggles with trying to reverse hypothyroidism. Btw, I am Russian (I wrote you before asking about iodine supplements).

        Yes, I love to breastfeed him. Now I am a bit nervous how weaning will go as he hasn’t tried any other foods so far. Thank you for these posts. I think I was reading too much on this subject and got a bit confused. Some sources suggest fortified rice cereal as baby’s first food, others-puréed veggies and fruit. When did you start introducing first meals to Sprout? At 6 months of age? As far as I understood her first foods were smoothies and cooked sweet potatoes? And what about cereals, were you giving them as well?

        And yes, webinar on this topic will be a great idea 🙂

        • Don’t worry about weaning. At first I thought to start weaning mine at 1.5 yr of age to get preggo again, but the though of not having that time and bond with her came crashing down on me. I did not know I would feel that way. So, I am still nursing here. Some days she nurses more, some less, but when the time is right, we will transition.

          Don’t let anything confuse you–you probably have a good Mommy sense to give your child the best you can, so, keep at it.

          I personally preferred adding fruits and veggie first. You can also do steamed veggies. One of pediatricians I highly respect, suggests holding off on brown rice until after 12 mos, since it is so sticky in the gut for little ones–I think I agree with that.

          There is no reason to rush.

          I did start at 6 mo with Sprout, but you do not have to. I have heard from many women who did not start solids until later and have had great and healthy kiddos.

          • Anastasia

            That’s a great answer, thank you very much, Elena! Do you supplement Sprout’s food with anything except B12? I will be very thankful for an inspirational post/webinar about a typical menu at different stages if her age after you started introducing solids. Thank you in advance!

            • Nope, no other supplements. She eats what we eat 🙂