WEBINAR: Practical Steps to A Healthy Vegan Pregnancy & Raising Vegan Kids

It was long time in planning, but I finally set the date for Practical Steps to A Healthy Vegan Pregnancy & Raising Vegan Kids Webinar. There is no charge, but if you are interested you must pre-register, as spaces are limited.

Webinar Topics

During the webinar I will talk about how I achieved a healthy vegan pregnancy  what I did to stay healthy during it and have a great delivery. I will also talk about some practical steps that helped me to ensure good milk production (have you seen Sprout lately? the girl is 100% breastfed! :)).

We will also talk about making healthy baby foods, and raising vegan kids. There will also be a time for Q&A.

How to Register

To register, follow this link, complete the form and make sure to show up for the webinar!

If you have specific questions you want me to address, please post them right under this post.

Please spread the word to other Mamas, or Mamas-to-be. 

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