Winner of the Sage Botanicals Giveaway Announced

The winner of the Sage Botanicals Giveaway is…

Entry #2 by Shay:

“One year for Christmas, a friend gave me a–very pungent–Victoria’s Secret lotion/body wash set. So, like the excited kid I was, I proceeded to use both during and after my next shower. Ten minutes after application, my body was covered in hives. I couldn’t sleep that night, as the hives hadn’t gone away and the second and third showers I took to wash off the VS nightmare had done nothing. Eventually the hives went away, and I learned my lesson–my sensitive skin only wants natural products! I would love to try Sage’s Lavendar lotion. Yum!”

Yes, folks, stay away from such junk! Check out Sage Botanicals instead. There are no chemicals in the mix, and I enjoyed their products so far.

Shay, congratulations! Make sure to contact me in the next 24 hours to claim the prize. You need to email me your mailing address.

Everyone else, thanks for playing. Stay tuned for this week’s giveaway!

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  • Judy Filipkowski

    make your articles printer friendly and a little shorter!!!

  • Shay

    EEK! SO EXCITED! Emailing right this minute!!!!!!!!