3 Day Detox | Results

How are you? It you were doing the 3 day detox, I want to know all about it! What were your goals for the detox? What were you able to achieve? How are you feeling? I am about to tell you about my accomplishments, but first, let's find out how our detox leaders did. 3 Day Detox Results  (image courtesy … [Read more...]

3 Day Detox | Day 3

The finale! Last day of the 3 Day Detox! I cannot believe how quickly the other two have gone. If you missed the first two days and are just now catching up, make sure to check out these posts: 3 Day Detox | Day 1 3 Day Detox | Day 2 Yesterday I indulged in a couple of different green smoothie recipes. I added carrots to one and beets to another. One was made … [Read more...]

3 Day Detox | Day 2

You knew I was going to ask you this, so here it goes... :) How was your Day 1 of the 3 Day Detox? I want to hear (read) it all--good, bad and ugly, so, let me have it. Tell me all about it in the comment section under this post. I can tell you that I am feeling great.  I have had: green smoothies, green salads with some chickpeas and barley in them, which tasted … [Read more...]

3 Day Detox | Day 1

Happy Monday! Let the cleanse* begin! I am so excited and looking forward to the results of this 3 day detox.  I know that my body is excited as well, as I am now sipping on my delightful, berry and chard filled green smoothie. I am planning to continue my day with a ton of raw veggies, smoothies, and raw soup, with an addition of some beans and cooked barley, if I am … [Read more...]

3 Day Detox | Call to Action!

Hope you had a great 4th of July, if you celebrate it! I know that some of you are probably blushing, since you did not only have a lot of fun, but had too much to eat, and, perhaps, you had too much of the wrong things to eat.  Am I right? Well, I have a proposition--let's hold a 3 Day Detox, starting Monday, July the 8th! What say you? I personally ate nice and light, … [Read more...]

4th of July Recipes | Vegan Way

Happy 4th of July! If you are not sure what healthy and delicious goodness to make for tomorrow, I am about to share 4th of July recipes... the Vegan Way! :) This is my family's menu. If you recreate this menu, you will be fully satisfied, and you will WOW your non-vegan friends and family.  All of these recipes are a guaranteed hit! Print out the menu, click through to … [Read more...]

Steamed Dumplings: Manti Vegan Style

I grew up in Central Asia, where steamed dumplings were a highly revered dish, and were a fixing at almost any respectable get-together. They are called manti  (aka manty) where I come from.  However, tragically, although at that time very deliciously, they were exclusively made with ground (or chopped) animal flesh.  As Hubby was introduced to the delicious smell of … [Read more...]

Here’s How to Make Your Own Vitamin Water

Ever heard of vitamin water? I am sure you have. And have you ever wondered if it is all that it is promised to be? I know I have. While it is enticing to believe marketing tricks and start spending your hard earned money, buying cases of it, bottled in... pretty plastic :(, it is much cheaper and healthier to make your own vitamin water. You will reduce not only cost, but … [Read more...]

Pretty in Pink | Fruit Smoothie Recipes

Last week I received a gift card to Smoothie King (SK) from my chiropractor for referring someone. I have never been to a SK before, so, I thought, why not! Hubby and I stopped by one on Sunday. As I was looking at their offerings I saw a lot of fruit smoothie options, although all of them had some kind of nasty protein powder added. No worries, I was going to have them … [Read more...]

Low Sodium Recipes: Crunchy Marinated Vegetables

Inspired by my recent trip to see my family, with the help of one of my almost-vegan sisters, I whipped up this salt free, Low Sodium Recipe: Crunchy Marinated Vegetables. You will LOVE it! My entire family enjoyed it--I liked all veggies, Hubby favored mushrooms, and Sprout eaten anything she was offered :).  I served it with quinoa and beans.  MMMMMMMMMMMMM, good! Low … [Read more...]