Health Benefits of the Daniel Fast Diet

One of the first things I noticed after changing my diet to a vegan diet, was the way I felt.  I went from living on pain pills for osteoporosis, to living pain free!  My skin improved and I had more energy.  After a few months, my blood work was near perfect, with my Vitamin D levels and Calcium levels in the normal range, without the help of dairy.  I would run into folk … [Read more...]

Should Christians be Vegan?

When I started my vegan journey to improve my failing health, veganism was not yet popular.  Celebrities were not wearing it proudly, doctors were not recommending it, and only occasional bloggers were talking about the health/food connection. There were books written on the topic, but back then they were not well publicized.  Vegan was not yet hip. When it came to faith … [Read more...]