Sunset Butternut Squash Soup Recipe

The dead of winter is nearly over.  While we did not get any show this year, it has been raining nearly non-stop in Washington. If you live in our state long enough, the rain eventually gets to you. It makes you feel like you are stuck in an eternal state of sleepiness--neither fully awake, nor fully asleep.  The days drag on, and we live even for a glimpse of … [Read more...]

Creamy Rice Soup in 20 Minutes

Ever needed to pull off a meal in a pinch? Like when you get off work to run your kids to a soccer practice, only to get home to find out that there are no leftovers in the fridge, while it is packed with some delicious ingredients you bought to make meals for your family but never got to it? Or, waking up in the morning, dragging after a day full or errands and work from … [Read more...]

Low Fat Sweet Potato Soup Recipe

Have I already told you that soups have a very special place in my heart? Just in case if you missed it--I do!  I cannot go a few days without having a soup. There is something special and warming about drinking broth and chasing it with vegetable bites, especially on a windy, stormy day like we were having yesterday--65 mph wind gusts.  If you let me, I would have soup … [Read more...]

Fat Free Vegan Borscht Recipe

Mmmmmmm.... The Queen of Soups is back!  You can never go wrong with a soup in my life.  What about you? Today I bring you one of my absolute favorite soups--borsht! I've been eating it since my childhood! Every time I make it I take a trip down the memory lane. I treasure the memory of my Mom making it for us when we wee things, running around. It was the first ever … [Read more...]

Healthy Vegan Bean & Barley Soup Recipe

Soups, soups, soups! It is cold outside and my body craves soups for warmth and comfort.  In fact, I can live off soups! Indeed, I would do just that, if my faithful did not crave other foods (like the BBQ Cauliflower Wings I whipped up this week). However, since I'm the cook in the family, I get to call the shots, and still make plenty of soups. My Bean and Barley Soup … [Read more...]

4 Easy Vegan Soup Recipes You Should Add to Your Cookbook

I have been swamped for the past few days and, honestly, I'm barely moving.  So, today, I'm sharing easy to make delicious vegan soup recipes, especially for people with little time (I'm guessing that you are one of them). House buying is quite an involved and emotionally charged experience.  After a year of looking for a home, we found one that we liked and put an offer … [Read more...]

Delicious Vegan Broccoli Cheese Soup Recipe

Top of the morning, loves! I hope you are having a great week. I kicked off mine by getting ready for the gardening season--planted more seeds, worked in the garden, preparing the soil, and planned a new layout for Mom's garden, while also prepping for a serious DIY project.  I will be refinishing an entire dining room set--a table and six chairs.  Wish me luck on this … [Read more...]

Easy 10 Minute Probiotic Rich Miso Soup Recipe

I covered the benefits of fermented foods in the past in detail, so, today I will highlight only a few benefits and then share a great, easy to make miso soup recipe, filled with fermented, probiotic rich ingredients, which takes less than 10 minutes to make. Fermented foods introduce beneficial bacteria into our gut flora. While they will not replace prescription … [Read more...]

5 Delicious Fat Free Vegan Soup Recipes

Fall weather has taken residence in Washington.  While the nature is gorgeous, with leaves changing colors and bidding their farewell to the warm days of Summer, while gently gliding off the tress in their last dance, it has been getting cold enough to want to stay inside, curl up on a couch with a warm bowl of soup in my hands and enjoy my family. Why soups? They are a … [Read more...]

Fat Free Vegan Black Bean Soup Recipe

Have you ever tried something that was almost good and knew immediately that it could be great? I have...many times. A few days back Hubby and I stopped by Whole Foods to grab a few things, and wandered into their soup-bar section.  Some of the smells coming from soups were amazing, while others not so much.  After checking out a few options I made my way to a pot of … [Read more...]