Vegan Tropical Fruit Parfait Recipe

Last time Dora share a recipe on Vegalicious blog (Mexican Zucchini Corn Tacos)--it was a huge hit, so I asked Dora to do it again.  And she did!  She delivered this beautiful eye candy that begs to be enjoyed at least once a week--Tropical Fruit Parfait! Enjoy it, and let Dora know if she should keep sharing her delicious, health promoting, veganized Mexican recipes … [Read more...]

Overnight Oats with Coffee And Blueberries

Blueberries and coffee go together like Fred and Ginger. There is something about the rich depth of coffee and the acidic sweet pop of blueberries that just works. Combine with creamy vanilla oats and these Overnight Oats with Coffee and Blueberries hit the breakfast sweet spot. Our house is barely managed chaos in the morning with an early rising two-year old and a … [Read more...]

Easy Vegan Blueberry Pie Recipe

Hello, beautiful! I hope you had the greatest 4th of July celebration. I did! Although most of it was spent chasing kids, taking care of people, and picking and prepping berries for the off season. I am drowning in berries! 130 lbs of freshly picked strawberries, 100 lbs of organic, locally grown blueberries, and 40 lbs of juicy cherries.  In other words nearly 200 lbs … [Read more...]

“Energy Truffles” aka Guiltless Dessert Recipe

My man, who is a self-admitted sugar addict, committed to being absolutely sugar-free for the next 30 days. That's a big deal! If you ever met him, you know that if it has sugar, he already loves it by default.   I am not joking! He could pump sugar into his veins all day long and swear that it does not hurt him (but we all know the truth ;)), while I could take a … [Read more...]

Gluten Free Maca Lemon Poppy Seed Muffins

In the time of restaurants, fast food joints and packaged food, we all still long for that made-from-scratch, good-for-you, made-with-you-in-mind meal experience. We imagine the mornings when we wake up and someone, other than us, whips us a delicious family breakfast of pancakes (or crepes), a glass of fresh juice, toast and scrambled...tofu; and that the aroma of that … [Read more...]

Chocolate Temptations Candy | A Healthy Valentine’s Day Treat

Woohoo!  Two chocolate recipes in two days! I hope you loved the  Chocolate Roulade from yesterday. Today's recipe is equally tempting and equally good...or even better. Mmmm.. My sweets loving Hubby has a hard time keeping his hands off this tempting chocolate goodness, even if he risks getting his hands slapped for it.  Filled with nuts, dates and apricots, it … [Read more...]

Chocolate Roulade Recipe

It's almost Valentine's Day! So, let's start with a little bit of Valentine's Day trivia. Did you know that 58 million pounds of chocolate candy is bought each year during the Valentine's Day week.  Yes, that's M-M-M-Million P-P-P-Pounds! Between today and tomorrow I will give you two more reasons to buy chocolate this week.  However, my chocolate Valentine's Day treats … [Read more...]

Vegan Gluten Free Crepe Recipe

Remember my excitement when I, years into my vegan living, was able to create the perfect vegan crepe recipe? If you don't, I can tell you that I was over the moon and spoiled my family rotten making those mouthwatering, delicious, low fat vegan crepes. Now my excitement doubled. Why? I honestly never thought that it was possible to create a perfect gluten free crepe … [Read more...]

Easy Coconut Macaroons Recipe

Christmas is just around the corner, so the demand for holiday dessert recipes is going up.  But who has time to bake?  The simpler the recipe, the better it is!  And just think how much better it gets, when the recipe does not have loads of sugar, eggs, butter, processed junk and other sort of shenanigans you would not want to find on your plate...or your hips. When I … [Read more...]

Double Layer Pumpkin Cheesecake Recipe – Dairy Free

Who loves pumpkin desserts?  I've got to be honest, just looking at a pumpkin pie makes my stomach feel queasy--the color alone gives the desire to run without looking back. If you are a pumpkin pie lover, my apologies and no offense, but some things are just a no-go for me, no matter how many times I try to like 'em. So, pumpkin pie--a tragic story.  How could a fun … [Read more...]