How Debbie Eliminated Hypothyroidism, Osteoarthritis, Chronic Pain, IBS and GERD in 8 Weeks

– 1 thyroid medication
-14 supplements
-41 symptoms
-16.5 lbs

…in 8 weeks!

The doubters, the haters, and most doctors would say it’s impossible, but her numbers beg to tell a different story.

She felt exhausted all the time.

The brain fog was so bad that she would walk into walls every now and then. And no, it’s not figurative speech.

It became harder to communicate for her because her words would not come out as clearly as she would have liked them to. A tough gig for a director of an entire department.

Something had to change…

And it did.

A long struggle with hypothyroidism, GERD, IBS, chronic pain syndrome, osteoarthritis (and much more) came to a screeching halt for Debbie in March of this year.

4 weeks into her 360° Hormones stint Debbie was 86% better.

8-weeks in…she was symptom, medication, supplement, and disease-free. And she pulled off slimming down by two dress-sizes without trying.

In this interview, Debbie tells us how it was possible. And she even shares her day-to-day diet and mindset principles. Read More

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